Body Combat Zen

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I have to laugh, as I look at my daily for tomorrow: Psychosomatic Illness. Funnier that it was posted early. The information needed extra air time!

See, I’ve been complaining for the last several days of being under the weather. Sinus issues, leaving me to talk a little funny and perpetually appearing to be on the verge of tears. I’m not, but my face feels like it. And my face looks like it, kind of swollen, when I can see it, between sneezing fits and rubbing itchy eyes.

I want to blame it on Reiki detox, since the second degree attunement I had on the Virgo Full moon. And maybe there’s something there. Or not, I don’t know. Even in my woo-woo world, not everything comes with a legible tag declaring it’s origin.

I don’t see physical issues in and of themselves¬† as”bad.” Inconvenient or uncomfortable sometimes. I’m very lucky, that’s all I have to deal with! But I’ve seen too many times when the body reacts to emotional shifts and energetic shifts physically, too many times to just judge physical anomalies as “bad.”

Sometimes, they are signs you must make a change. Sometimes, they are signs you have made a change. Either way, it’s common there is something significant happening.

Considering something as simple as a cold–all those unwelcome symptoms are doing very welcome jobs, ridding our bodies of invaders that can harm us. There are purposes served by all our experiences and I welcome the purpose even if the mode of delivery is less than charming.

Staying open to the experience, I hope to help it travel smoothly, efficiently. (Read: Quickly!) It’s like my own form of “body combat zen.” I fight by not fighting–accepting and accommodating and allowing the experience, until I no longer need it.

And having said this, my work is good still anyway–really, the connection is especially solid now. Strong enough I have to periodically remind myself to ground, grab a hunk of Hematite in each hand, and count my breathing while I sink an astral taproot to anchor. Just so I don’t float away…

But I did realize today, I’ve been handing out the same advice over and over in a short period. My 3-times rule is beyond triggered and I already realize that my people’s favorite tactic for getting a message through m thick head is to send me a swarm who need that very message.

“Carve out some time specifically for yourself, put it on your list and prioritize it.” Heard!

So from here on out, I will not be scheduling readings on Saturdays, OR on the days of New and Full Moons. If a lunar event falls on the weekend, I’ll likely take the day before off regardless of what day it is, instead of just Saturday. But in general, that’s what we’re looking at. I’ve carving out this time for personal pursuits, whether woo-woo related or not. So please be aware of that unavailability when we are working together or figuring expected response times.

And thanks for understanding.

How are y’all doing out there?

Physical Symptoms of Emotional Trauma

Emotional energy, when not released near the time it was created, has to go SOMEwhere. It doesn’t just cease to exist. That “somewhere” it hide is your body.

The older, the stronger the emotional hit, the deeper and more entrenched the energy in your physical body. It can manifest in infinite forms. Accident, injury, swelling, illness, weakness, bruises, limitations and fatigue. We can limp along to compensate, but the longer it remains, the more energy it takes to try and artificially stimulate some sort of equilibrium. It’s difficult to maintain that force field indefinitely.

Sensitive types are especially prone. Your emotions are louder and you can absorb random stuff when your shields are compromised so it can build something wicked.

Watching people make significant emotional shifts, I see physical symptoms often shortly follow emotional changes. This can take the forms of mysterious pains,  accidents, heat, swelling, nausea, gastrointestinal flareups and changes in hormonal cycles. Not to mention exhaustion!

If you’re going through a significant emotional shift, be kind to your body and understand you may get corresponding physical symptoms, from within minutes to a few hours or days later.¬† The bigger and faster the shift, the more intense and quick onset the physical reaction tends to run. Make time for extra rest, drink tons of water to cleanse, take extra baths or showers, and feed your body good food. Any kind of healing or energy work you participate in would be good at this point, too.

And it goes the other way, too: if you’re having physical flareups, in addition to treating the symptoms, look for the emotional counterpart of the conditions. (As my magic teacher says, “Take the aspirin AND do the spell.”)The left side of the body is yin, the right, yang energy. Check the Chakra which rules that part of the body, and ask yourself, “Is my life out of whack here? Am I well balanced?”

If you follow astrology, look for planetary alignments. What do you associate with that part of your body, either literally or metaphorically? You’re looking for clues, and whichever seems to “click” for you is where you want to go first.

If you have any chronic illness, look for the purpose it serves in your life. (There always is one.) Look at what it gives you, what it spares you from, what it teaches you or hides or emphasizes or creates. I’m not saying the purpose is always bad, either. Maybe you agreed to come down here to learn the lessons of living in whatever body you have. But when energy serves it’s purpose, it often ceases to be. The more you are in alignment with your needs, the better you do in allowing energy to flow freely, the easier and better life is. Attention to the metaphysical health won’t always spare us physical pain, but it will always improve our ability to manage.

Your body, and especially changes in it’s state is a quite reliable illustrator of change on an energetic level. Shifting around those emotions shifts around your cells. As within, so without.

What connection do you seem between emotional injury and physical symptoms?