06/13/12: Emotional Breakdowns | Queen of Cups, 3 of Cups

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The reversed Queen of Cups (Water in Water) can be emotionally off-balance, over-saturated or just a bit too “emotive.” She’s all sloshy! The queen would do well to stabilize by connecting with her crew—or maybe her lover, as shown on the Cosmic Tarot’s Three of Cups (Mercury in Cancer). Here, communications (Mercury) will be comforting (Cancer). Having that support will totally change the nature of any emotional sloshing.

If you feel a breakdown coming, look for a safe person to support you as you work it out. If you can serve this function for someone else, kudos to you for collecting kind Karma.

Are you seeing emotional breakdowns in progress?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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09/17/11: Emotional Housekeeping | Ace of Wands Rev, Queen of Cups


“One can not reflect in streaming water. Only those who know internal peace can give it to others.” –Lao Tzu

Every energy has infinite avenues for expression. Every strength can become weakness, and every weakness can become strength. The determining factor is always in the expression, how that force is aimed. But the more powerful the energy, the more force packed, for good or ill.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Ace of Wands reversed or Root of the Powers of Fire, associated with Fire, and the Queen of Cups or Queen of the Thrones of the Waters, associated with Water in Water. We’ve seen her quite recently, as the emotional drunk! Today, though, I’m seeing her more as going with the flow, the free-flowing intuitive.

The Ace of Wands is an active card. It’s the Nike “Just do it!” vibe, often appearing at the beginning of fresh projects, as prod to get started. It’s a great sign if you’re looking to build something new! But reversed, I’d say your ideas are likely sound but perhaps the time isn’t quite right. Is your focus set and defined? Are your motivations pure? Is the stage set, or are you just seeing what you want to see? Questions need to be answered before you make the move here.

But how? Well, the Queen of Cups shows up to encourage us to look within. (I often see this Queen in regards to therapy or similar emotional processing.) By working through our own feelings diligently, we get a second gift from this queen—intuitive insight. Intuitive information comes in on the same channel as emotion. So as you develop mastery over your emotions, or at least a good working knowledge, it becomes much simpler to divine the difference between random, emotional noise from old wounds and a broader sensitivity. “Feelings housekeeping” keeps your radar tuned up.

These two cards paired would suggest we’re on the right track as far as what we’d like to do, but best to take our time in doing it, making sure we do the appropriate emotional housecleaning as we go. (Don’t want dirty laundry to pile up!) It takes some time, but that’s okay. Once your house is good and clean, you’ll be ready to get going!

Are you doing any emotional housekeeping? Is it helping prepare you for a new venture?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/11/11: Emotional Hangover? | Queen of Cups

queen-of-cups-tarot-meaningI love my Cancer friends. They have ginormous hearts! They are sweet and kind and touchingly protective of their tribe. Few things are as moving as a Cancer’s love. There’s a purity that’s fierce.

There are times, though, when I see emotional squishiness costs in terms of clarity. Once the emotion starts flowing freely, it’s pretty easy to wind up drunk before you know what hit you. The line blurs between reality and imagination; emotions take on a life of their own and you’d best find yourself a designated driver when the full force kicks in. (Look for some Earth energy.)

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Cups or Queen of the Thrones of the Water, associated with Water in Water (or Cancer, as Cardinal Water). She’s a very watery lady, this queen! I sometimes see her in reference to therapy, introspection, sentimentality, intuitive work, or just flat out emotionality. This version from the Housewives Tarot is clearly not on her first drink, you know?

The Queen of Cups reminds us to take stock of our emotions. What’s in that drink, anyway? And how much have you had? Just enough to relax, with a free flow of feeling, or so much as to secure a killer hangover? You may not have been counting the drinks, but the tab always comes due. So while it’s easy enough to get lost in the fog for better or worse, stopping to ground and reassess regularly will help prevent reveler’s remorse later.

Do you relate to the Queen of Cups?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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08/08/11: Celebrate While You’re Waiting


Got it, got it, got it, Tarot. Queen of Cups, Page of Swords (again), and Ten of Cups. There’s a prescription for happy somewhere in there, when you’ve got the Ten of Cups.

I feel it. You feel it. The person standing next to you feels it. The air is positively buzzing with emotional charge. Real or not, it doesn’t mean you have to DO something about it, right this minute. No need to run with it. Because, hey—you don’t know which way you’d like to run anyway.

I can’t fix you, you can’t fix me, and sure as Hell neither of us can fix the freaky neighbor. So stop trying to figure it all out. Let the facts arrive on cue. The pieces keep adding to the picture until it’s quite clear.

In the meantime, seek joy amongst your inner circle. Look away from reasons to worry, because there’s no sense cowering at shadows. Instead, look for reasons to celebrate. Those are real, right now, and they feel so much better to live.

Can you find cause for celebration?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 05/06/11: Strength through Feelings & Queen of Cups

mystic-dreamer-tarot-card-queen-cups“You’re emotions are not a weakness. They are your strength,” my husband says to me, in midst of a particularly messy meltdown. On top of the issue (which I no longer remember), I was supremely upset with myself for not having control over those emotions! My Saturn (limits) is hooked up with Pisces (feelings), so I work (Saturn) very hard on maintaining control (Saturn). Um…it’s an ongoing project.

I took a lot of comfort, because I find it true. I also heard myself telling a client the same recently over “losing it.” Feelings are indeed a strength I wouldn’t want to be without, despite the cost sometimes of having so damn many of them.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Cups, associated with Water in Water. This is an emotional gal! Like all queens, her focus is often felt inwardly, or perhaps within her inner circle, in a very yin fashion. You’ll see her  during periods of heavy emotional processing, actively building intuitive skills, or even starting therapy. Matters of emotional import speak most clearly to her. Dreaminess and ethereal knowing are her domain.

Much like working with muscles builds strength, working with feelings builds insight. If you are hearty enough to weather the turbulence, you can get past the impact t0 see more clearly, deeper and better than you could ever hope to not allowing direct access to your heart.

The Queen of Cups knows it’s through emotion we connect by opening up the channel. It’s through feeling anther’s pain, or joy, or fear, or wonder that we broaden our own world. She would have us let those feelings wash in, allow and sit with them, seeing exquisite beauty and exquisite pain as all part of the very same force. Without them, life is flat and dull. With them, yes, we can feel discomfort, but that potential also carries the potential for ecstasy. You  have to let one in to allow for the other.

golden-compass-astrology-tarot“Feelings” are also the main source of intuitive insight. If you shut down your feelings, you’ve shut down your radar. Whereas the more you attend to your feelings, the sharper your intuitive radar becomes. Emotional flux becomes a reliable guidepost for taking stock, finding gratitude, processing loss and finding direction.

The message today is to welcome feelings, and look for what they are there to tell you. By allowing them, you get direct access to the best possible compass you could ever hope to find— a spiritual compass. The needle might waver for a minute when the signal is especially strong, but it’s never completely off. Let it guide.

Do you find emotions a hindrance or strength?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)
by Heidi Darras