Pain to Teach

What if you saw those who’ve been unkind to you as teacher and helpers who volunteered to share this life, undertaking the hardship inherent in living the shadow, for the express purpose of teaching you something you wanted to learn for your soul’s growth?

Would that change anything?

Many Fathers Before

people in clouds reincarnation

Happy Father’s Day to All Your Dads!

When I was little, I used to tell stories. About things that happened inĀ  “my other family.”

It confused my parents at first. They asked what I meant.

“You know. My other family. Where I lived before I lived here. Before I was born.” Because I knew I had to be somewhere before I was born. I didn’t come out of nothing!

I thought back, and decided, I’d lived with my other family. The one before this one. I could see them in my head. My other family was Chinese, by the way. Everything about my other family–and especially that they were Chinese–amused my father to no end.

“What about before that family?” he asked.

“I had another family! But it’s hard to remember; it was a long time ago.” It was! Three lifetimes ago, at least.

I had many, many anecdotes from my other family, and the more I talked, the more I remembered. The stories would come especially when I’d lay on the grass and gaze up in the clouds.

I’d see figures, Cloud Spirits as I thought of them, some from my other family, and others just passers-by. I could only catch little bits of their world peeking over the edge of those clouds. But if I let my attention drift into the scene, I still knew what was going on. Sometimes, they’d put on plays, tell stories or teach me lessons. I spent a lot of time gazing up at the Cloud Spirits. I always felt a sense of peace, communing with them.

“Mom doesn’t like it when I tell stories about my other family, does she?” I’d whisper to Dad, in conspiratorial tones. “She thinks I’m making it up. But I’m not! I am not making it up. How would Mom know? She wasn’t there. I remember.”

Eventually, I stopped telling stories about my other family. It disturbed my mom enough to avoid, and I became less sure of myself. At some point, I stopped paying attention to the Cloud Spirits. I stopped talking to my invisible friends, or having the conversations in my head with people who weren’t there. I stopped a lot of things, because it seemed it was time for me to grow up.

And it’s taken me most of my life to start reclaiming that. Part of the reason is I have a husband who can hear me. Thanks to him and my father for listening, regardless of what they saw for themselves.

Happy Father’s Day! How is yours?

Jewels the Psychic Cat!

Jewels the Tarot Kitty!

Jewels understands me better than many people.

I like saying I was a cat in a former life. When I first started saying this, it was mostly just my Leo rising, joking. But after talking for years to Jewels, I’m not kidding quite so much anymore.

When I had an intuitive portrait done at a psychic fair, the first thing out of the artist’s mouth was, “You’re surrounded by cats!” I had to laugh–I had five of ’em at the time! There’s no denying my affinity with felines. And it’s easy to see with Jewels, since we’re close.

I’ve long said this kitty is psychic. It’s the most reasonable explanation. She KNOWS when I’m having a bad day and gives me extra attention, even in uncharacteristic ways. She’s incredibly smart. She hides when something she doesn’t like is coming up (without any indication of what’s coming) and is exceptionally vocal, carrying on full conversations with me.

Technically, I (generally) speak in English and she responds in Cat. But we do understand each other perfectly. I’m taking this as evidence!

Have you ever known a psychic animal?