04/03/14: Head Honcho Knows / Emperor

The Emperor Meaning Clarification

If you’re unsure about any situation today, the answer lies in looking to who is really in control. So says the Emperor paired up with clarification. This isn’t necessarily the figurehead, or who is taking the bows. It’s who is calling the shots. The head of the beast has the answers if you seek answers.

Aside: Notice how Marsy these cards have been the past couple of days? Practically singeing my fingers typing up these forecasts, baby!

You looking for answers from the head honcho?

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04/02/14: Cashing the Reality Check for Gold / Sun

The Sun Tarot Meaning

I saw this was The Sun today and heard that old Beatles song in my head.

“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter.
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun;
And I say it’s all right.” –Beatles

The answer I’m seeing is to call upon the light. LOOK for the good, look hard, and ditch anybody or anything who is not wiling to allow you some happy.

I mean, c’mon. Who are you going to listen to? Who are you going to trust to cash out your reality check? Because you can get some gold for it if you accept nothing less.

The answer is calling up what makes your heart sing, what’s good and right and beautiful in your world. The answer is looking to what LIGHTS UP your life, immersing yourself in the WARMTH of love, and in doing so, you can access a little bit of bliss. A little bit of bliss can dish out a high that lasts a good, long time, man.

You feeling the Sun?

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04/01/14: Acute Inflammation / Tower

Tower - Body

Ow! Who the Hell wants to see the Tower—and especially THIS version—paired with a “body” position? This card practically screams pain.

I’m going to call this acute inflammation. The Tower’s fall shows us weak spots that have been heretofore glossed over. It can be unsettling and abrupt. But it is what it is. Problems cannot surface that never existed.

Now obviously, this being a public-at-large forecast, not everybody reading this is going to have the same body condition to deal with. But do understand plenty are under major stress at the moment and said stress does wear people down physically. Factor this in to your choices and reactions. Allow for it. Schedule for it. If you are being hit, take this shit seriously. Look after your physical health.

And if you are not being hit, do what you can to support those that are. You’re either in the trenches or on the support staff.

You guys know I’m not a fear-monger, so I’m sorry to be handing you “sharp.” I hope I’m off by a mile! But I don’t like this one much. Please be extra mindful of your well-being out there.

Y’all doing okay?

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07/17/13: Full Dose of Grateful / 9 Cups

My cup runneth over, as they say.


What have you been wishing for? Because the Nine of Cups says you’re getting it! And if you aren’t getting something new you want, has it occurred to you, maybe you already have your wish and just didn’t take the time to acknowledge it?

Gratitude. It’s always in fashion. And there’s no better way to amp up your vibrations than appreciating all you’ve got.

Do you have cause to be grateful?

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07/16/13: Information Sloshing / Queen of Cups


What mysteries lie beneath the surface of the heart? The Queen of Cups knows, or perhaps more precisely, she Feels. She’s a very ethereal lady, after all.

When the Queen of Cups appears, use your intuition to your best advantage. Realize that some emotional…sloshing, for want of a better word…well, that’s just part of the gig.

Come to think of it, some of the most gifted intuitive I know have been known to be a bit emotionally sloshy. It goes with the territory. Attend to the feelings more closely than the thoughts (or manifestations) in front of you because whether literal or metaphorical, those emotions are where you’re going to find the truth.

Are you feeling this Queen?

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07/15/13: Public Kudos / 6 of Wands

6-wandsAnd this is exactly why I am not or never will be a “Thoth chick.” The Rosetta Tarot is a beautiful, Thoth-inspired deck, but I gotta have me some pictures on the pips (Minor Arcana), man! I’m not well-versed enough in the symbolism used for this deck to easily read these cards, but for those that are, I’m sure it’s a treasure trove. (That’s why I recommend purchasing the accompanying book if you fall in love with it.)

We do have some symbolism to work with, including the Jupiter glyph, along with the card title of “Victory,” and I know my Waite Six of Wands, so I know this card is about winning. Considering, I probably shouldn’t complain.

Astrologically, the card is connected to Jupiter in Leo. You can hook that up with the idea of a large (Jupiter), public (Leo) victory. So we’re still in pretty bright weather overall. Tarot sixes are often a cooperative enterprise,  and we all know that Leo is quite the showman. So today should be like a victory parade. What’s not to love about that?

Do you have some bows to take at the victory parade?

(Helpful hint: Don’t forget to acknowledge your crew, man. It’s the right thing to do.)

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