Knight of Wands: Get moving!

I run a sizable Facebook page. And people getting started out sometimes come to me, asking for advice. I’m generally at a loss for what to tell them.

Because when I tell them the truth, they are not likely to believe me. 

They are expecting secrets and formulas and systems. I don’t have any of that.

See, I tried to run a business like it, years before. I had a good start and was very excited and worked very, very hard. I gave it all I had!

And I got exactly nowhere beyond mediocrity. I eventually gave up, but still had the Facebook page. For a long time, it sat around collecting dust and spam.

It was a touchy subject.

But as time passed, I started feeling better about the whole thing. I got over the topic–and more importantly, myself. I released expectations and just played there, whenever I happened to feel  like it.

People would email me, wanting to network on something or other, and I said “No thanks,” over and over again. “This is just a little thing I do for public service,” I’d say. “I am not trying to turn it into anything.”

I was just doing whatever felt good, whenever I felt like doing it, because I wanted to do it.

Guess when it took off?

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In the initial trying, I introduced a LOT of contradictory energy. I was worried about my decisions being right or my skills being good enough or letting down other people or whether or not I was worthy of success in that space.

In the not trying, I just did my thing. There was no split in my energy. I didn’t take any action, ever, TO make something happen–and hence, I didn’t have any doubts or fears or self-criticism clouding the choices I was making. I was just doing what felt good, in the moment–one moment after another moment after another.  The steps that took me from there to here unfolded naturally.

We spend so much of our lives, thinking success or failure is all wrapped up in our action–studying, figuring out the right action, taking it, working hard, giving it our all. It sure wasn’t for me.

Results come with good timing. And the timing doesn’t come from analyzing or figuring out all the permutations of potential trajectories.

Good timing comes from being connected.

Doing what I wanted to do, what I enjoyed doing, when it felt good to do it? That hooked me up with the right people and circumstances to grow into more. That gave me perfect timing. That is pretty much the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

The best action today isn’t going to be the best action last month or the best action next week. And the way the Universe works? You don’t see way ahead, how every step is going to play out. It’s malleable. It moves and transforms. It’s energy in motion and the flow of that energy is going to change from moment to moment, just like your energy flows and changes, from moment to moment.

You see the next step forward and that’s it. But honestly? That’s enough.

Plugging in is what makes your timing right. Being connected and in the flow. Am I starting to sound like a broken record about this? Because honestly, I think this is always the answer.

That being said, of course: I’m expecting this week is ripe for some action. And if you stay plugged in, it should work out well for you. Just make sure you’re more interested in feeling good while you’re doing it than in how it’s going to pay out and you’ll do well.

Knight of Wands: Expect movement! While you may change your mind and adjust course, don’t worry over it. Just enjoy your ride for the sake of the ride. If you do that, then it will be fun and rewarding every step of the way and into the next, best place you’re going.

Be well out there!

This forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite and Dixie. Check on a private consult, right here.

Not Done: Queen of Wands Rx, Knight of Pentacles Rx

I used to try, really hard sometimes, to make things happen. Work hard and apply yourself and all things will be possible, right?

Funny thing is, this never got me too far. And I never understood why until recently.

I’m coming to realize, the way I’ve moved forward historically hasn’t even remotely been a result of how strenuously I applied myself or even what blessings I bring innately. It’s not about working hard at all–action can be counterproductive, especially if undertaken in a state of worry or frustration. When I’m trying very hard, it’s a good indication I’m out of sync, right there.

I don’t want hard work. I want RIGHT work. Big difference.

Because the right action, taken at the right time, can only be accomplished by someone tuned in: connected and inspired. Then, you can ride that energy flow and then, everything works out, just so.

Being tuned in requires a light touch. It requires a high vibration: appreciation, love, joy, optimism, or contentment are the sort of things one will feel when they are tuned in. It’s a very peaceful state. And it’s a state you cannot force. You can only invite.

It feels right. I feel good and it just feels right. I feel enthusiasm and lightness about the situation.What’s done then turns out well. And while there is effort expended, that effort doesn’t feel so much feel like work.

Listen to your own rhythm as much as you can. It makes staying tuned in easier. Look for the best, the bright side wherever you can find it. Appreciation helps tremendously and makes tuning in much easier. It makes everything much easier.


I got to see a newborn butterfly the other day. It was sitting still as a sculpture, just above its cocoon. I watched and waited–and watched and waited–and eventually, when he was ready, he moved.

Got that? He took off only when he was damn good and ready.

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In other news (but not really), on my radar for next week: wait! Things are not done so cool your jets. Not super surprising since Mercury doesn’t turn direct until September 5th.

What I’m seeing: What you “know” today may be different than what you see tomorrow. So breathe and let life unfold for you, rather than trying to unfold it yourself. Just take your time and don’t obsess. Situations are not yet ripe for wrapping up. Don’t dig your heels in, obsessing over details and miss the bigger picture. Exhale and give it a minute. The situation isn’t ripe, the cake’s not baked. Send out your request to the Universal information stream and be open to getting the final pieces.

This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider-Waite (yes, again). If you want a personal consult, you know where to find me.

And breathe! ♥

Reversed Eight of Pentacles: My Work is to Be

Armchair astrology notes: Mercury is retrograde so double-check communications and if you don’t already know we’ve got an eclipse coming, there isn’t much I can do for you! Make allowances for the edginess so many are feeling and be kind to yourselves out there!

On My Radar Right Now…

The reversed Eight of Pentacles says, “That’s not your job.” You don’t have to work it all out. Or come up with an answer for all the questions. Or solve all the problems. Or know all the facts. It’s not your personal job to sand off the rough edges of THE world–or even YOUR world.

[bctt tweet=”If your joy depends on outside forces, you’re screwed. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

When you hitch your sense of well-being onto conditions outside yourself, you’re utterly screwed. Always! Oh sure, it could seem like you’ve got it under your control for a minute, but we both know that’s illusion. There is no way to keep ahead of the permutations of behavioral possibilities that are other people! Cannot be done. I don’t always keep up with my own brain, for Godssakes! But luckily, there is no need.

FEEL your way through. Options are always lit up for you , but you cannot see them if you’re not vibrating somewhere in that neighborhood. So your job is to get in that neighborhood. You do that by comforting and soothing yourself. You reach for your center and there it is!

Freedom, security or happiness are not gifts from the Universe that some are blessed with while others cruelly denied. Because these words describe internal states, not external. Of course, we are impacted by others but it’s up to us what we do with that. How low long we remain soaked in whatever energy, and how big and fast that energy grows? That’s up to us, set by what energy we feed.

Riding a bike, you don’t say to the bike, “You, Bicycle, must always adjust yourself to keep me in balance. Good bikes stay upright!” And if you expect that, you’ll be forever disappointed.

Instead, you expect to maintain your own balance and constantly correct, for when you’re leaning too far one way or another. It may be the road you’re traveling that introduces the lean, but you take it upon yourself to keep your center of gravity intact. And as you relax into the ride, it gets easier and easier keep your balance and stay on center. Keep practicing!

So right now, look to do what you do. Be true to yourself. Don’t worry about what’s been or what’s coming. Just be here, now. Fully present. Be here for yourself alone and as you do, you’ll be able to bless the others by your clarity and and the inspiration you can only access when you are clear and connected. It really is the only way to be a part of improvement, anyway.

But don’t do it with an ulterior motive, because that mucks things up. Just do it for you.

And really? That’s enough. It’s better than enough!

It’s perfect.

This week’s Tarot features the Radiant Rider Waite deck. Hit Dix up for a personal session.

Feeling-Driven: The Chariot

You know the old Zen story of the farmer and his son? Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, but he doesn’t concern himself with categorizing which pile events belong to. He just rides the flow of life.

I’m looking to be more like that farmer. It really helps defuse a lot of the angst and worry so many people face nowadays. And it feels better, by far.

And this week might be a good time for you to hook up with the “maybe” energy, too. We got the Chariot for the week.

The Chariot Tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, which was a bit of a surprise to me, when I first learned. Because I think of Cancers as somewhat soft, very driven by the “feels,” you know? The Chariot driver is a leader–he leads his armies into victory. But sometimes, we underestimate the power of those feels! Those Cancers are better fighters than we might think at first glance: a distinct tactical advantage if I ever saw one.

I like to think of the Chariot driver as leading a military campaign to fight for his homeland and family’s future–that’s a Cancer’s way, and that’s why he’s going to win. He is pulled forward by the black and white sphynx–both his light and shadow, comfortable and uncomfortable feelings alike. He knows who he is and he accepts all of himself. And this quality allows him to clearly hear the direction of his heart without distortion. Accepting himself completely, he has little impetus for projection. He doesn’t judge feelings as “good or bad.” They just ARE and the comfort or discomfort of the feelings are like his compass pointing true north.

You can do the same thing. If you feel comfortable and happy, rejoice and know you’re in the flow and you’re moving along with it. And if you feel uncomfortable and out of sorts, rejoice and know you have stepped out of the flow. Because we all step in and out of it and knowing is half the battle! So you can make an adjustment because your early warning system–you gut radar–is working just fine. It’s all good information to have, you know?

Cancer’s feelings are a highly developed guidance system and if one learns to use it (or emulate our Cancer friends, advanced in that regard), we can tap into the same wonderful, infallible sense of direction. We all have access to it.

Feeling-driven. That’s what we’re shooting for here.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how you doing? Dixie from A Fool’s Journey here with some Tarot for you! Hang on.

Hi, thanks for hanging on. Gonna pull a little card and just get kind of a thought to keep in mind. Kind of a take-home for the world for the week. And see what we got here.

Okay. I’ve got the Chariot, upright. I like to see this fella upright because he is on point. Now, as some of you may not realize, but the Chariot is associated with Cancer. So even though he looks very to-the-point and I’m a leader, and lalalalalala, he’s got feeeeeeeeelings!

So when I’m seeing this, also the dark and the light, okay? He takes all of his feelings into account. He doesn’t just, “Oh, well I only like sunshine feelings. And screw the icky ones.” Or, you know, “Oh, well I’m dark and brooding. And not airy-fairy sunshine.”

He’s whole. Okay. He accepts and appreciates the whole of his feelings and how it is. He’s also very focused. And he is going places! He uses his feelings as indications of where he’s going.

So in other words, if it feels really crappy, when you think about something, or when you’re involved in it, not the time to act! Okay. Just kind of relax, retreat, sidestep it. Whereas, when you’re feeling more focused, more driven, and more enthusiastic, that’s the time to move!

So let your feelings drive it home. You don’t think your way through. You feel your way through.

That the message for this week. I hope it’s helpful. Make sure you sub me. Go visit me on if you’re not seeing this here. And have an awesome week!

Okay? Take care. Peace out from Dix the Zen Goddess. Ommmmmmm. Bye bye.

This week’s Tarot features Dixie (give a holler for a personal consult) and the Radiant Rider Waite deck.

Action vs. Timing: Knight of Wands Rx

We live neck deep in a culture of action. Act, act, act! Something must be done, and now!

You want to change your life? You want to impact the world?

You must push through, move forward, carry on, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

And if the things aren’t happening? Well, you just need to try harder.

Bleh. And it’s all because, action is the only option people seem to respect.

What if, instead of leveraging sheer will–and trying to brute force life into acquiescing to our demands–we decided to work with the energy, first?

What if we lined up with it, got in tune with it, set our intentions and focus on what we want (as opposed to escaping the horrific fate we don’t want)?

What would that feel like?

Because let’s face it: brute force is a crapshoot at best, and it leaves you exhausted when you’re done. I won’t tell you that the force of will won’t move life’s rocks from one pile to another. It does, but it’s slow, iffy at times, and it’s a very, very hard way of going about it.

But if you can line up with the energy, first and foremost, then really? Whatever action you take will feel good, and be easy. And most of all? It will be effective.

The reversed Knight of Wands here is impulsive and ill-timed action. Action taken from a place of fear, to avoid disaster, or from a place of anger, to push an agenda (however well-meaning). It’s an attempt to brute force life circumstances into unwilling submission and it’s marginally effective at best.

This week? Okay, all the time. But especially this week? Wait until you FEEL the momentum and feel the inspiration and can take your action with a confidence, a knowing that it’s the thing to do and the time to do it. THAT action? It will serve you very well.

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey dot com. Here with some weekly thoughts for ya. Hang on.

Hey, thanks for hanging in. I am doing another quickie, lazy I’m-not-gonna-set-up-my-video-equipment video on my cell phone. So, let’s see what we’re looking at for the week.

Okay. I’ve got the Knight of Wands reversed. And what I want to say about this is, you don’t have to move right now.

Okay. Sometimes there’s like, an urge, or um, almost a compulsion to answer that email, to make the phone call, to tell somebody, you know, to give somebody what-for. To intervene, or act or whatever.

And here, I want to recommend that you hold back until the action is obvious. If you can avoid acting from a place where you’re stressed out and you’re trying to fix a big problem and you’re oh-my-Gosh, I just hope this works! And that kind of stuff? Your outcome will tend to be better.

Because you bring a whole different type of energy to it. If you’re kind of chill about it. You know when the action is right. And try to bring the emotional energy that you want for the final outcome to the action and you’ll be a whole lot more successful.

So that’s this week’s look at what’s on my radar. Hope it’s helpful to you. Take care, peace out. Ommmmm! Talk to you later. Bye bye.

Do you rely on action or energy or the combination of the two?

This week features the Radiant Rider Waite (again) and if you dig the forecasts, you’d probably dig the Everyday Tarot Archives book. Or just book Dix.

Focus, Sparky! Ace of Swords Reversed

I’m laughing a little to myself, because it’s taken me all day to write this post.

Focus, Dixie. Focus.

There are a lot of ways to tell an Ace of Swords story. I’ve mulled many. But I guess I’ll just let you fill in your own.

The Ace of of Swords is a message. It’s focus. It’s an idea–and a good one, too! The idea’s strength comes from it’s clarity. It’s pure and singular.

In the beginning most ideas start pure. Boiled down to the essence of the idea.

And it’s inspired–a gift from the clouds, marked by Yods. The hand of God has presented you with a thought. This is the very definition of “inspiration” we’re talking.

So what are you going to do with this gift of an inspiration? Are you gonna muddy it up with ancient history and how it’s never worked before? Are you going to argue against it (and hence yourself) by demanding to know when and how and conjuring up all sorts of imaginary problems you don’t have?

Or are you going to focus on the essence of what you want and let the momentum of the idea and the enthusiasm for that idea carry you forward? Because that’s your choice, here and now.

[bctt tweet=”You live what you focus on. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

Because you can zero in on the rejection and the slights (perceived or otherwise) and the lost opportunity or what’s gone. And you’ll feel pretty crummy. Or you can hone in, instead, on what is going right, and what you want, and the new opportunities on the horizon that are opening up for you.

I think you know which I’d recommend. But as always, it’s your call.

And in case you didn’t know, any time that’s not now is not currently relevant. What you did last week or what you’ll do next week doesn’t matter. It’s time to zero in.

Be a honing device and beep yourself right in line with what you want. Because you can do that, right now. Focus, focus, focus!

How’s your focus?

This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite and Dixie. Give a holler if you want to schedule a consult.