11/14/13: Don’t know what you don’t know… / 7 of Cups Rx

Reversed 7 of Cups Morgan-Greer TarotYou don’t know what you don’t know. That’s what the reversed Seven of Cups is mumbling in my ear. At least, I think that’s what he’s saying. Or she. This is a shifty one, this card!

You remember that party game of telephone line? Where one person whispers something to the next person, just once, and it goes around the room? Today is like that.

What you’re hearing may have nothing to do with what reality. Expect to be getting partial and distorted information. Maybe it was a lie, maybe a misunderstanding, maybe a bit of plain ol’ garden-variety insanity that got things where they are, but I’d say it’s likely everything is not as it appears at the moment.

Put your “Jump to Conclusions” mat away, because if you hop on it today, it could well slip out from under your feet. Nobody needs an nasty spill like that.

Am I saying those conclusions would be wrong? Hell no! Just that we don’t know.

What do do with it? Wait it out, of course. Pay more attention to the urges to ram headfirst than the “facts” upon which the urges are based. And as far as action, give it a minute, will ya?

You trying to make your way through a fog?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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09/24/13: Open to Evidence / 7 of Cups

7 of Cups Steampunk TarotYou see what you see, but do you know what it is? The Seven of Cups would say, “Not.”

Human tendency seems to be to classify, simplify, categorize, pigeonhole and assume. Where’s the sense of wonder? Where’s the curiosity? None of us know everything, damnit! Don’t assume you know someone else’s motivations: others are not you! Nor should you undertake significant considerations by a quick judging at face value. If it matters a lot, dig a little.

We have ideas, working theories and observations. That’s helpful, how we function without being drowned in a sea of information. But it’s safer to approach hard conclusions much like a scientist: start with a hypothesis, sure. But then look for evidence to support or disprove your initial notions.

That’s how you grow, being open to evidence. Most people start with the conclusion and work their way backwards to find support for it. Backtracking doesn’t support growth. It’s like starting a conversation with “I told you so.” Nothing useful will be accomplished.

You don’t want to reach for conclusions today so much as create an evolving version of a working model.

How do you approach the unknown?

Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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09/13/13: Tipsy Town / 7 of Cups Reversed

Seven of Cups Reversed Tarot Meaning

This reversed Seven of Cups tells me exactly what I need to know: the Happy Housewife is not drunk yet, but is probably on her way to Tipsy Town. What’s more, she knows it!

Are you ignoring something you don’t want to see, trying to blur it out? That’s akin to turning up the car radio to “fix” a rattle. You may be able to drown out the noise, but that doesn’t mean the car is intact. Find the rattle and then you’re free to get lost in the music without reservation

Whatever needs attention is often (read: usually) not as big a deal in reality as it looms in anticipation. So just handle your business before you bust out the wine, okay? Or whine, as the case may be. Har!

Have you been trying to ignore something?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/08/13: Own the Awesome Tree! / 7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles Tarot Meaning

Yes, damint. Your steady, long term efforts bear fruit. You know this. You’ve seen it time and time again. It’s logical and rational and frankly, pretty obvious.

But sometimes it’s good to be reminded. Because it’s all to easy to write off our own progress as unimportant, minimal. “Not enough,” we grumble like a two-year-old peering into an ne empty cookie jar.

Take stock of where you are now versus where you’ve started. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Allow yourself to feel good. Then, you can think about what comes next. But you know something? If you start off reviewing how far you’ve come, you’ll feel a lot stronger and more capable when you’re planning out what you’re going to do when the results of your efforts thusfar are ripe.

You grew it. OWN it. The proper response to a complement on how much you’ve achieved is NOT “It’s nothing, really.”

Try “thank you.” See how great it feels.

It’s sort of like your current self thanking your past self for the work you did to grow that lovely tree. And then your future self can thank your current self for the love and attention you are now showering upon your tree.

Okay, now I’m just getting silly. But I’m damn good at being silly. I own it!

Can you see the fruits of your labors?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/03/13: Option Overload / 7 of Cups Reversed

Reversed Seven of Cups Meaning

Today, the reversed Seven of Cups says one thing to me, loud and clear: confusion! There’s fear of making a wrong call, lack of certainty about what each option really means, anxiety, muddled details and overall an urge to crawl back into bed and forget about the whole thing.

I wouldn’t advise the crawling-back-into-bed strategy. It doesn’t much help.

Here’s what does help: Separate out what you KNOW from what you’re afraid of knowing. Those are two very different sets of “facts,” y’all. What you know may not please you, but it at least narrows down options. What you’re afraid of finding out is far more likely to make you feel small and helpless.

One way to tell the difference is to tune in to the question and see where you head goes. If you feel just feel flat-out uncomfortable without a lot of baggage attached, it points to a questionable choice. Thanks, intuition! If instead you feel fear coupled with a vision of a series of disasters and worst-case scenarios playing out, that’s anxiety rather than intuition.

The same principle applies to desired scenarios. If you feel good when focusing on a particular choice, that’s a helpful indication. If your mind goes on to conjure up all sorts of over-the-top, fantastical outcomes, you’re more likely rolling around in a pile of wishful thinking than getting any true vibes.

I go to the negative first because I think this is where most people will tend to stray, but delusion comes in both flavors.

Are you feeling confused by the choices before you? 

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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06/22/13: Adrift and Working Reality / 7 (or 8, who’s counting?) of Cups Rx

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein


Editorial note: I wrote about the 7 of Cups, but as pointed out, this is actually the Eight of Cups. In true Eight of Cups fashion, I’m just gonna walk away and leave the rest of the text stand.  *$&$# You, Mercury retro.

Ah, the Seven of Cups—where things are generally not as they seem.  8 of Cups reversed but we’re letting it go, where (OBVIOUSLY) determining the truth seems even more daunting. It looks as if this fellow should fall right out of his boat, and yet he doesn’t. As he’s carried along by  tides of emotion, it seems relevant to note feelings play a significant role in perception.

I usually associated the Tarot Twos with choices, but this is also a card of decision-making, usually with multiple options. How deep that water is and what lurks beneath are big, fat unknowns. Does our sailor have an oar hidden in that boat, or is he going to just let the water guide his drifting? Not making a choice is also a choice, you know.

What “is” and “is not,” definitely not clear! I know most don’t dig such proclamations, but it is what it is. Sometimes, “wait and see” is required to make a call. However, you do not need to remained paralyzed in the interim. Instead, why not operate from a “working reality” where you go with the info you’ve got, making the best choices you can? [This option is sometimes cynically known as “life.”]

Adjust as needed and acknowledge the role of emotion in the whole where-you’re-going equation because it’s relevant. But really, the advice is pretty simple here: do the best you can, and remain alert and flexible to changing weather and tides.

Are you feeling adrift?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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