Page of Wands and Queen of Swords Rx: Rough Draft

I think of myself as borderline notorious for the “we’ll figure it out as we go” approach. I may play with ideas but I don’t studiously chart my course out, no matter what the goal. What others may see as chaotic, I see as inspiration-driven.

Doesn’t “inspired” sound nicer than “crazy?”

But when you live this way, you’ve got to cut yourself slack when your inspiration doesn’t turn out quite like you might expect. You get the signs, you feel the steps but the ending doesn’t come together the way you expected.

It doesn’t mean you have screwed up. It means the whole is still taking shape. It means what you saw as an end game isn’t necessarily all there is to it. It’s merely an edit, a bullet point in the draft of your bigger story.

I’m not seeing completed manuscripts next week. I’m seeing rough drafts.

Next Week in Tarot

Outlook is the Page of Wands, with advice coming from a reversed Queen of Swords, pictured here from tthe Radiant Rider-Waite.

I can’t help but thinking the blurriness of this image provides yet another clue of the energy we’ve got on deck. (Beside, faulting “this crazy energy” sounds much better than blaming my sub-standard photography skills, don’t you think?)

The Page of Wands is definitely passionate and more than a little idealistic. That’s all fine and well, so far as it goes. We just sometimes forget how youth impacts interpreting a page.

Pages are children. Though this guy’s outlook may be bold and his heart full of fire, his vision isn’t necessarily mature or wise. Far from it. Anytime you’ve got a page weighing in, you can figure whatever he’s representing is relatively undeveloped. He’s not the tiny sprout of an idea as shown by an Ace, but he likewise cannot speak with the mature and well-defined voice of King, either. He could grow into a competent king, but he ain’t there yet.

Next week, expect passion to overrule logic. People may insist on emotional gratification without the clue one as to what form such gratification could take. Practicalities are dismissed summarily in the face of strong feelings. They may say, “I’ll know it when I see it,” but you can take that more precisely to be, “I’ll know it when I FEEL it.”

Now, the reversed Queen of Swords offers interesting advice. When this lady is not aright, we’re cautioned to be especially careful of becoming over-critical or harsh as these are some of her potential weaknesses. It would be very easy to do more damage than good by picking apart someone else’s position.

Upright, this queen is frequently responsible for sorting out solutions, ruling out what is unworkable or impractical from from sound strategies that ensure progress. But as she came in reversed, timing isn’t conducive to full critical analysis or insightful discrimination between the workable and problematic. There isn’t enough information or personal clarity to do the job right at present. Facts may slow to come in and remember, that (wound up) page is still running the show.

Your best bet here is allowing yourself a step back from and and all emotional fervor. Assume good intentions all around and stifle urges to attack others based on differing perceptions.

It’s that “happy or right?” question revisiting. Even if you’re completely right (and you certainly may not be under these conditions), you can still blow it all up by forcing conversations on those not yet receptive.

Whether you’re most strongly identifying with that Page or the Queen, consider this moment in time to be akin to presenting a rather rough draft of the final work. Get your outline organized clearly and do a little self-editing before sending your words out.

Much love, my friends. Stay safe and sane out there! And if you want a little support working out your own draft, hit me up for a personal consult. You know where to find me.

Wheel of Fortune Rx: Make Your Own Luck Already!

The world has been scratchy as Hell. 2020 has been a year like no other in providing justification for pretty much any emotional reaction imaginable. 

I was feeling this yesterday. Anxious, itchy and irritable, not really sure what to do with all the pent-up and bothered energy that was building up.

What would help?

I remembered my fourth house Mars. Mars rules not only anger, but drive and initiative. Mars will dictate you go about getting what you want. And if you’re feeling frustrated or otherwise unfulfilled, the placement of Mars can provide inspiration about how to release the frustration. Fourth house rules home life.

So I cleaned. I may not be able to clean up the chaos in the world, but I can certainly lessen the chaos in my tiny corner.

And yes, it made me feel much better. The cats’ confusion also amused me, so bonus points.

Next week might be a good time to clean your house (or whatever your Mars prescribes).

Next Week in Tarot

For outlook, we have the Wheel of Fortune reversed, with advice from the Ace of Pentacles. Pictured from the Radiant Rider-Waite.

Now I usually read the Wheel as positive, even reversed. Here, I want to say your luck is nothing more complicated than what you make of what you’ve got. It’s not how it looks. It’s not about whether or not it was what you wanted.

It’s all about what you do with whatever you’ve got.

Rather than bemoaning the current circumstances, turn it all to your advantage by asking yourself, “What do I want to create out of this?” Creating something from whatever lies before you is exactly what the Ace of Pentacles would suggest.

Concrete, real-world manifestations are the order of the week. If you cannot control the world, control your corner of it. If a situation ends, start something new. Make something beautiful out of what you’ve got. Transformation will provide both relief and tangible benefit here.

Don’t look to save the world on this wave, friends. Instead, let whatever captures your attention to inspire you to create something you actually want. The Ace of Pentacles wouldn’t have you burning anything down without the vaguest notion of how to replace it. This ace will always have you building something new. As an ace, the results may be humble, but no matter what, they will be REAL and worth doing. 

What can you make out of what you’ve got? That’s the question to bear in mind next week. It will guide you to constructive action. 

Good luck!

And if you want to talk about it in a private session, give me a holler and we’ll set something up.

Fool Reversed, Knight of Pentacles: Who are you, really?

I’ve been doing a little emotional unpacking over here. It’s moving along, but still kind of a slow, messy business.

Although it’s not been a painless process, it’s definitely one I’m immensely grateful for. I’ve become sensitized to the times my responses feel “off.” I’ve had to step back repeatedly and just sit with it in order for it to unfold in a way that feels natural and right to me.

The strongest insights show up in the mornings, immediately upon waking up. So if you’re in a similar situation, let me suggest sleeping on it, over and over!

I also see a strong parallel to this process in the forecast for next week.

Next Week in Tarot

Image from the Radiant Rider-Waite.

As outlook next week, we have the Fool reversed, with advice coming in as the Knight of Pentacles. The overall vibe here is offers only a slight shift from last week.

People talking AT one another instead of WITH one another remains “a thing.” Projections, oversimplifications and flat-out false assumptions remain prominent. A sense of being misunderstood or mischaracterized are likely to materialize on multiple fronts, in both personal and collective spheres.

I know. It doesn’t sound all that nice, does it? But there is an upside.

A very powerful opportunity emerges from this. Being faced so obviously with who you ARE NOT points out in very sharp detail who you ARE. It takes stepping back from the situation to see it for sure, but the insights that flow from such a perspective are invaluable.

Who do you truly want to be? What behavior is consistent with that self-definition? What are you really all about?

The temptation in this environment is going to be working harder and talking louder in the hopes of being “understood.” It’s natural to enjoy the sense of affirmation that comes from feeling truly seen. I’ll be the first to acknowledge it’s great stuff, when it shows up organically. It’s also impossible to force.

But as much as we may feel the urge to pursue being understood, it’s an ultimately irrelevant goal. A sense of personal integrity is never the result of a vote. At best, these efforts are a distraction and at worst, derailment.

Making sure your direction remains consistent with your core values is the course the Knight of Pentacles advises. The heightened awareness offers us a roadmap to remaining true to ourselves.

Forget who else knows who you are. What matters is that YOU know who you are.


You do know who you are, right? Remembering this provides a lot more guidance than you’d imagine.

For some Tarot help sorting your own questions out, give me a ping for a private session.

Eight of Cups Rx: Instead of Leaving it Behind

I’ve been reaching lately for a perspective that feels both honest but also comfortable, authentic to who I am. I can catch bits and pieces of it but it’s not as consistent as I want.

So I keep reaching.

The rawness remains palpable. However, I’m thinking the message for next week will help.

Next Week in Tarot

For outlook next week, we have the Eight of Cups reversed. Advice comes via the avatar of the King of Cups. These images are from the Radiant Rider-Waite.

An upright Eight of Cups would speak to walking away from an emotional situation or investment. But reversed, it’s suggesting more a desire to leave it all behind, but any attempts to do so aren’t entirely successful. There is difficulty letting go. Remember this if you’re having a hard time stepping back yourself.

I’m feeling the collective vibe as emotionally exhausted, worn down and worried. Know the next week will offer distinct opportunities for emotional soothing and distance from turmoil, although it’s unlikely we’ll be able to release the whole of it. There is, however, value in any relief you can access.

The King of Cups always, always, always acts from the heart. Most of us understand that, if we follow the cards. But one thing people can forget about this king is his special brand of kindness.

Specifically, the King of Cups doesn’t offer a conditional kindness, reserved only for those of whom he approves. His kindness is universal. While his tender heart may sometimes make his path a little (or a lot) more challenging because empathy carries a cost, it gifts him a depth of grace he would never be able to reach otherwise. He’d never get that if his goodwill were reserved only for those he judged as righteous.

The King of Cups loves without requiring reciprocity. That’s huge! He offers universally good intentions. You don’t have to deserve or earn love from the King of Cups. You are loved not because of who you are, but because of who HE is.

This next week, I will be looking to follow this King’s lead. I’ll be consciously fostering a kinder, more loving outlook not only for on those I agree with–that’s relatively easy–but much more importantly, toward those whom I do not agree with. It’s not about what goodwill I may judge as deserved or not. It’s about being true to who I am.

There is good everywhere, if you’re looking for it. I’m looking!

If you’re looking for a little guidance finding your way to your own center, give me a holler for a private consult.

High Priestess & Eight of Cups Rx: Riding it Out

I had to go grocery shopping a couple of days ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect given the fact that the Coronavirus seems to have just penetrated the mass consciousness of America and people are shopping like there’s no tomorrow.

But we were running out of food. I was about to run out of coffee creamer, for goodness sakes!

Ample coffee creamer is synonymous with “civilization” in my world.

I wasn’t entirely surprised to find no toilet paper–the aisles at Aldi’s had been picked clean. A lonely, beat-up tissue box was all that remained (after I tossed a couple boxes into my cart, because…well, no toilet paper). I decided not to grab the last tissue box in case someone else needed it more.

No more toilet paper or tissues.

I’ve seen many admonitions not to panic. I’m sure somebody somewhere is panicking, but it wasn’t what I personally witnessed. People were focused for sure, but most were not giving out cranky or anxious vibes. Overall, I was feeling a sense of camaraderie. People were kind to me and one another, albeit across increased personal space.

I don’t think of more aggressive shopping as proof positive of mass panic. Folks want to have a good supply of toilet paper and soap (and yes, coffee creamer) because this provides a sense of predictability and control. That’s what’s lacking in the bigger world right now. It feels like doing something, you know? People are preparing to hunker down and ride things out if need be, and would like to be comfortable doing so.

In a weird way, I found the whole experience oddly comforting. Realizing most of us have a lifestyle such that having enough toilet tissue, hand soap and Ramen in the cabinet qualifies as disaster preparedness? It drives the point home: most of us live a very good life!

Next week, I’m expecting the mass vibe to be very similar to this shopping trip.

Next Week in Tarot

For outlook this week, we’ve got the High Priestess. On advice, the Eight of Cups is joined by the Tower, all from the Radiant Rider-Waite deck.

There’s plenty going on, but much more is under the surface than out in the open. So you can’t really put your finger on issues directly so much as you can just FEEL it. Your spidey senses will do the best job of guiding you this week (as always).

We’d be well advised not to make any grand, sweeping gestures this week. Don’t burn any bridges. There could be an itch to “get things settled, once and for all” but there won’t be a need to scratch it. Bridges that most need burning are likely to spontaneously combust. If you take a step back emotionally, you’re far less likely to feel the heat.

Let events sort themselves out because they will–potentially with great drama and fanfare. Tower energy isn’t exactly subtle. The upside of the Tower sort of disruption is that it tends to be quick. Dramatic, sure. But usually it’s not going to drag on and on. Once the Tower begins to fall, it’s coming down and there will be no stopping it. Our choice is only in how close we’re standing to ground zero.

The key point here is that any drama does NOT have to be largely disruptive on a personal level. Step back. Let go what you can and wait for what you cannot let go to settle down.  It will.

The world is a little weird right now. But that’s okay. We can be okay individually, weirdness in the bigger world or not. Take a step back and ride it out!

Need to refigure your own plans? Hook up for a private consultation.

Fool Reversed: Silly Mistakes or Opportunities to Excel?

The more I notice, the more I find it stunning how much of our experience is directly driven by perception as opposed to those “cold, hard facts” we think we’re reacting to instead.

It’s not just the obvious like people of different political bents watching entirely different movies when they read the news. It’s not just things like generational differences or how we see the world versus how our parents see it.

It’s more like all of life is a big, fat Rorschach test.

I can especially see this in myself. The difference between considering myself a hot mess versus seeing myself thriving does not really come from the preponderance of evidence. I know this because I have sometimes shifted my perspective when the outside reality is the same.

Instead, the feelings are a function of the conclusions we make about the evidence. This is very good news, because that can be consciously driven.

Next week, we’ll most likely see plenty of room for improvement in your private world. You can either call that “failure” or you can call it a grand opportunity to clean up and level up.

I’m going with door number two here. Hope you’ll join me in the winner’s circle!

Next Week in Tarot

For the outlook next week, we have The Fool reversed. Advice is the Ten of Wands. (Outch!) Pictured here from the Radiant Rider-Waite deck. It’s Mercury retrograde, folks–February 16 to March 9th. The forecast here seemed to notice.

Expect bits and pieces of our world to be upside down. I’m seeing significant potential for foolish mistakes, overlooking the obvious or simply not thinking things through in the coming week.

To deal with this, be responsible for managing important details. If it’s going out with your name on it, I’d advise you to do the final review personally. You might be able to delegate the initial project, but the last (and full) pass-through needs to be personally performed, with full attention.  The Ten of Wands won’t have us skim or multitask our way through the final review.

But what is this period good for (besides taking on extra work)? Edit and rework processes to your heart’s content. Reconsider and revise your work flow, your projects, your management process! Any process is ripe for revisiting during the retrograde, with extra attention to communication flows. Inefficiencies or problem areas will be easy to spot now and the extra effort reworking them pays off.

I’m happy to put in the effort required to clean up my world, though. How about you?

Want to some help with your reviews? Give me a holler and we’ll set up a private consult.