Root Chakra and Family Rejection: The Power of Home-Grown Stability

There’s a VERY small group in the Secret Garden working on the Chakra workshop. At first, I was disappointed, having hoped for a bigger crowd. But  it really tickled me when I realize, it’s been an unexpected blessing. (I get what I need despite my planning, you know?)

It’s allowing us time to amble through the Chakras, exploring and pondering at a personalized pace. I’ve been rather preoccupied with the Root Chakra, while most of the gang seems to have moved on up through the Sacral and are on the Solar Plexus. Okay, I peeked at the higher Chakras, too. But still, the Root calls to me. It’s definitely a question that’s old and deep.

I write sometimes about being shunned by family due religious differences. It’s not an unfamiliar scenario to many, though. I’m always kind of amazed, how many of us weirdos and freaks and magical people come from highly conservative, highly fundamentalist, very strong religious backgrounds of one kind or another. It’s like we’re born as outliers and leave to live as outliers of a different sort.

Or maybe I’m just projecting again.

I sometimes fancy that such circumstances are arranged to provide a training grounds, for shaman and healer types. Having to fight for the right to your own belief system helps you understand the value…and the sacred right of each to select their own path. It fosters tolerance for many forms of God.

The thing about those family woes…some people think that pain, the heartache that comes from those of us cast out to some degree or another, makes us weak. Vulnerable, because it’s an attack on our foundations.  Victimy. EASY to manipulate.  All they have to do is bring it up, and wait for the stab to distract you. A there-there-pat on the back, and you’re easy pickens. This is a Root Chakra vulnerability being targeted.

Of course, some people are stupid bastards. I have Mercury/Scorpio for Christ-sakes! I see THROUGH you. I may not say so. I probably won’t. Most of the time, there’s no point. Who needs phony righteous indignation? It’s even less appealing than genuine righteous indignation.

That kind of struggle doesn’t make you weak. I mean, maybe in the midst, you’ll be off kilter. That’s restructuring, that’s transitional. But out of the storm, there is an inner strength that surfaces as a function of survival.

You learn, in full living color, exactly what really matters. Because you’ve had to choose! You know the value of family and integrity and truth, via paying a very exacting personal price to live true to that  reality. This is integration. And hey…with that realization, I know my Root is stronger than I’ve given credit for.

THAT core, that foundation made through the trials of fire, is stronger than anyone else could produce. It’s stronger than one you could get from biological family or adopted family or spouses or kids. It’s one thing no one can ever take from you, because you created it alone. You considered it, crafted it, refined it and exercised it.

That is an unshakable foundation. And it’s kind of amazing to have rediscovered it. Understanding this is very healing. You can look with love upon the experiences that were so hard, because you know exactly what gift came from them.

As I brushed up my Root, I’ve found I don’t have to wear wrist bracers for carpal tunnel anymore. While carpal tunnel is supposed to be the domain of the Heart chakra, the swelling is due restricted circulation. Blood flow is Root chakra territory.  After getting such tangible results with a little Root attention, I’ll not neglect the rest.  Besides, the ideas folks are coming up with are too appealing not to try! We’re creating ritual and magical baths and dinners and herbal teas AND balancing our energy at the same time. And I’m getting ideas for Christmas gifts, too. What’s not to love?

I don’t think we’d lose the magic if a few more want to participate, so if you’d like to be part of it, say something! You can join the Secret Garden (where you get a copy of the Chakra Workbook) or just check get the workbook alone. I am already thinking of revising it to add some ideas from the discussions, but don’t worry. I’ll share all the updates with anybody who purchases the workbook, whenever I get it done. So either way, you get some of the charka love. I want y’all to feel good, too. Update: Not currently available.

Can you relate? Know somebody who can?

Sharing Gratitude

From New Orleans, grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, from patrons who’ve had prayers and miracles delivered.

I’ve been a little surprised, so far my favorite part of the Secret Garden. It wasn’t what I expected at all.

It’s been the Gratitude threads.

I mean, it’s an old idea. So old it’s almost pedestrian. Everybody and their crystal-toting mama tells you, “Keep a Gratitude Journal!”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yada, yada, yada, right? “And say affirmations and Tarot journal and meditate and send out love vibes to everybody.” All that advice people give but 99% don’t practice.

Reading what the other “gardeners” found to be grateful for that day, it’s an instant pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s big or sometimes it’s very small. But it’s all representative of what has made a difference. And the appreciation carries over as you read the words. Gratitude is a very powerful vibration, you know?

And if I’m having a rough day, I pop in there and spend a few minutes listing out some of what I appreciate. It’s like an instant lift, it soothes the soul, you know?

Today, I’m grateful for the Secret Garden. I’m grateful for the community of this blog, for the people who read here and who send me kind comments and emails. I’m grateful for my Tarot people, who entrust me to keep their secrets and share their journeys. I’m grateful for my friends who love me, my family who supports me (even if they don’t claim to understand me), and my cats who nuzzle up on my lap when I’m trying to read. I’m grateful for the wisdom of the cards and grateful I have the opportunity to explore it together with you.

What are you grateful for today?