Everyday Tarot, 07/21/11: Cows, on the Way Home | Knight Swords, 3 Wands, 6 Wands


Doesn’t it just feel like the current questions we’re looking at, have been this way…almost forever? I wanted a little extra today, so I pulled a 3-card spread. They all came in reversed–the Knight of Swords, Three of Wands and Six of Wands, but I turned ’em over to photograph. And to loosen up the flow, too, because I will that, as I flip the card. No, really. I do.

Ah, lots of motion. See the horses? We’ve got the idea, clearly, had it for some time, and have determined what we want to keep versus what to cut. And, you know, we’ve been acting in concert with that, making a sincere effort to work it.

cows-coming-homeTarot’s says, “Chill. I know it’s a stabby time and I know you’ve been working hard, without yet seeing the impact you expected. Flow is coming. Just keep watching for your turns; they become clear as you approach. Attention, along with the support of friends, sees you through.”

The cows are on their way home. Whoopee!

Is that what you see, or something else?

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Everyday Tarot, 07/03/11: Temperance Blender

temperanceA lot of folks—myself included—have had odd, bizarre, just plain taxing experiences under the current sky. An eclipse amidst a Cardinal Grand Cross with outer planet players is not necessarily going to be a skip in the park, to put it mildly.

That’s okay, though. When the energy forecast supports making significant shifts, why not take advantage? That’s my plan.

Today’s Tarot is Temperance or “Daughter of the Reconcilers,” associated with Sagittarius. Key XIV of the Major Arcana, she becomes one of the Tarot fives—her angelic energy is definitely dynamic! She’s often said to be mixing fire and water, but whatever she’s mixing, she’s appears to know what she’s doing. With one foot in the water and one foot on the ground, she has access to both the emotional/intuitive world and the flesh and blood, material world.

The gold disk on her head sports the astrological glyph for the sun, which is also the alchemical symbol for gold—her ego shines. The red triangle on her robe is the symbol for fire—she hasn’t lost the passion. But like the road that runs between the two mountains (goals), she is looking for balance, a way to combine separate energy to come up with a new, more complete approach.

I had opportunity to revisit some hurt feelings recently and try to integrate memories with new  circumstance. The key for me was realizing that it’s not one or the other—the history is real, and as such, impacts the whole. But the present is just as real, and demands integration with the history to form a new, more complete paradigm. With only one of the two, I’m missing half the truth.

When Temperance graces, look at the big picture. Are you over-attached to one vision? Are you successfully integrating information?  Or are you drinking too much lately? ‘Cause she’ll call you out on that, too. Moderation in all things, and Temperance is kind. Otherwise, there’s a price to pay.

Do you see Temperance at work (or maybe on a break) in your life?

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Everyday Tarot, 06/10/11: Last Call / Rev. 2 of Cups

two-cups-reversed-daily-tarot-forecastSaturn (work, responsibility) is fixing to go direct in in Libra (partnership, balance) in a couple of days, and it’s a big deal. Saturn is a slow mover anyway, and in Libra, it’s sign of exaltation, there is particular opportunity for positive impact if you make good choices.

That makes today’s Tarot forecast is right on schedule!

We have the inverted Two of Cups or “The Lord of Love,” associated with Venus in Cancer. People prefer this card upright, but even reversed, it’s still not unpleasant energy to work with. You’ve got a primarily harmonious union that might just need some tweaking. It’s an “almost there” connection.

Saturn in Libra demands fairness above all else, if you want a positive outcome. Coming out of a a retrograde period, the time for review is ending, whereas the choices you make now will have significant impact on partnerships moving forward.

lastcallThe reversed Two of Cups reminds us to attend to our unions—discovering areas that are out of whack, lacking balance, distorted or off-kilter. The prescription for effectively working with Saturn energy is always more or less the same—do the right thing! Definition, boundaries and sustained efforts are primary tools for doing so.

If you consistently do your best to act with integrity, and only remain paired with others who do the same, you’ll be sitting pretty. If your relationships are not win-win, though, move fast to correct. It’s last call now and you don’t want to wake up all hung over in a strange bed, wondering where your pants went to.

How are you doing with your relationships?

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Everyday Tarot, 06/09/11: Detail Fixation / Rev Knight of Swords

reversed-knight-swords-tarot-forecast-radiantBeing all Virgo like I am, I have a huge tendency to miss the forest for the trees. I can become so enthralled in pruning a particular bush that I’ll miss a brush fire a few feet over. But damn—doesn’t the bush look perfect?!

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Knight of Swords or “Prince of the Chariot of the Winds, ” associated with Air in Air. He thinks, quite simply, too much! His thought go hither and yon, full of ideas and idealism, but sometimes lacking practicality. He can overthink. Inverted, he lets us know we don’t have to have all the facts to succeed in our quest.

The questions are more important than the answers. Specifically, the question of what you really want, not how you can orchestrate it. Don’t over-intellectualize. And forget perfect-case scenarios, trying to plot it everything out like a movie of the week. That doesn’t work well, what with so much of that pesky free will floating about.

Focus on the feeling, thus creating the vibration you’re seeking. Leave the details up to spirit. That allows for a flow you could never mastermind independently. This is how you get there.

Do you get sidetracked by the details?

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Everyday Tarot, 05/09/11: Reflecting Better Relationships/Two of Cups Tarot

two-cups-tarot-card-meaningDoing a daily Tarot column for a while now, I’ve been known to fuss and cuss repeat appearances. I draw these cards specifically for the daily Tarot forecast, relying on Tarot to give what is most needed. So I mean no disrespect to the cards as a tool—I know better than to do that! It just makes my job of thinking of something insightful to say that much harder is all. But hey. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge.

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Cups (again), aka “The Lord of Love” and associated with Venus in Cancer. Nice to see this one upright! Tarot twos speak to union, duality and balance and cups, as representing the Water element, speak to emotion. So the Two of Cups is, at it’s most basic level, a coming together of feelings, balancing interests of two people in a loving (Venus), nurturing (Cancer) way. The relationship may be personal or business, but the feelings are quite real either way.

The good news about seeing this card again, now upright, is that the loving energy and sense of connection that was sketchy a few days ago is now expressing freely. The air has been cleared!

golden-rule-law-of-attractionOne point you’ll often hear mentioned about the Two of Cups is the reflective nature of the relationship. See how the pair mirrors one another? When you have a Two of Cups pairing, what you are experiencing is always comparable to what you are giving. You see yourself reflected in the other, and the other sees themselves reflect in you.

In terms of energy, like attracts like (aka The Law of Attraction). Energy vibrations can be either accidentally or intentionally directed, but we all have them nonetheless. If there is a disparity in vibrations with those closest to you, over time the rates either sync up or the relationship falls away. There’s no other way. If two people do not express a complimentary vibration, they cease to be paired. But since when is following the Golden rule ever bad advice?

So in considering the Lovers’ energy, ask yourself what you see in your partner because invariably, you are offering some version of the same vibration. You want more love, affection, trust or generosity? Express that yourself, and display gratitude when you receive it, which turns it up. Give freely what you want to have, and balance emerges naturally.

Do you see a reflection of yourself in your close relationships?

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Everyday Tarot, 05/08/11: Knight of Swords and his Chaffing Armor


“Just do the best you can, Dixie. Because that’s all you can do.” My parents always told me this, and it was one of the things that stuck, I’m glad to say.

Most do fine with the “doing the best you can” part. It’s the letting it go afterward part that proves challenging. It can become a never-ending game of “What if?” if you’re not careful where you can never win.

Today’s Tarot is the Knight of Swords, associated with Air in Air. He tends towards an intellectual idealism. Sometimes cutting or sharp towards others, his judgment secretly falls most heavily upon himself when he falls short. Since his standards are based on ideals, he eventually will fall short.  In his black and white worldview, addressing his own fallibility can easily become an Achilles’ heel if he doesn’t learn to grant some latitude.

Ideal and Reality don't always machThe Knight of Sword misses the mark at times, refusing to acknowledge ambiguity. Always full of ideas and logic, life is an equation that doesn’t always add up properly. His ideals serve as a great starting point, a compass and guide, but life is lived in  everyday experience. The two do not necessarily coincide.

Those areas he’s most aggressive about controlling in others are almost always sore spots in his own self image. His armor chafes there, the swell of agitation internally prompted. This is where his sense of himself the ideals he wants to fight for are in conflict.

If you are the Knight of Swords, cut yourself some slack. Look after those raw spots with a little tenderness and care to allow them to heal. Trying to block it off is only rubbing the wound raw so cushion and tend. And if you know the Knight, approach him with the same kindness and compassion he has difficulty showing to himself. He’s demanding, but discerning. He can not only be soothed by your kindness, but learn from it.

Do you know a Knight of Swords?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
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