07/08/12: Rusted and Ready to Retire | 8 of Cups

8 of cupsAre your emotional connections in the same shape as you last remembered? May be a good time to see if they still fit.

The Rosetta Tarot’s Eight of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) takes it’s name, “Indolence,” from Thoth. Here, the cups are  rusted, sitting on dried up lily pads, of limited use due inattention and complacency.

Check on what still works for you and what doesn’t in the emotional realm. See what needs attention, and discard what you’ve outgrown or need to leave. It’s time. You don’t want to find yourself seeking a little solace only to realize the route you’re seeking it from isn’t available. These cups will leak!

Listen: maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a trend lately with these daily cards and/or how I’m seeing them. As in, clean out your closets! Out with the old, the outmoded, the blaming somebody else, the waiting for life to catch up to your dreams.

Release and reflect, release and reflect. If it’s no longer serving, walk away and allow the void. The void is scary but required, if you ever want to have room in those closets for the new life you’ve been saying you want.

Are you letting go?

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10/14/11: Emotional Investments | 8 of Cups, Ace of Swords


8_of_CupsToday’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Cups or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces, along with the Ace of Swords or Root of the Powers of Air, associated with the Air element. While we’re more familiar with the traditional rendition of the Eight of Cups—leaving!—I like Legacy of the Divine’s version, emphasizing the transformational factors of releasing emotional attachments that sometimes just gets overlooked.

Remember, we have to work (Saturn) to transcend (Pisces). It’s not automatic! Boundaries (Saturn) protect us from becoming swallowed (Pisces) in the emotional stew. We’re in part defining ourselves by what we’re choosing to leave behind. While I often think of the Eight of Cups as a sad card because it can be, it bears minding that it’s also a card of release, relief. Your load is lighter once you walk away, always.

The Ace of Swords would have us being sure choices going forward are conscious, not by default. Reason, ideals, and progression toward defined goals all fit well into the new paradigm. Swords are tools every bit as much as weapons. So use the tools you have at your disposal here, starting with the brain!

You have a choice. It may not be the choice you want mind you, but it’s your choice nonetheless. Instead of attaching energy in hopes of preventing what you don’t want (fear-based approach), try focusing exclusively on what you do want (love-based approach). Both approaches activate the Law of Attraction, you know. So be crystal clear on what you would like to attract. Combined with letting go of emotional investments you’ve outgrown, this is a very powerful combination changing your life.

Are you cashing in any old emotional investments?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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08/31/11: Maybe Walking Away? | Reversed Eight of Cups


“He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.” -Meister Eckhart

Whether it’s a romantic breakup, opting out of a deteriorating friendship, leaving a one-beloved job, or even a shift in spiritual views, everybody reaches the point of walking away from something that was once quite meaningful. Often, the loss isn’t strictly tangible—it may be only potential, the bright future they had planned.

8_of_CupsToday’s Tarot is the Eight of Cups reversed or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces. We’re more familiar with the traditional RWS version, where are fellow walks off toward the mountains, leaving his eight cups standing. Tarot Nova, though, does a nice job communicating the same message, with our fellow in his little boat, sad but also feeling the relief we’d expect at putting the situation behind him.

Dealing with all the Tarot eights involve hard work, one way or another. When I see this card, I know we’re talking about a matter close to the heart, often a choice regarding emotional (Cups/Pisces) boundaries (Saturn).  This expression of energy here is very much a release—letting go, walking away, transcending (Pisces) limitations (Saturn) that are an inherent part of the situation at hand. Reversed, I’d look at delays, indecision, or difficulty letting go.

That’s the thing about energy—it’s a finite resource. If we remain emotionally entangled in situations that are not working, not serving us or the greater good, then we don’t have the wherewithal to use that energy elsewhere, in places and way it can pay off for us or others. Everything else suffers.

Leaving it behind doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good there. We wouldn’t have been invested in the first place, if not. It does suggest, however,  the situation isn’t working any more. Inverted, there may be second-guessing about the break, ongoing grief, or other strings that continue to connect to those remaining cups. If you’re feeling this, ask yourself, “What good this attachment is doing?” Is it keeping you or another from growing, living fully, and moving forward? It is a false hope you’re latched onto? Does it serve?

I’m not suggesting you have to let go of anything before you’re ready. This won’t happen in my experience, anyway. But do examine what you’ve attached to, to judge if it’s still meaningful, helpful and appropriate to maintain in your life. Does it cause more pain than joy? Because by the time we hit the Eight of Cups, we’re growing weary and often it’s a phenomenal amount of energy required to sustain connection.

Here’s the thing: you can’t go anywhere else when you’re babysitting the remaining cups. It ties you to the proximity of the attachment and limits how far you can travel, you know? It’s scary to sail off into the unknown. But to me, it’s more scary to think I’ll never get there because I’m not willing to move on.

You letting go? How’s it going?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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08/16/11: Emotional Purge | Eight of Cups

eight-cups-tarotI’ve been working on purging belongings—one of those messages I was trying to ignore. It’s not going super fast or anything, but it IS going, bit by bit, and it does feel better, I have to admit. While it’s physical stuff I’m cleaning out, the ultimate result is that energy cobwebs are being dissipated at the same time. Stuff holds vibes, y’know?

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Everyday Tarot, 08/01/11: Steer Your Own Boat | 8 of Waves

eight-cups-tarot-forecastThe most powerful attachments are usually not to an individual or a job or a geographical area. More often than not, the most intractable attachments are to potential—visions of what could be, exaggerated extrapolations from what is. It’s often not the present we fear leaving—it’s the future we thought we had lined up. Tarot is gently nudging us to reconsider our thinking here.

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Everyday Tarot, 07/17/11: Already Gone / 8 of Cups

The fat lady has sung.eight-cups-tarot I don’t know she was completely on-key, but that’s mostly moot, don’t ya think?

cups08sToday’s Tarot is the Eight of Waves (Cups), or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces.

I wasn’t all that surprised, to see him today. You’ve got to work (Saturn) to avoid getting lost (Pisces) in what we’re walking away from.

Coming right in after Death, this strikes me as clean up time. We in the process of processing, you know? After letting go, of a lot. It’s time to exhale. Yeah, it’s still on your mind. That’s okay. Appropriate, to back up, gain perspective, and gather an appreciation for the view of a larger landscape.

But regardless of where your mind wanders, it’s done. Bittersweet, likely. But you know, it does feel a whole lot lighter, now.

Are you already gone?


Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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