Calculated Risks: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Dec 28 – Jan 3

I remember the first professional Tarot reading I did. I was SO terrified! I’d read plenty for friends and family, and later friends and family of friends and family. But with that audience, they are likely to be kind. There is some kind of personal connection. They want to support you, and let’s not forget–you’re doing them a favor if you’re reading gratis. You’re getting practice and they’re getting insight, so it’s mutually agreeable  exchange and they’ll likely be forgiving of any missteps.

But having somebody I didn’t know PAY for my reading was a huge stretch.

I was going to make a go if it through EBay; at the time, you could list Tarot readings there. I charged $15 for a full Celtic Cross. And I wanted backup reassurance, so I got her birthday. After I finished the reading, I ran it through my astrology software, just to make sure what it said was consistent with what I saw. I didn’t include astrological reports with the reading. It was just for personal reassurance. And yes, my reading was on target.

Geez, that lady got a Hell of a deal!

That first reading I did was very much a calculated risk. As terrifying as it was to put myself out there and read for strangers (for actual money!) I knew I could give a good reading. I would never have considered putting myself in that position if not. What I learned in the process was that it’s usually easier to read for strangers because all that stuff you “know” about your loved ones is less likely to get in the way. Still, it was terrifying and hard. And even today, there’s that twinge of anxiety before I start, when I just hand things over to spirit and ask for what’s needed. Even now, it’s easier but still, not easy.

But had I not taken a chance that day, terror and all, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Weekly Tarot Forecast December 28, 2015

Looking over this forecast as a whole, there’s plenty of opportunity for measured risk-taking. We do have several Major Arcana showing up–it’s important stuff we’re dealing with–and a noticeable emphasis on the Water Element with the number of cups appearing. Emotional impact is “a thing.” Themes of balance amidst losses, release and (measured) risk-taking tie this week together with a bow…or maybe it’s a knot.

Monday, Sadness and Isolation – Seven of Swords: What a way to start the week…the image on this card is interesting, though, in that it looks to be prescriptive. Come clean. Emerge from your hiding place, and show yourself, you know? The antidote to isolation is built in–come on out!

Tuesday, Flow – The Wheel: Looking at today, that Kenny Rogers song is going through my brain, The Gambler. “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.” Pay attention and go with the flow today. Flexibility allows you to ride the tides as they shift.

Wednesday, Opportunity Beckons/Base Chakra – Four of Cups: With the Base Chakra card showing up, we’re talking issues of security and safety, basic needs. Opportunity is beckoning in the form of how those needs get met. You could make a move today–a calculated risk–which increases your sense of security significantly.

Thursday, Spread Your Winds – Two of Wands: Continue to act on those calculated risk.  Risk your ego. Risk your image. Risk stretching outside your established comfort zone. Say what’s on your mind or in your heart. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Sometimes, that’s very hard. But payoffs are often in proportion to the reach, y’know?

Friday, Moving On – Eight of Cups: [recent repeat] Let it go, let it go, let it go! What do you want to walk away from?

Saturday, Rebuild – Tower: [recent repeat] Oy, this is a pretty watered-down Tower representation. Ah well. Oracle Tarot decks, whaddya gonna do? The pattern on her gown makes me think of a house of cards. When you see the Tower, there IS a house of cards has fallen or is about to fall. Whatever does fall, however, was a house of cards. Remember that part. Kind of the point of the Tower, you know? So yes, take stock and rebuild. And understand, houses of cards will always fall. Knowing the difference between the card houses and those made of stronger construction methods will serve. Just keep going, okay? Keep on going.

Sunday, Change Your Focus & Detach – Five of Cups and Justice: These two came out together. Solid follow up to the Tower. It looks very much like grieving–or to be more precise, trying to rebound from grief, at least enough to regain equilibrium. The detachment of Justice isn’t about not caring. It’s about balance. Release through tears, and seek equilibrium.

Overview/Advice, Nurture/Heart Chakra – The Empress: Love yourself. Love others. Care for animals and children and plants…loving is such a very important activity, sharing love. It heals both the giver and recipient. It helps you through the toughest of times, and makes the brightest of times shine brighter. There is no end to the good love can do.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t just guard your heart. Make it stronger via exercise! #quotes”]

Affirmation: I am selfish enough to want to feel good. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. I harp on that point quite a bit, actually. I see self-care as a sacred responsibility. It’s your job to look after yourself, damn it! Don’t push it off on others. “Selfish” is treated like a dirty word, and if you mean caring only for oneself and nobody else, then okay. That’s ugly.

But if you mean protecting your mind, your body, your spirit, healing and nurturing it…well, that’s important. Without that, you’re not much good to anyone else. It’s a waste of the gifts, the energy and resources you have to give. And joy in your own life, doing what you can to feel good, not only impacts you and the people nearby. It impacts every one you come in contact with, directly or indirectly. You are lighting a match, adding the the illumination of all…

Are you comfortable taking calculated risks?

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Last Call – Check your personal forecast for 2106! 

One Step After Another: Weekly Tarot Flow, Oct 5 – 11

Thor my warrior kitten really did a number on me last time I was doing forecast layouts. I kept moving him back, back, back and he was ready to attack as you can see from the picture. It was really difficult to photograph the cards and do my thing with little, needle-like claws and teeth sunk into my forearm.

I let him in because I love the pictures with him exploring the cards–and okay, I’m a sucker for a crying kitten. But because I didn’t eject him from the room, I got pretty scratched up. And I have to take responsibility for that.

Sort of like this week’s forecast: I was acting as if I didn’t have any choice in my pain. But in reality, I just couldn’t have everything I wanted: a happy kitten, cute pictures and an easy, painless process completing my forecast. Thor was being true to his predator nature and acting on his need to play. He wasn’t trying to hurt me, although I did leave the room bloodied.

But the fault is mine: I was expecting him to conform to my desires and needs, without a realistic consideration for his.

You see where this is going?


This week starts out on a challenging note, but eases up after Wednesday as Mercury prepares to go direct on Friday. (YAY!) What I like especially is that the advice and affirmation cards drawn give us very clear and easy-to-implement guidance for dealing with any stressors that come our way.

Monday, Six of Swords reversed/Healing Begins: Reversed, this is hesitation to make necessary transitions. When change comes calling in our lives, we generally have a limited choice: easy or hard. And by “easy” I don’t mean not low effort or little friction and adjustment. In this context, easy means voluntarily! Because “hard” is kicking and screaming all the way. Just let me put it this way: denial is not a functional defense here. Recognize what’s not right for you so that you can begin transitioning to what is, hard trek or no. Moon in Cancer.

[bctt tweet=”Every journey is not just begun one step at a time. It’s completed the same way.”]

Tuesday, Seven of Swords reversed/Seek Truth: Don’t hide from what you see. You don’t have to fully interpret it yet, let alone act on it. But note it, okay? Not just the parts you like. Don’t let your ego trip you up! Observation is recommended, with a detached, nonjudgemental air if at all possible. But you practice that already, right? Moon and Venus enter Leo.

Wednesday, Base Chakra + Five of Wands/Challenging Times: I’m not liking the looks of today! Sorry. Be aware of potential conflicts and threats to your basic security. Is someone posing a danger to yourself or your loved ones? Don’t ignore the warning signs, and the weird feeling that crops up in the pit of your stomach. Be ready to stand up for what matters. I’m not trying to be alarmist or anything. But stay frosty out there, okay? Hope I’m WAY off base for you! Moon in Leo.

Thursday, Eight of Swords reversed/Helpless and Hopeless: Reversed, this card points to an open window that allows exit from a stagnant situation. It makes me think of Skinner’s box and the concept of learned helplessness. Don’t assume you cannot affect change. Just take a step to free yourself, questioning all the rules you’ve put in place to maintain the status quo. Moon enters Virgo.

Friday, Nine of Wands/Rest & Reconsider: Deep breath. Allow the last few days to integrate into your consciousness and regroup your energy. Good day to take it easy. You know I’m going to suggest my favorite universal solutions, right? Time with loved ones, quiet time in nature and as always, naps are heartily endorsed! Give yourself a break to end the work week. You deserve it. Hello, Mercury direct! Moon in Virgo.

Saturday, Ace of Cups/Love Abounds: Immerse yourself in loving energy of any flavor–creative, familial, romantic, or gratitude based. Joy is the flavor of the day, so partake heartily. ♥ Moon in Virgo.

Sunday, Seven of Pentacles/Awaiting Results: Take stock of all the progress you’ve made and count it for goodness sakes! We focus so much on our shortcomings or not-quite-there bits. Acknowledge the long term work you’ve done and how far you’ve progressed. Efforts ARE starting to pay out, if you’re wondering. Yes, that’s what you are seeing. Woot! Moon enters Libra.

Overview/Advice, Six of Pentacles/Giving & Receiving: Be generous in every sense of the word, including the oft-overlooked form of generosity–allowing others to help you, too. You cannot only give without taking, any more than it’s right to only take without giving. Most of us are emotionally comfortable with only one side of that equation, which varies according to the individual. True balance demands we partake of both.

Affirmation: My emotions are vibrational interpreters. How frequently do you talk yourself out of listening to your gut? How often do we call ourselves “silly, stupid, overreacting, irrational” or something similar? When I say “do a gut check,” I mean listen to those feelings you get–especially the ones that “make no sense.” That is exactly how Spirit communicates to you!

A long time ago, early on in my spiritual seeking, I asked a reader, “How do I know when I’m on the right track, spiritually?” There was so much to consider, so many options that it just felt overwhelming trying to suss out what choices were right, which direction to go.

He smiled broadly. “Joy. Let joy be your guide.” As if it were so very, very simple.

[bctt tweet=”Let joy be your guide. It leads to truth. #quotes”]

But you know what? It is. It is just that simple.

Transformations and growth can be hard for sure, and even I’m not Pollyanna enough to suggest everything we’re faced with in life is joyful. I got that. But when you’re looking to navigate, check in with your heart. Look to follow even the faintest scent of joy if that’s all you’ve got and it will help you find your bearings.

So if you need a touchstone any time throughout this week, remember to graciously accept and receive generosity, and always seek joy. That will get you through any rough patches!

Are you as ready as I am for Mercury to go direct so we can just GET ON with this?

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Root Chakra and Family Rejection: The Power of Home-Grown Stability

There’s a VERY small group in the Secret Garden working on the Chakra workshop. At first, I was disappointed, having hoped for a bigger crowd. But  it really tickled me when I realize, it’s been an unexpected blessing. (I get what I need despite my planning, you know?)

It’s allowing us time to amble through the Chakras, exploring and pondering at a personalized pace. I’ve been rather preoccupied with the Root Chakra, while most of the gang seems to have moved on up through the Sacral and are on the Solar Plexus. Okay, I peeked at the higher Chakras, too. But still, the Root calls to me. It’s definitely a question that’s old and deep.

I write sometimes about being shunned by family due religious differences. It’s not an unfamiliar scenario to many, though. I’m always kind of amazed, how many of us weirdos and freaks and magical people come from highly conservative, highly fundamentalist, very strong religious backgrounds of one kind or another. It’s like we’re born as outliers and leave to live as outliers of a different sort.

Or maybe I’m just projecting again.

I sometimes fancy that such circumstances are arranged to provide a training grounds, for shaman and healer types. Having to fight for the right to your own belief system helps you understand the value…and the sacred right of each to select their own path. It fosters tolerance for many forms of God.

The thing about those family woes…some people think that pain, the heartache that comes from those of us cast out to some degree or another, makes us weak. Vulnerable, because it’s an attack on our foundations.  Victimy. EASY to manipulate.  All they have to do is bring it up, and wait for the stab to distract you. A there-there-pat on the back, and you’re easy pickens. This is a Root Chakra vulnerability being targeted.

Of course, some people are stupid bastards. I have Mercury/Scorpio for Christ-sakes! I see THROUGH you. I may not say so. I probably won’t. Most of the time, there’s no point. Who needs phony righteous indignation? It’s even less appealing than genuine righteous indignation.

That kind of struggle doesn’t make you weak. I mean, maybe in the midst, you’ll be off kilter. That’s restructuring, that’s transitional. But out of the storm, there is an inner strength that surfaces as a function of survival.

You learn, in full living color, exactly what really matters. Because you’ve had to choose! You know the value of family and integrity and truth, via paying a very exacting personal price to live true to that  reality. This is integration. And hey…with that realization, I know my Root is stronger than I’ve given credit for.

THAT core, that foundation made through the trials of fire, is stronger than anyone else could produce. It’s stronger than one you could get from biological family or adopted family or spouses or kids. It’s one thing no one can ever take from you, because you created it alone. You considered it, crafted it, refined it and exercised it.

That is an unshakable foundation. And it’s kind of amazing to have rediscovered it. Understanding this is very healing. You can look with love upon the experiences that were so hard, because you know exactly what gift came from them.

As I brushed up my Root, I’ve found I don’t have to wear wrist bracers for carpal tunnel anymore. While carpal tunnel is supposed to be the domain of the Heart chakra, the swelling is due restricted circulation. Blood flow is Root chakra territory.  After getting such tangible results with a little Root attention, I’ll not neglect the rest.  Besides, the ideas folks are coming up with are too appealing not to try! We’re creating ritual and magical baths and dinners and herbal teas AND balancing our energy at the same time. And I’m getting ideas for Christmas gifts, too. What’s not to love?

I don’t think we’d lose the magic if a few more want to participate, so if you’d like to be part of it, say something! You can join the Secret Garden (where you get a copy of the Chakra Workbook) or just check get the workbook alone. I am already thinking of revising it to add some ideas from the discussions, but don’t worry. I’ll share all the updates with anybody who purchases the workbook, whenever I get it done. So either way, you get some of the charka love. I want y’all to feel good, too. Update: Not currently available.

Can you relate? Know somebody who can?

Feedback on the Chakra Workbook?

Everyday Chakra WorkshopWanted to offer a big thanks to those who purchased the Everyday Chakra Workbook when I had it on sale! I believe that keeping those energy centers in balance is a major key to staying healthy both energetically and physically, and so it’s gratifying to think I’ve been able to contribute even a little to that in my own humble way, you know?

I would LOVE to hear your feedback–either what you thought of the material itself or what you noticed once you started working with it. Feel free to share in the comments below or just give me a holler.

If you missed the offer, you can still download  The Root Chakra chapter as my gift to you. :present:

And if you fine the info helpful and want to work on the rest of those pesky ol’ chakras, you can still purchase the entire workbook for $17. You’ll get an immediate download link once your payment is processed.

Happy Balancing, Seekers!

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Root Chakra Gift and a Deal (for a minute)!

After doing all those Mini Chakra/Tarot reading videos, it became clear to that a LOT of people have issues with the root chakra. I do!

And of course, most of y’all won’t be taking the workshop. But I’d like to help anyway. So in the interest of public service, I’m sharing the Root Chakra lesson as a gift to AFJ readers. Grab it here!

Download the ROOT CHAKRA lesson (PDF) :present:

And if you’d like to hit the other Chakras, you can get the full Workbook independent of the workshop. I had planned on charging about $25 for it (and will likely increase the price at least some next week), but right now, I’m in a generous mood-so let’s call it $11.

I’ll leave the Workbook price at $11 until Monday at Noon CST. But after that, I’m pulling the offer to reevaluate. Even a Tarot-slinging diva’s gotta eat, man!

The workbook is now available for $17.

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Thank you to those who ordered while it was on sale. :-*

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Art Therapy? Mini Chakra-Tarot Reading for StaceyUK

“Just interested in what the cards say.” -StaceyUK

Okay, let’s see!

Short Answer: The base charka comes up as the main focus. The focus here is on creativity–trust your creative process to take care of you. And understand the creative process is especially powerful method for transmuting traumatic experiences. Whether it’s your old baggage or working with children who need healing, this is extremely effective. Don’t censor the outcome, just let the art become a vehicle.

Hope that helps!

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