09/19/13: Appointment with Escape / Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot

This lovely Queen of Cups is tuning out the minutia of here day and tuning in—to her own dreams, fantasies, and richly populated inner landscape. (Okay. So she’s tuning in to that cocktail. But same thing.)

It would be a good day to make a little time for escapism. You don’t necessarily need to pour yourself a drink, although you can if it’s not otherwise problematic for you. Watch a movie or meditate or paint a picture or take a nap or get lost in some beautiful music. Whatever you do to get away, go ahead and vacate the premises!

Just don’t check out while you’re driving. Make an appointment with escape!

Are you due some escape?

09/19/13: Appointment with Escape / Queen of Cups 1 The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

09/19/13: Appointment with Escape / Queen of Cups 209/19/13: Appointment with Escape / Queen of Cups 3 Follow Dixie and the Everyday Tarot on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. Or just schedule a Tarot session.

07/16/13: Information Sloshing / Queen of Cups


What mysteries lie beneath the surface of the heart? The Queen of Cups knows, or perhaps more precisely, she Feels. She’s a very ethereal lady, after all.

When the Queen of Cups appears, use your intuition to your best advantage. Realize that some emotional…sloshing, for want of a better word…well, that’s just part of the gig.

Come to think of it, some of the most gifted intuitive I know have been known to be a bit emotionally sloshy. It goes with the territory. Attend to the feelings more closely than the thoughts (or manifestations) in front of you because whether literal or metaphorical, those emotions are where you’re going to find the truth.

Are you feeling this Queen?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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Facts over Freakouts = Weekly Tarot Forecast 07/08/13

Weekly Tarot Forecast shows up as a face-off between facts and emotions.

Short version: Don’t go getting all sloshy-emotive, isolated and martyred it up. Stick to the facts and stay calm to build yourself some support.

Have you used this strategy to manage during stressful times?

06/03/13: Roadmap for Manifesting /Queen Cups, Page Wands, 9 Cups

I realized it’s been a long time since I pulled out the Transparent Tarot and it’s a fun and interesting deck to work with, so come atcha, a slew of daily forecasts from this non-traditional work. A particular strength of this deck is the layering visually suggests complex interrelationships and ideas with very simple image.

Take this one, for example…


To begin creating what your heart desires, acknowledge and feel it deep within. Let yourself EXERIENCE it fully. The action needed to bring it to fruition will reverberate within you to generate a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. This is how you live your dreams.

Do you have use for such a roadmap?

06/03/13: Roadmap for Manifesting /Queen Cups, Page Wands, 9 Cups 4 The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Tidal: Tarot Forecast, Week of 5/20/13

Eh, I’m noticing a theme here with the forecasts. It’s…emotional.

Short answer: Expect emotions to be on the unpredictable side. BUT you can manage this! Schedule extra downtime and grounding strategies to stay afloat and not capsize, okay?!

Are you feeling the tides?

04/17/13: Designated Emotional Driver / Queen of Cups


Noticing a trend? We’re still damn watery, in today with the Queen of Cups. She’s less passive than the High Priestess, but could well be her sister. She is loving, emotional and intuitive. While I tend to think of the Queen of Pentacles as being always the practical mother, shoving a plate in front anybody who slows down a minute, there’s no denying the Queen of Cups is maternal. She tends easiest to the emotional needs of her brood rather than physical needs, though. In fact, she sometimes shows up to suggest therapy. Queens tend to be focused inward, or at least caring for their small circle, so she may well be privy to intimate emotional concerns of those close to her. She’s the ultimate confidante.

Utilize your loving, empathetic skills today. Care for others and listen for the emotion that saturates the words.

Speaking of saturation, that’s a good word for this queen! But don’t overindulge. If you feel overly “absorbent,” schedule yourself some quiet time to process. If the feelings threaten to overwhelm, cry, journal or exercise to sweat them out. One cannot be the emotional “designated driver” for loved ones if they’ve drunk too much of the wine themselves. Sober up first to avoid nasty consequences.

Are you in tune with the Queen of Cups?

04/17/13: Designated Emotional Driver / Queen of Cups 5 Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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