Let it die…Tarot, Week of 5/15/17

The Death card is associated with Scorpio. I have no issues with Scorpio–he’s a player in my own chart and I have mad respect for his willingness to get his hands dirty, you know? He’s REAL and he goes full in. He does the dirty jobs that need doing and he does them well. What’s more, his skill with rooting around in the energetic muck and cleaning it out means something fresh can grow there. In removing that rot, the soil becomes ready for new life.

And that IS a beautiful thing, even if the process itself is not very tidy.

I am feeling and seeing this energy quite clearly right now, so I suspect many of y’all are as well. This week, I’m going to be looking to focus on where I’m going and not the old news of where I’ve been. I’d suggest the same for you.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dix from A Fool’s Journey. I’ve got another micro forecast for you this week. With the Gilded Tarot. So stay tuned.

Howdy, this is Dix with A Fool’s Journey. I’m just gonna pull a card, a single card, and see where we go from there.

Oh geez. Ugggghhh. I got death!

What do I want to say about death?

Things begin, things end. A lot of times, an ending is, well, always in my opinion, but, generally speaking, an ending is part of a new beginning. And once things hit critical mass, you know, if it’s gonna blow, it’s gonna blow.

So you can feel however you wanna feel about it, but understand that the endings are just as necessary, if not more so, for moving forward, as the beginnings. Endings are important, too.

And sometimes they’re scratchy or, or raw. Or uncomfortable. But almost always, there’s a cleansing that comes with it and things are better for having gone through that transformational process.

Because the, it has to die before it can be resurrected. You know? Before something new can grow in it’s place. So you might see some of that this coming week. If it’s uncomfortable, I’m really sorry. But remember that it’s just part of the natural order of things and in the long run, it’s all okay.

I hope that’s helpful to you or interesting or whatever. If it is, let me know! Otherwise, just have a great week, take care. Peace out from the Goddess. Mmmmmm. Bye bye.

Cats. Please. [snap] Ohhhhh. Stop! Cats. They’re worse than kids…

Are you seeing Death energy in your world? (I am.)

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Legacy and New Stuff Around Here

200px-Runic_letter_othalan.svg I have a phone app that suggests a daily rune. Today is Othala. It means “homeland” or “ancestral lot.” It’s associated with the home itself along with heritage, inheritance, security and legacy.  Othala represents a richness, with the inheritance either material or not, creating identity. As the last rune of the Elder Futhrak, it suggests a culmination, a completeness.

How appropriate for a Scorpio moon, huh?

My family, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, raised me to value and preserve the integrity of staying true to beliefs regardless of outside pressure, including death if necessary. Being willing to die for your integrity is no small matter.

That was an incredibly powerful legacy to inherit–though I’ve no doubt spent much of it in a matter not approved by my benefactors.

You can leave your kids a fortune, but you don’t get to dictate how they spend it.

Of course, I inherited much more than that. As we move into the Full Moon in Scorpio, matters of value, legacy and heritage are highlighted.  What we’ve inherited but may forget or take for granted, what we’ve passed on ourselves, and what of all that energy it may be time to recycle. That’s what’s bouncing around in my mind.

What’s on your mind?

 In Other News

Don’t forget, I’m doing my forecasts in a weekly format now. I’ll probably bump it up tomorrow so you don’t lose track midweek, as that’s the downside I’ve found of doing them all at once. The feedback has been pretty good so far. Are you digging it? Would you like to see something different? Let me know.

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I’m thinking of starting a study group on Lenormand with private video meetings. It would be free to join, but I’d like to work with a fairly stable group and may seek permission to use clips from the discussions at some point in the future. It’s just a thought right now though, but if there’s enough interest, I think it could be a lot of fun. If this sounds intriguing to you, give me a holler.

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Be well.






04/27/13: Death’s Grip: The Upside


The most dreaded card in the deck, Death is Scorpio ruled and has a utter finality about it. By the time we get to this point, it’s beyond rescue. I’ll spare you the speech about how Tarot Death is not the same as physical death, and the “fresh start” imagery. I consider it a disservice to pretend like this is bright, feel-good energy. It’s not.

There are plenty of factors to comfort us with Death energy, however.

  • Death is a fresh start, if nothing else.
  • Whatever falls with the Death card, it needed to. Death doesn’t generally show up for something that could have been fixed, you know?
  • Death energy roots out infection, rot, lies and unsound structures of all sorts. In short, it’s the sickness that dies.
  • Death brings and end. Endings are perquisite for new beginnings.
  • Death is not equivocal. There is no confusion or hesitation or false hopes here. You know where it stands.

Maybe these things are cold comfort if you are not happy about what’s happened. But it doesn’t matter much if you’re happy about it or not, because it’s beyond being up to you or me or anybody else. So best make the best of what you’ve got. You know? That’s how you keep on living.

Are you seeing Death’s grip?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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04/25/12: And dive! | Death

“It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without walls.” Epicurus

Be it the transition from the material plane or the more commonplace expiration of part of us, death is an integral part of life. There is no escaping it in some form or another.

Another interesting take from the Zodiac Tarot, which shows majors associated with signs as places. Death (Scorpio) is a submarine! Can’t get more Scorp than diving deep, way down to the bottom of the ocean. God only knows what kind of creepy-crawlies live at that level.

Easy enough to recoil, but lest you forget, under the sea is also where we find buried treasure! You just may have to unearth some muck to get it.

Tarot readers always point to Death as being all about transformation, not necessarily literal death, blah-blah-blah-blah, and of course, that’s true. There’s just a tendency to gloss over the process, which involves something DYING first! The transformation comes as a result of the death, not as means to avoid it.

My theory is that you can help this go down a little smoother by doing what Scorpio does best: digging deep. Look into your psyche, acknowledge your shadow, and see your flaws. An honest appraisal will spare you a lot of pain here because I tell you what: if Pluto is involved, you WILL find weaknesses, the leaks in your submarine. Isn’t it better you notice it yourself, before you hit the ocean’s bottom?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Stand in Line to Save Me

“If you want to save me, you’ll have to stand in line.” I’ve said this many times. It’s a helluva long line.

A CD full of video, pictures, memories of family was playing on the TV. Gifted to my parents at an 50-something anniversary party I wasn’t welcome at.  Nieces and nephews and babies I don’t know.

I am not good enough to include. I might contaminate the well, like a poisonous toad. My ideas are dangerous! They could get somebody damned to eternal oblivion! Somebody might get possessed. That’s handing the Devil your house-key and inviting him in for a drink.

I didn’t know seeing it would bother me until it did. But I braved every bit,  all the way through until my brother finished by talking about how much he’s looking forward to living in paradise with all of them.

Everybody knows, I won’t be there. Not the “right heart condition.” Sounds like something that would keep me off a ride at Disneyland, not a fatal flaw that keeps you from entering God’s Kingdom. It’s means unrepentant, unbeliever, unsalvageable. Divine trash.

“Why give me this?” I wonder aloud through the blur. To share some love, or take another shot to save me? Feels like a shot AT me. But it doesn’t matter. Pragmatically,  all one and the same.

“What is it that is dead and needs a burial? Is it an old point of view, something you’ve outgrown but not all of you realizes it? There is something here that you need to scrape from your life. It’s doggin’ you still.” -My Astrologer

The words buzz around in my head. I know they’re important, but I don’t know where they fit. Which cubby do they go into? It’s a muffled but familiar song, and I can’t quite remember the tune. Only I know it’s haunting me, whispers echoing in the dark.

Mercury’s sending a cable from the underworld. This doesn’t live without. It lives within. My astrologer tells me, “You ARE Mercury touring the underworld.”

Really, she’s right. I know the darkness and I find it’s hard to get the lingering smell off. The black Toad came to visit the black sheep. We are kindred. Looked down upon. Reviled. Pitied. Feared.

Not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough. Fat. Wrong. Weird. Crazy. Immoral. Irresponsible. Not a quality human being. Broken. Unacceptable. Deluded. Confused. Stubborn. Impossible. Lacking. Eternally lacking.

Shhh! Maybe nobody will notice…maybe they’re not right. Maybe I can just fly under the radar and be happy in my ignorance of my deficits.

Yeah. Right.

I’ve blamed it on my chart. Saturn and Pluto, bitch-slapping the moon. Saturn-Mercury, always telling me to shut the Hell up. Uranus, making me a freak. I’ve blamed it on childhood, on exes, on society, on “them,” and on God.  Who haven’t I blamed? But it wasn’t anybody else. Nobody else could make me feel that way, not without my compliance.

It keeps a wall between a person and their power, if they deny themselves their own identity.  There’s a limit, how far you can shine when you keep a tarp over your light. I’m trying to toss out the tarp.

Do people want to save you?


Scorpio Toad

Old lawn chairs = free plant stands!

The sunshine eventually gets me off my ass every year, to address the front porch. Arranging flower pots, organizing and positioning everything in anticipation of the patio garden season.

I finally tackled out the stack of leaves I’ve ignored all winter as they wedged themselves in between the fence planks and flower pots. I dug them out with an old broom, damp and clumped together due the morning’s rain. But I’ll get ’em!

Sweep, sweep, sweep… Hmmm. They really are sticking, huh? 

“C’mon, leaves. Leave!”

Pleased with my cleverness, I snort and continue. Sweep, sweep, sweep. Sweep, sweep.

What IS that? It’s too heavy. Parting the leaves with the edge of the broom, I take a better look.

Oh! A toad. But not like any toad I’ve ever seen. He’s ALL black, including his eyes, which move oh-so-slowly. Completely and utterly matte black, and I’ve got to say, he’s about the Zen-est toad I’ve ever seen. I’d been sweeping this sucker all over the porch, going, “Why do these leaves feel heavy?” and he doesn’t budge.

He looks up at me, calmly following my motion with one ebony eye. He waits. I nudge him, he repositions himself and waits. Black eye, just staring.

I feel a little guilty, but he can’t hang in the leaves because they aren’t staying in the middle of the porch. I don’t want to offend him, though. Toads by the door are great Feng Shui–they fetch money to your door–and I think, “Hey, maybe he’s a friend of Ganesha.” Wouldn’t want to be rude.

I swept the rest of leaves away. Hell. I didn’t really have a funky Plutonian-toad-friendly hideout awaiting, so I scooted him into a corner behind a couple of flower pots, apologizing aloud and inviting him to hang there. (No, I have no effen’ clue why they neighbors think I’m crazy.)  It had some cover, but also an escape route when he’s ready to go.

He stayed there while I finished sweeping and coffee, bidding him farewell before coming in to Google his ass. What kind of toad, and what do black toads symbolize? You know, I couldn’t find a single damn picture that looked like him, nor did I see an all-black variety listed on any regionally appropriate wildlife guides.

I have no idea what kind of toad he was, expect that he seemed to have a very Pluto kind of vibe.

The first thing I run across web searching the symbolism was Toads as witches familiars, and I laughed out loud. I’ve been getting a lot of witch references lately, so perhaps I was being reunited with a familiar or from a former life.

The black toad is evidently also a symbol in alchemy for Plutonian process of fermentation.  Evidently, frogs and toads have quite the symbolic history. Transformation is not a surprising recurring theme, considering the whole tadpole-to-frog metamorphosis. Toad secretions have been used as both poison and medicine. The Toad has been viewed as auspicious and evil and everything any between, depending on who and when you asked.

Me and my Scorpio can relate. But regardless if they were revered or feared, it seems they credited with powerful magic. Scorpio can still relate.

My astrologer just told me, I AM Mercury touring the Underworld. She suggests I work my Pluto. Maybe my black toad friend came to remind me of that. You think?

Or not. I don’t know. I speak cat fluently, but not Black Toad.

Do animals bring you messages?