Choose Peace. Weekly Tarot Flow, Mar 30 – Apr 5

I’ve had a really, really difficult time getting this forecast written. My blogging software has eaten it multiple times now. The browser even crashed when I started to write it online. Makes me kind of wonder.

Is that an omen?

BooBut I’m really trying. And I’m not giving up. That’s kind of what I’m expect it’s going to take for success this week. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen this many inverted cards, folks. Seven out of eight Tarot cards agree, it’s not going to be a smooth-flowing week. Not that I equate that with bad. I just think it’s best to be up-front here, you know?

And of course, we’ve got a Blood moon this week, a full lunar eclipse coming up April 4th, in Libra. It’s hitting my chart and I’m not sure what to expect exactly–hello, we’re talking eclipse! But it’s part of a cycle of full lunar eclipses (called a tetrad) that started back April 15, 2014, also in Libra. So you might want to think back to that time, not so much exactly what was happening then, but perhaps the processes, the changes that began around that time. This is the third in the cycle, with the final one being Sept. 27, 2015 in Scorpio.

Just a little something to be aware of.

In terms of the week coming up…I pulled cards from the Psychic Tarot Oracle to give us the topical realm, and pulled from the Tarot Nova for the forecasting bit.


Monday, Positive Movement Forward – The Star: Well, this is a very optimistic start for the week! I would not be surprised to hear some encouraging news or hopeful signs. Yay! Make the most out of this, folks.

Tuesday, Mental Conflict – Six of Pentacles reversed: How much generosity is appropriate? Pay your own bills before picking up someone else’s tab. It’s helpful to remember which problems are legitimately your own to solve and judge what you can offer while still feeling joyful.  Another way this energy to could materialize is in the question, how much can you overlook? I’m inclined to suggest “benefit of a doubt,” provided that option won’t put you in a perilous position. Realize that objectively “knowing” another’s motivations isn’t always important. Sometimes, we may choose to assume the best simply because it’ doesn’t cost us to do so, and we’re happier that way. Be pragmatic and assume the best if it doesn’t cost you to do so.

Wednesday, the Universe – Wheel of Fortune reversed: If it looks like bad luck, try to consider it in a broader context. Don’t let the little picture get you down, because the little picture changes frequently and quickly. Don’t think, “I cannot take any more trees falling on me!” Think, “This forest path is lovely.” Or something along those lines.

Thursday, Choose Wisely – Nine of Wands reversed: Do not be stubborn for the sake of winning. Be stubborn if it’s important to you, really matters. Let it go if not. If you hear yourself saying anything about “the principle of the thing,” you may want to reconsider. Is the principle in play pride?

Friday, Love Begins – The Hermit reversed: Do not stand on tradition today. And do not isolate. Open up your heart, and act accordingly. Be very genuine, even if (especially if) your version of genuine is not typical. You can only do this effectively if you know yourself pretty well, though. You do, right?

Saturday, Recognition and Reward – Death reversed: Happy Eclipse! Have you been to Hell and back (or made it most of the way back)? Because this looks like an acknowledgement of what you’ve learned on that trip. It’s like a whiff of transformation is in the air. Celebrate your not inconsiderable progress. It’s not quite done, but getting there.

Sunday, The Waiting Game – Ten of Wands reversed:  Release, release, release! Release attachments to “how things must be.” Release responsibility that is not yours. Release unnecessary burdens. Release unwanted physical items. Great day for a purge. You want to know, when things are going to click together? To get there from here, we’re looking to let go. That’s the key.

Overview/Advice – The Chariot reversed: Stay flexible and don’t get fixated on a specific outcome. We most likely don’t have the whole picture yet. You can know what you’re going for overall, but a good chance you wouldn’t recognize the final form at this point, you know?

Affirmation – “Shanti: I am the angel of peace. I bring you new tranquility and a smoother road ahead.” I’ll take it! But yeah, in terms of making use of this as an affirmation…look for peace. Look for tranquility. This can be another exercise in letting go, in looking to see the best in people, or dismissing the worst offenders from your life. Whether you are deciding there was no ill intention or whether you dismiss someone from your life, either way you’re choosing peace. You know?

Choose peace. Every time and every place you can. Choose peace.

How’s your week looking, friends? You faring okay with the eclipses?

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Old-School Ethics – Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 23 – 29

So how has this eclispsey astro-weather been treating you? I’ve been feeling a heightened emotionality all around…the vibrational air seems literally saturated with emotion, both personally and in the group consciousness. But this one didn’t kick my ass in my personal sphere as much as some do. Thank goodness! I did pull out my moldavite necklace just in case though. I always wear moldavite around eclipses, so if I get blindsided with a smack, I can move on quickly…it’s helped so much with that.

Looking at the week ahead, I’m struck by the number of Major Arcana cards here. It has a punch! I’d also very much advise to make all decisions this week with an eye towards your core values, sustainability, and what you want for the long haul. It’s not a good time to be taking shortcuts of any type, nor cutting corners, fudging or lying. Those that don’t play it straight Monday may get a slap come the end of the week. By the weekend, you’ll likely see the wisdom of the old-school, do-it-the-right-way orientation.

Monday –  Temptation (The Devil): Make absolutely the same moves in private (nobody would ever know), that you would make standing upon a stage in the throes of a genuine “YouTube moment.” This approach is the best insurance, not only against future embarrassment, but also against darkening of the soul. You DO have a choice. Exercise it. It buys freedom.

Tuesday –  Power (Strength): Gentle, steady, and unshakable could be a great mantra today. You have what you need inside of you, so call upon it.

Wednesday –  Patience & Planning (Seven of Pentacles): Take your steps today with the long haul and delayed gratification in mind. The future has this sometimes inconvenient way of showing up one day. When it does, you’ll be glad you made the right choices along the way.

Thursday –  Rejoice in Celebration (Three of Cups) : Connect with your people and feel grateful for the good in your life. No matter what your life, there is always some good.

Friday –  Truth (Judgment): This is a balanced, unbiased accounting. It’s not about reward or punishment so much as objectivity and understanding. You may have opportunity to be glad about how you behaved earlier this week. Ha!

Saturday –  Positive Movement Forward (Eight of Pentacles): Seeing progress is always a relief. You may not be where you want to be. (So few of us are.) But it’s still very important—perhaps more important—to recognize and appreciate the milestones along the way in such circumstance.

Sunday –  Prosperity Begins (Ace of Pentacles): The seeds you’ve planted are preparing to sprout. Yay for sprouted seeds!

Advice/Overview –  Wisdom (The Hierophant): Go old-school. Do what you know is right this week, according to tradition, how you were raised, what you were taught by the teachers you honor and respect, following the advice of those who have gone before. This tried-and-true approach is what’s required.

Affirmation –  Plum, Overcome Your Challenges: Sometimes, doing the right thing is hard. Heck, sometimes even knowing the right thing is hard. And by “the right thing” I don’t mean the objectively single best decision in any given circumstance. I mean making the choice where your heart, your head and your spirit remain in alignment.

This is a week we’ll have hills to climb and distractions to overcome. There is a potential to get derailed. But if you stay on task and remember not only what you’re trying to do, but WHO YOU ARE and what you want to be about, you’re on course for making some headway. Stay true to yourself out there!

How’s your week looking?


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03/12/14: Budget review! / Hermit


The Hermit showing up for finances? Eeek! Check your budget, review the accounts including line items, and verify everything is categorized correctly. Are the spreadsheet formulas accurate? Virgo wants to know.

Call in your financial advisor or accountant if you need to—the Hermit can point you toward a trusted elder as well as advising self-study.

And if you’re invited out to a night you cannot easily afford? Stay home, man. Stay home and read a book.

Is it time to review your budget?

Psychic Tarot Oracle
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03/11/14: Between the Lines / High Priestess

High Priestess

Underlying influences? Today, it’s what you know but cannot see. It’s what you would bet on for “no apparent reason.” It’s the nagging feelings that cannot be articulated, the empty spaces, the words that are not spoken and the actions not taken. The High Priestess is mistress of the undone.

If you want to know what’s going on, look at what’s missing. Real truth hides in plain sight, between the lines today.

Are you finding meaning between the lines today?

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03/10/14: Time Out, Grasshopper / 8 of Cups

8 of Cups

“Stop deciding which emotions are appropriate to have and which are not,” I rather bossily advised an over-achieving Tarot client. “If you just accept whatever comes and allow it, you can expend it. Otherwise, those feelings never get discharged. You carry them around with you and they build up. It’s like you’re accumulating pockets full of trash that never get emptied. It takes a lot of energy to keep the trash contained.”

Because like all of us, she needs to be every bit as loving to herself as she would everyone else.

Today’s reading courtesy of the “Are you listening, Dixie?” Network.

Those Chakra cards didn’t want to leave me alone for this daily! Here, we’ve got the Base and Crown chakras, poetically teaming up with the Eight of Cups, aka “Emotional Withdrawal” to describe future life.While the position of Future Life is technically supposed to refer to a future incarnation, I’m going with this incarnation here.

I’m seeing this combo as very much a directive to give yourself space to release emotions, and especially painful and difficult emotions. If you allow yourself this gift, it will help you moving forward both physically, in your everyday, mundane life (Base Chakra) and spiritually , in the grander scheme of existence (Crown).

Pain comes in much like ocean tides. As does anger, or frustration, or fear, whatever emotional nemesis you’ve got going. It washes up and rolls over you, and then washes out offering some relief. Ebbs and flows are inherent in managing difficult transitions. Accept and give yourself the time and space for this. Don’t allow anyone to tell you the “right way” to feel. Even if that someone is you!

See, there’s only really one surefire way to release the past and truly move on from it: ACCEPT it and the feelings it engenders unconditionally. In doing so, you allow integration, which makes fully living in the present possible. Your life experience is part of who you are! It’s valuable, if not always easy. It can offer wisdom and depth and compassion, if you allow that.

And to do all this work? Time out, away from demands to lessen the potential of emotional overload. It’s laudable to offer assistance for others. But we’re most capable when we’ve cared for ourselves well.

Are you pulling back to process?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle

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03/09/14: Déjà Vu Decisions/ 2 of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

The Psychic Tarot Oracle is about as non-traditional as you can get in a Tarot deck while still calling it a Tarot deck—or at least I call it one. Here, the Two of Pentacles arrives as “Movement, Choices, Decisions” paired with “What to Take from the Past” for our daily.

I’m going to say the question of the day is, “How’d that work out for you?” In deciding what to do NOW, look at what you did BEFORE. You’re being presented with a chance not to make the same mistakes. And you can bet there are decisions on deck right now.

Analyze choices you’ve made in the past for nuggets of wisdom in the present. Got it?

You facing déjà vu decisions?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle

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