Light Touch in Romance: Weekly Tarot Video, 5/12

What do the cards say for this week as a whole in romance?

Short version: I pulled for a public-at-large forecast, but the deck wanted to give us a little relationship advice! Don’t fight without cause, and be aware you could come across as curt. I’m totally blaming Mars retrograde for this, by the way! Just communicate clearly, okay?

How’s your relationship looking this week?

p.s. This video features extra outtakes. You can say it’s because I had lots of screw-ups. Or you can say it’s entertainment. I’m calling it a feature, damnit!

p.p.s. I can help if your romantic live is crazy. Give me a holler, yo.

04/17/14: Date Night / The Empress

Empress meaning Romance

Oh my gosh! Seeing the Empress (ruled by Venus) paired up with Romance, I’m delighted. If you’re not paired up nor in a position to be interested in such, then fall in love with a creative endeavor. You can make something beautiful today.

And if you are paired off? Great date night!

Um…I will add a single caveat, though. Anytime the Empress is around, pregnancy is a possibility. Stay safe out there!

You ready for date night?

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03/17/14: Out of the Loop / 3 of Cups Rx

3 of Cups

The Three of Cups is a card I’d rather see upright in the topical area of romance, since upright, it tells us of being amongst our people, you know?

I’m reading this as mild uneasiness in the love life department. Feelings of being a bit of an outsider, an ever-so-slight-hard-to-put-the-finger-on kind of disconnect. Maybe you don’t feel like you fit in with the friends, or feel a bit left out due inside jokes. Nothing big, nothing tangibly awful, just feeling a bit “off’ for want of a more descriptive word.

It’s okay. You can be an individual in a group. You are good enough, being you! You connect with people based on who YOU are. If that doesn’t impress, it’s not anybody you’d want to impress. And the sensation could just as well be more about you than anyone else.

Nobody always feels like they are with “their people.” So let it be. And don’t over-imbibe. They’re drinking on this card and I’m thiking that is a potential to lose touch with your sensibilities. Moderation, okay?

You feel “out of the loop” in romance?

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Truth About Romance from a Tarot Reader

Here’s a core truth about romance that only somebody like a Tarot reader could tell you: Everybody gets EXACTLY the right partner at the right time.

I’m not talking soul mates, twin flames, past life connections or whatever the fluffy, romantic phrase du jour. I don’t know diddly about that hoopla! I just know what I see, over and over and over again.

You get exactly the relationship you need…but not necessarily to be happy.

The person who has the biggest and most important lessons for your development? THAT is the person you will be drawn to like a moth to flame. Everybody gets a partner custom-tailored to teach. Every relationship, we serve as both teacher and student.

Maybe your partner will be perfectly suited to push every button you have; maybe your partner will provide a mirror for you to look into. Maybe your partner will highlight your weaknesses with a flood light and fog horns, or maybe your partner outlines strengths you are unaware of possessing.

Whether we label it good, bad or indifferent from a subjective standpoint matters not. Without exception, your romantic partner will bring out of you what you need to know about you.

Now I’m not saying everybody “deserves” what they get. Not at all! I’m postulating intricate patterns of fate drawing people together, creating a classroom that is bigger than we can easily perceive.

Some people–the damn lucky ones–get to keep learning (and teaching) alongside the same partner for many years. Some do not. If you are with someone, either both will stand still, both will move forward or the relationship will implode. It’s a joint proposition.

The happiness part? Well, that’s your responsibility.

It’s the same thing I say about all Tarot (or spiritual) work: all roads lead home.

Do you find this to be true?