Communicating with Mercury Saturn Aspects

Whether it’s via birth chart or by transit, Mercury-Saturn aspects can be an absolute bear to deal with when trying to communicate. Here are some quick tips from a Mercury-Saturn native!

Short version: Consciously express Saturn qualities in your communication (or thinking, or whatever Mercury-related realm) to satisfy the old man like integrity, hard work and responsibility–and you’ll be spared the sting of the less comfortable expressions of Saturn.

Are you familiar with Mercury-Saturn combinations? What do you find works?

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Mastering KR’s Saturn Woes

“I feel like I’m going through a Saturn “thing” currently. I have a Gemini moon which is more mental than emotional and it squares my Pisces Saturn (don’t you have that too?). I feel like I’ve been repressing my feelings on a lot of family related issues that can’t be ignored any longer. I say that because it seems I keep on attracting people in my life whose Saturn is on my Moon (ouch!) or my Sag Sun. I would love for you to pull a card for me asking for guidance (and clarity) around the sensitive issue of learning how to master my Saturn. Thank you.” -kr

Man, KR, I totally feel your pain here! You’re right about my chart as well, I have Gemini moon (in the 10th) square Saturn in Pisces. So yes, I’m hip. See my video response below.

Short answer: Saturn-moon aspects can make folks feel like they suck! I’d look to work your Natal Saturn. Use Saturn’s hard edges to shore up places Pisces lacks definition; use Pisces compassion to temper Saturn’s harsh criticism and turn it into loving, self-coaching to grow. Saturn has to feel like he’s achieved to be happy. Your Gemini moon will allow you to change how you feel via how you frame it. Use that Superpower, because it can suck out a lot of Saturn’s sting.

Hope it helps!

Rings and Planetary Energy – Saturn / Second Finger

More from astrologer Kathy Rose – rings on the middle finger = Saturn energy. This is a place I’ve never worn a ring or felt particularly moved to do so. That makes sense to me, seeing as how I have a pretty well-activated Saturn in my birth chart. I really don’t need to amp this up.

SaDiablo mentioned she just picked up some Hematite (grounding) rings for her Saturn fingers, to dampen receptivity. Great intuitive choice!

Anybody else have experience with Saturn-finger rings?

01/05/12: Friendly Chaos | Rev World

“Chaos is a friend of mine.” –Bob Dylan

tarot-daily-forecastIt’s irksome, to realize—the most difficult, the most painful experiences I’ve had are the ones most central to personal growth. That’s the kind of thing you say to other people, but never want to see in the mirror. Because then, it’s clear how damn hard they must want to slap you, when you spout that crap off. At least, make sure it’s said kindly. Because annoying or no, it’s truth stands. The bigger the mess, the more understanding is there for mining.

Today’s Tarot is the World (Saturn), reversed. Perhaps it’s your world that feels upside down right now? Or maybe it’s someone you know. But that’s not all bad. To have your world disrupted, you have to have a world to begin with, eh? There are likely many elements of that world remaining largely intact, no?  That’s the new home base: is still right. We start building from there.

To rein in chaos, live the high side of Saturn: responsible, adult, maintaining boundaries and working toward mastery—that’s bringing order back. The remedy is being mature about it all and working your way through. Use your time, use the disruption, to learn what’s amiss so you can remove it from your world. In doing so, you not only get things turned aright, you have a better world than when you started. And you know, you earned it.

Chaos ever been your friend?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Everyday Tarot, 06/25/11: Transcending Polarities

daily-tarot-forecast-transparentI wanted something fresh, so I reached for the Transparent Tarot. Superimposing the images triggers entirely different stories than you’d get looking at each card in isolation. It’s like visual poetry, sure to stir something up! And stir it did.

Today’s Tarot forecast is a three card spread—er, stack.

  • The Moon or “Ruler of Flux and Reflux,” associated with Pisces (I know, it’s counter-intuitive. Think in terms of meaning and don’t gripe to me about it.)
  • The World or “The Great One of the Night of Time,” associated with Saturn
  • Two of Wands or “Lord of Dominion,” associated with Mars in Aries

Two Major Arcana—it’s a deep, what we’re looking at. The two figures present their wands to each other, each with like force and conviction. It’s a polarity.

See how this Moon has her physical eyes closed, but her Third Eye open? Framed by the World energy—integrated, confident of her own integrity—she can afford to be generous. She understands on a deep level how differences in perspective are part of the natural order, trusting each to travel their own sacred path in their own time and way, without getting caught up in the details. Details aren’t necessary to live well here.

So the stuff that gets under my skin? The people, places and things that so often frustrate me? How about I let go of it, look higher, seek a more complete picture where everyone is exactly where they’re supposed to be, doing whatever it is they need to do? That doesn’t mean I don’t need to protect myself at times. But those times are relatively few and far between.

Today, I’m looking to be respectful of everyone I meet, whether they vibrate very much like me or very much apart. I’m going to understand, on a soul level, each of us is here, walking our own path, and that is a sacred and individual (Fool’s) journey; it’s not necessary for me to understand others’ paths; my job is to walk my own as well as I can. For everyone else, send as much love as possible when we pass.

What do you see?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 06/17/11: You’ve Earned the Universe!

universe-psychic-tarot-oracle-forecastI’ve got a Saturn/Neptune signature. This means I sometimes miss (Neptune) mile markers on the road to achievement (Saturn). My Saturn-flavored moon is skilled at sussing out weak spots, but sometimes forgets to bask in accomplishments. Today, we’ve got permission to feel good.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Universe, aka the World or “The Great one of the Night of Time,” number 21 of the Major Arcana and associated with Saturn. This is usually a happy card to see, as it indicates the high side of Saturn’s expression—accomplishment, achievement and mastery.

I unexpectedly ended up spending the evening of that lights-up lunar eclipse with relatives, and consequently, vivid reminders of roads not taken. Funny, since it wasn’t on the agenda when I wrote about the eclipse. Tarot’s keeping me plugged in, man! But you know what? It was fine, and I still feel good with my choices. That’s no small feat on any day.

An individual’s sense of reality is a function of perspective. We have the power to change personal reality via altering perspective, but not anyone else’s. Which is just as well, since it’s not our right.

That’s why we need to work at pulling together our internal landscape, getting it arranged as we’d like. But we also need to guard our boundaries and protect our own worldview if we want to keep it intact. Saturn would have you build fences for good neighbors! You can invite others over, but if they’re disruptive guests, don’t invite them back.

When you see the Universe appear, take some time to  reflect on all the work you’ve doneand acknowledge your mastery. This card shows up to let you know that you’ve earned it.

What achievements have you earned?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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