12/24/11: Confused Desire | Rev Page Wands, Rev King Wands, 7 Cups

It took a Virgo moon to point out to me how over-the-top my reaction was. I was going through a painful transition, and had become a massive bundle of unfiltered emotion. Once I realized I’d wandered off the charts, I could also see where it came from. It was a very old, deep well being hit. Understanding where it came from gave me the clarity to process the feelings and shake off some of the fog. I then knew what to do. It gave me my power back.

We’ve all got sore spots. Challenges, or “growth opportunities,” as the hopelessly optimistic like to say. It’s easy enough to forget they’re around, until one meets with a little friction and gets sparked. The emotions kick in, God only knows what’s gonna come out of our mouths and sometimes, we’re left wondering, “What the Hell just happened?!”


Today’s Tarot is the reversed Page of Wands (Earth in Air), reversed King of Wands (Fire in Air) and Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio). If you just can’t seem to get anything started and you can’t seem to manage what you’ve got going, review the choices you’re making, what you’re chasing after. Make sure you’ve got clarity surrounding what you’re after and why.

Your deepest (Scorpio)  desires (Venus) are at play, and may be the source of confusion. If what you really seek is buried, painful to think about, you could end up chasing all the wrong dreams trying to fulfill that drive. It becomes a hunger that cannot be erased—only quieted for a minute. Because you’re not actually chasing what you need, the solutions fail to satisfy. Lacking direction and control can be a direct function of buried desires. Areas you’re intensely emotional over are good candidates for further examination. Freeing this up gives you the drive, clarity and direction to keep on going.

Can you think of a time you were confused by desires?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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12/20/11: Time Tells All! | Rev Justice, Seven of Cups, Three of Wands


Let’s get right to the point here: any outrage you may be feel over injustices, any lack of fairness that is disturbing you now, or even a sense of being out of balance? Well, it isn’t forever, okay? It’s also not as clear cut as you’d think. You don’t have all the facts! Some of the options you so clearly see? The whole picture isn’t in view. Not every option is what is seems.

Work to do right, and take a long term view! Truth generally outs in the long term, and here it definitely does. Stay responsible to your own vision, and drive your own life. With time, those details you’ve have had no way of knowing come into focus. Your ship does come in, and it’s got the right cargo on it. Just keep watch.

Can you relate?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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12/01/11: Rethinking Business as Usual | 8 of Pentacles, 7 of Cups

"It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most."James Cash Penney

Having more than a smidge of Virgo, I fall very easily into a role of service. It’s natural and comfortable for me. I get tremendous satisfaction from helping! It’s what I’m built for, so it’s often win-win. But there are times when I overdo, and find it makes others uncomfortable if it’s too one-sided. They feel guilty, or perhaps feel less capable in the face of having too much piled on that silver platter I’m bustling about filling up. Or I can get frustrated, with the workload, not making an impact, or otherwise feeling out of balance.  That’s the time to rethink business as usual.

8-pentacles-7-cups-osho-zen (550x375)

Man, didn’t we just see these cards? Today’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Rainbows (Pentacles), or Ordinariness, and the Seven of Water (Cups), or Projection from the sometimes blunt Osho Zen deck. Here, I see encouragement to do a gut check on what you consider your responsibility and what you consider not to be yours. In the heart of a Mercury Rx cycle, revisiting and reevaluating are never bad ideas.

What is YOUR job? In relationships, in living, in your inner circle, what responsibilities do you routinely take on? Are you the catalyst, the fixer, the person who says what others are thinking, or the one that cleans up the mess? Are each of the jobs still appropriate, fitting to who you are now and best served by your continuing? Or do you sometimes act out of expired expectations—either your own or someone else’s?

Don’t assume what you see is the same as what everyone else does. Your thoughts and perception filters your interpretation of the facts. What you take for granted may not be seen the same by everyone else. Feelings change over time. So before you martyr yourself (or start backhanding wantonly), review to determine what is actually wanted, needed, and in everyone’s highest interests. Look deep down, and what you see could surprise you—even change your definition of standard practice.

Are you comfortable with your responsibilities and service?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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11/29/11: Sacred Cow Illusions| Rev 8 Swords, Rev 7 Cups

"Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached." Simone Weil

IMG_1822 (550x385)

Reversed 8 of Swords and Reversed 7 of Cups: You CAN be free if you’re willing to release illusions. It may sting for a minute but it’s usually a relief, once you get down to it. It takes a large amount of energy to keep any light from making it through the cracks. It’s tiring. And letting go sure opens up possibilities!

If you find yourself doggedly clinging to a specific view, emotionally invested, it limits growth, effectively blinding you to higher perspective. You may find certain issues are just painful to broach or tendency to feel upset questioning a sacred (emotional) cow. That’s a pretty good hint you’ve got something hiding behind the curtain, some other energy feeding into it that could stand to be addressed. There’s an interest in maintaining an illusion, or it wouldn’t be maintained. Look for the interest, the purpose it’s serving you.

Whatever it is you don’t feel like you can question? Be open to hearing it—without judgment, please—if there are indications to look. Have compassion and forgive yourself, and you’ll feel safe enough to turn on the light.

Does this resonate with you?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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11/26/11: Dealing with Distraction | Rev. Knight of Pentacles, Seven of Cups


Today, we’ve got the reversed Knight of Pentacles (Air in Earth) and the Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio).  If you’re not clear on what you should be doing, it’s okay. Hold the higher vision, but wait until the details shake out some more. Your deep, dark (Scorpio) desires (Venus) may be leaving you a bit at odds here.

 Yesterday, we were holding on to the higher vision and reminding ourselves, we CAN get there. Today is a reminder not to get overwrought with those details, and not get sidetracked by shiny illusions. Because some of them are just that—illusion.

Truth always outs in the end. Reality withstands scrutiny and doesn’t break apart with time. So if you’re not clear, keep your sights on the bigger goal and the details will settle themselves as you need them. Sometimes, holding back to allow for clarity is the most helpful option you can take. Don’t go for the glitter or what’s easy; always, always go for what’s right. The ease comes along for the ride.

Do you feel distracted?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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11/21/11: Clearing the fog | 2 of Swords, 7 of Cups

When I want to learn to read with a new deck, I play with it. I make friends. I like to spend time, exploring the cards, asking simple questions to get acquainted and get a feel for how they speak. I consider it Tarot small talk.

While learning the Osho Zen deck, I was trying to decide about getting a laptop. I was torn between two options and wanted a hint. I got the Two of Swords (Clouds) and laughed out loud. It was exactly how I felt at that moment. This deck is cheeky.

IMG_1805 (550x392)

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Swords (Clouds/Moon in Libra) and the Seven of Cups (Water/Venus in Scorpio), here appearing as Schizophrenia and Projections. Looks pretty confusing! But within this fog lies hint of resolution. You are of two minds. Understand and accept your internal conflicts. Forgive yourself for having them.

"What’s real and what’s mine?" This is the question of the day. Are you taking on other people’s feelings or denying some of your own? Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel. The goal is to quiet extraneous noise and get a handle on what really matters. Respect others’ sacred right to forge their own priorities and beliefs and acknowledge the conflicts you face forging your way ahead—it grows compassion when you are compassionate with yourself; use your energy to shape your own world and in the bargain, you get a universal 2-for-1 . You impact the bigger world via the nature of your vibration. Joy ripples outward.

Are you feeling foggy?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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