Queen of Swords: Cleaning the Closet

The air is saturated with uncertainty. Seems like everybody I talk with has some sort of big, fat unknown hovering on the horizon. People are re-evaluating jobs, relationships, living arrangements and more.

Root chakra issues inflamed: security, stability, health, and physical safety. It’s like life has provided us this weird pause as this cycle plays out and people are still feeling their way ahead.

I’m blaming it on 1.) crazy-ass times; and 2.) Mars retrograde.

Personally, I’m spending a whole lot of time on the front porch, contemplating my flowers. I get the clearest ideas out there.

Cockscomb: Flowers Are My Friends

Cockscomb: Flowers Are My Friends

So many questions being asked.

What matters most? What brings happiness? What’s the signal-to-noise ratio in my life? What would work out better?

This odd space we share makes the world feel like nothing is off the table. Anything’s possible next–a thought simultaneously exhilarating and unnerving.

To move ahead, we don’t need to flowchart all the potentialities and thank the Gods for that! Instead, we do the Queen of Swords work and start cleaning out metaphorical and/or literal closets.

Decide what still works for you and what’s getting you nowhere. And next week would be a great time to kick off any purge-fests.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the Queen of Swords, with advice coming as the Five of Wands + Six of Cups reversed. These images are from the mini Radiant Rider-Waite deck – one of my favorite for readings.

Expect sorting of all sorts to characterize the coming week. With the Queen of Swords, division could be a thing for sure, but she’s not prone to argue for argument’s sake. She’s much more interested in rationally pursuing her goals than she is in what anyone else is doing. To her, other people’s agendas are not relevant.

Specifically, she focuses on utilizing whatever approach or process necessary to achieve her objectives, eliminating the extraneous, whatever doesn’t align. Swords often represent mental or intellectual energy, so the process is potentially enlightening.

Just because this is a mental energy, however, don’t dismiss physical sorting. The clarity we’re talking about is rooted in the decision-making process; whatever you choose to sort will benefit.

We’re advised by the Five of Wands to fight through the process. Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting altercations.

If you get into a brawl, don’t blame me. Or do, but I still won’t take credit.

Just work it out yourself. Do not blindly trust or accept whatever you’re handed (reversed Six of Cups). Ready-made answers may be offered with best of intent, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit. You have to decide that on your own.

In this process, you’ll undoubtedly find some of the outfits no longer fit. The reversed Six of Cups suggests nostalgia isn’t the way to decide. Whatever we carry into the future with us needs to “earn it’s keep”  (Five of Wands) and justify a spot in our lives.

Sort, my friends, sort! If you do, I’m quite certain that you’ll end next week feeling lighter than you went in. I’m definitely going to test that theory myself.  Be well.

If you’d like to ponder your process in a private session, give me a holler and we’ll talk.

Page of Wands and Queen of Swords Rx: Rough Draft

I think of myself as borderline notorious for the “we’ll figure it out as we go” approach. I may play with ideas but I don’t studiously chart my course out, no matter what the goal. What others may see as chaotic, I see as inspiration-driven.

Doesn’t “inspired” sound nicer than “crazy?”

But when you live this way, you’ve got to cut yourself slack when your inspiration doesn’t turn out quite like you might expect. You get the signs, you feel the steps but the ending doesn’t come together the way you expected.

It doesn’t mean you have screwed up. It means the whole is still taking shape. It means what you saw as an end game isn’t necessarily all there is to it. It’s merely an edit, a bullet point in the draft of your bigger story.

I’m not seeing completed manuscripts next week. I’m seeing rough drafts.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the Page of Wands, with advice coming from a reversed Queen of Swords, pictured here from tthe Radiant Rider-Waite.

I can’t help but thinking the blurriness of this image provides yet another clue of the energy we’ve got on deck. (Beside, faulting “this crazy energy” sounds much better than blaming my sub-standard photography skills, don’t you think?)

The Page of Wands is definitely passionate and more than a little idealistic. That’s all fine and well, so far as it goes. We just sometimes forget how youth impacts interpreting a page.

Pages are children. Though this guy’s outlook may be bold and his heart full of fire, his vision isn’t necessarily mature or wise. Far from it. Anytime you’ve got a page weighing in, you can figure whatever he’s representing is relatively undeveloped. He’s not the tiny sprout of an idea as shown by an Ace, but he likewise cannot speak with the mature and well-defined voice of King, either. He could grow into a competent king, but he ain’t there yet.

Next week, expect passion to overrule logic. People may insist on emotional gratification without the clue one as to what form such gratification could take. Practicalities are dismissed summarily in the face of strong feelings. They may say, “I’ll know it when I see it,” but you can take that more precisely to be, “I’ll know it when I FEEL it.”

Now, the reversed Queen of Swords offers interesting advice. When this lady is not aright, we’re cautioned to be especially careful of becoming over-critical or harsh as these are some of her potential weaknesses. It would be very easy to do more damage than good by picking apart someone else’s position.

Upright, this queen is frequently responsible for sorting out solutions, ruling out what is unworkable or impractical from from sound strategies that ensure progress. But as she came in reversed, timing isn’t conducive to full critical analysis or insightful discrimination between the workable and problematic. There isn’t enough information or personal clarity to do the job right at present. Facts may slow to come in and remember, that (wound up) page is still running the show.

Your best bet here is allowing yourself a step back from and and all emotional fervor. Assume good intentions all around and stifle urges to attack others based on differing perceptions.

It’s that “happy or right?” question revisiting. Even if you’re completely right (and you certainly may not be under these conditions), you can still blow it all up by forcing conversations on those not yet receptive.

Whether you’re most strongly identifying with that Page or the Queen, consider this moment in time to be akin to presenting a rather rough draft of the final work. Get your outline organized clearly and do a little self-editing before sending your words out.

Much love, my friends. Stay safe and sane out there! And if you want a little support working out your own draft, hit me up for a personal consult. You know where to find me.

Five of Swords & Queen of Swords Rx: Do-It-Yourself Love

I’ve been considering the notion, “What someone thinks about me is none of my business.”

This is far easier to preach than practice.

Sometimes, we want to feel understood, heard and seen. Moments of feeling known that way are powerful.

But we’d best never rely on someone else to provide us that kind of juice. We can appreciate the energy when we get it, since it’s one way of being fed. But it’s always best to still be able to feed oneself, you know?

The drive to be understood–or validated, whatever you want to call it–is strongest when we feel the most vulnerable. If you’re not sure of your own worth, it’s natural to look for outside reassurance.

But those kind of holes cannot be filled from the outside. It helps for a minute but the hits of confidence doesn’t very long if we don’t strongly know our own goodness.

Self-love has got to be self-generated. Getting clear for yourself on what feels best to you  and not worrying much about anything (or anyone) else is exactly the sort of approach I’d recommend for the coming week. Take a step back and focus on the view you enjoy most.

Next Week in Tarot

The forecast cards wanted to come out as a duo, so I pulled the advice as a duo as well.

For the outlook, we have the Five of Swords and Four of Cups reversed.

Advice comes in the way of the Queen of Swords reversed paired up with the Lovers, all from this well-worn but still lovely Legacy of the Divine tarot deck.

It may appear battles are lost or won, and decisions are set this week. You may not feel satisfied with  some of the outcomes. There’s a tendency to get stuck mentally in what you don’t dig here, running things around and around in circles in your head. Don’t.

The Queen of Swords reversed is sharp and critical. Teamed up with the Lovers as guidance, she suggests stepping back from critical analysis and instead focus on harmony, wherever you can find it. That harmony may (and often will) be found through focusing on entirely different topics.

So you don’t need to “make your peace” around issues that disturb you. Instead, reach for ANY peace, for ANY harmony.

We think it’s the outer circumstances of our lives that dictate our subjective feelings, but it’s really the other way around. Shift your feelings and you’ll shift your experience.

You don’t need anybody’s cooperation. You just need to decide for yourself, what matters most to you.

Place priority on loving yourself and watch the rest fall in line.

Want a one-on-one with me to plot out an action plan together? Give me a holler!

Queen of Swords: Writing Your Own Story

I’ve spent damn near a lifetime separating out what other people think of me from what I think of myself. Most days, it’s pretty automatic now, although occasionally I’ll run something that strikes a sore spot.

It took me a very long time to realize unless I agree at least a little bit with any assertion, it doesn’t impact me. If there’s no foothold inside me already, I cannot be touched.

The root of any emotional reaction isn’t from an outside stimulus. It’s internal. Keep that in mind the coming week…

Next Week in Tarot

For the weekly outlook, we have the Queen of Swords paired with advice from the Four of Wands using the Star Tarot (which I may or may not be slightly obsessed with at this point).

Now, I don’t read the Queen of Swords as “negative” per se, although she’s not especially warm and fuzzy, either. She is focused and precise, though. She cuts through whatever stands in her way and some would no doubt describe her as cold.

A “Queen of Swords week” would have facts surfacing, calculations made and some options eliminated. She excels in clarification, honing in on a particular course or outcome. Also, understand none of the Queen’s actions are actually personal regardless of how it may feel. This queen doesn’t operate that way. The Queen of Swords is all about the end game. Her vision of the end game will match her idea of the greater good. But the how-to part of her game puts emphasis on the bigger picture, not the individual components.

In terms of advice, the Four of Wands came in reversed for me (set upright for the picture). I see this as folks potentially feeling disrupted by what they see and hear around them.

Your job–should you choose to accept it–is to create a safe haven for yourself ANYWAY. Regardless of what happens in the outside world, you can foster an internal sense of stability, safety, and comfort for yourself. This is much easier when we remind ourselves such feelings are internal, not externally generated.

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It’s true, events spill over from outside yourself that may impact you. But we give others way too much control over (and credit for) how we feel. We act as if there is nothing we can do about our reactions to anything when in fact, the opposite is true. How you feel about anything is very closely tied to how you choose to think about it.

Others can and will tell whatever story they see fit. But for it to become YOUR story, you have to cooperate by believing it.

Do you feel like have a handle on your own story?

Looking for more internal clarity? Give me a holler to book a private consult.

Page of Pentacles Rx: Clear Signals

“You are your own authority.” That’s been swimming in my head and coming out of my mouth lately. It doesn’t mean you aren’t interested in learning more or interacting with others. It just means you trust yourself.

  • You trust yourself to attract the information you need, as you need it.
  • You trust yourself to be able to FEEL your way through.
  • You trust yourself to make sound decisions.
  • You trust yourself to do your best.
  • You trust yourself to receive what you’ve asked for.

When we try to tune ourselves to the will or beliefs of others, we always end up confused and frustrated. It’s an ever-morphing target, even if you choose a single individual to please.  When we manage our own tuner–step and up claim our rightful role being in charge of ourselves–life becomes easier and feels better. You don’t have to find outside reassurances. You can look to get your own clear signal.

Of course, the flip side of that is true as well. You have to stay the hell out of everybody else’s realm of authority. But hey. It’s a whole lot easier to love and appreciate them all if you don’t consider yourself responsible for managing their lives, either.  You can love them without trying to fix them. ♥

Next Week in Tarot

Page of Pentacles Rx, Queen of Swords

Cell phone camera + old lady eyes = crapshoot photography, folks. My apologies.

Here, we’ve got the Princess of Pentacles reversed (aka the Page of Pentacles) along with the Queen of Swords from the Star Tarot deck.

Next week’s outlook–the reversed Page–speaks of misconstructed messages and partially understood facts. There’s a hint of information but it’s incomplete and potentially out of context.

All will come into clearer, more actionable focus when you apply the Queen of Swords’ energy to utilize her superpower: cool, clear logic.

One of my strongest Queen of Swords keywords is “discrimination.” Be discriminating about the information you ponder upon as it definitely colors your perceptions! Don’t be in a hurry to act. Let clarity guide your movements over outside stimulus. Let the facts flesh themselves out and make decisions based on what makes the best, most logical sense to YOU. The Queen may listen to counsel but she doesn’t require consensus. She just requires a clear signal.

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Armchair Astrology: Venus Rx

User note: That title means I’m not a real astrologer and I don’t play one on the internet.

I’m feeling this Venus Retrograde (October 5 to November 7) fairly loud at the moment.  Think topics surrounding love and money you may well neigh have believed long dead resurrected. Personal zombies, just in time for Halloween. Are you excited yet?

This is what my psychic soundtrack is playing. Coincidence? Har!

I do find Venus retrogrades a very good time to review where your money has been going and make sure the flow matches what you most value.

And that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about the whole time, isn’t it? Focusing your attention in ways consistent with what you most value and letting the rest of the world do the same. Your job is getting your signal clear.

How you doing on tuning that signal?

p.s. If you want help tuning, give me a holler for a personal session.






Queen of Swords: Focusing on What?

So, I got my project wrapped up. I expected it to take me about 2 or 3 days. Instead, it took two weeks of very intense attention. I pulled some long work days and just wrapped it up late Thursday night.

Now, I was less-than-enchanted with the entire endeavor, until I realized something very relevant: the end result was completely worth the trouble. There were a number of issues that went awry and each one I fixed in turn. This back and forth, catalyzed by what I didn’t want really made a difference in what I got in the end. I would not have touched any of the side issues had they not broken. So yes, there was plenty of cussing and frustration. Yes, I could have finished in a couple of days if everything had gone the way I’d planned. And yes, the finished product would have been inferior had it gone the way I’d planned.

Looking at it that way makes me glad so much stuff broke! A legitimate bright side right there, front and center. If you can find one, I always urge you to adopt the bright side. It pays off.

Aside: Thanks to those who wished me well with the stuff I have been working on last week, either directly or in your heart. I know you’re sending me your goodwill and I do appreciate it very much. ♥ An especially bright side for me.

This next week, I’d encourage you to keep looking for your own bright side and keep that vision central when you’re making decisions and taking action.

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Next Week in Tarot

The overall outlook is represented by the Queen of Swords with advice coming in from the Knight of Swords from the gorgeous Star Tarot Deck. Now, seeing this duo, right away I know, words will be flying over the next week. Not much of a surprise, huh? Words are already flying. But I’ve got more than obvious observations to share here.

This Queen is clear, focused and discriminating. There is (and will be) plenty going on. That doesn’t mean she (or we) need to digest all of it. That’s a surefire recipe for an upset stomach! What you don’t want provides the most value in spurring you towards what you DO want. So acknowledge it and then move forward. The queen focuses on her goals and anything that doesn’t contribute to those goals gets discarded. That’s a very effective approach.

What topic of focus is most in line with your values and intentions? Problems serve a purpose: they help identify areas of improvement and that’s where we want the greatest bulk of our energy to go.

What serves your greater purposes? THAT is where to direct your attention. This is a big world and we have lots of choice on how we spend our energy. Anything else is just a distraction. And if there’s one thing the Queen of Swords will not abide, it’s distraction.

The Knight would advise us to convey our ideas and messages with clarity. Dix would advise you to be mindful of tact, but not everybody listens to her. Har!

Thing is, if communication is especially sharp, critical or loud (whether or not you consider it accurate), anyone who does not agree already will tune it out. Factor your goals into your overall approach. If your goal is only to be heard, volume will suffice. On the other hand, if your goal is to inform, persuade or otherwise influence…well, doing so from a connected place will give you far more power than any other approach.

In other words, keep your head clear this coming week. When you see something you perceive as wrong, you can let it be discouragement to you or of service to you. The choice is yours.

What are you focused on?

Give me a holler for a personal visit if you want a little realignment.