11/21/11: Clearing the fog | 2 of Swords, 7 of Cups

When I want to learn to read with a new deck, I play with it. I make friends. I like to spend time, exploring the cards, asking simple questions to get acquainted and get a feel for how they speak. I consider it Tarot small talk.

While learning the Osho Zen deck, I was trying to decide about getting a laptop. I was torn between two options and wanted a hint. I got the Two of Swords (Clouds) and laughed out loud. It was exactly how I felt at that moment. This deck is cheeky.

IMG_1805 (550x392)

Today’s Tarot is the Two of Swords (Clouds/Moon in Libra) and the Seven of Cups (Water/Venus in Scorpio), here appearing as Schizophrenia and Projections. Looks pretty confusing! But within this fog lies hint of resolution. You are of two minds. Understand and accept your internal conflicts. Forgive yourself for having them.

"What’s real and what’s mine?" This is the question of the day. Are you taking on other people’s feelings or denying some of your own? Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel. The goal is to quiet extraneous noise and get a handle on what really matters. Respect others’ sacred right to forge their own priorities and beliefs and acknowledge the conflicts you face forging your way ahead—it grows compassion when you are compassionate with yourself; use your energy to shape your own world and in the bargain, you get a universal 2-for-1 . You impact the bigger world via the nature of your vibration. Joy ripples outward.

Are you feeling foggy?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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11/19/11: Staying in the Flow | Three of Wands, Seven of Cups

IMG_1801 (550x368)

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Three of Wands (Sun in Aries) and the Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio).  Sometimes, we work hard to achieve a certain ends and when it arrives, we find it’s not everything we might have expected. What looked like bliss last month seems questionable today. What feels like the world’s hugest disaster today may be the biggest gift we’ve every gotten, just in ugly wrapping paper. Nevertheless, don’t let that water (Cups/emotional reaction) put too much of a damper on your fire (Wands/passion).

Not much of anything can be accurately assessed in isolation. Yes, of course, work for good outcomes, produce and contribute and focus and make a difference. But if it doesn’t come out quite as you expected, or if you find there are twists and turns along the way, so be it. Go ahead and live, best that you can. Just stay flexible, going with the best information you’ve got at the time.

That’s the thing, about being in the flow. You often don’t see very far down the road. You have the general idea, where you’re going, but as far as how to get there, you don’t get an outline of the whole plan in triplicate. The magical stuff happens when you are tuned in, and you may get a nudge to go to a certain place, talk to a certain person, take a certain route home one day. You can see the next step ahead, maybe two but not much more.

Quiet your mind, and you can hear all this.  You start getting gifts from the Universe: shortcuts, synchronicity, nudges away from pitfalls. That’s kindo f the point. That’s why us new age freaks are always touting mediation in its many forms and splendors. Because your brain has to be trained to shut the $%(# up!  Otherwise, it will be talking right through the movie that has got your golden key, to exactly whatever it is you’re asking for. There’s no reason to stand for that kind of crap! Left to it’s own devices, our ego-driven-has-to-have-control-of-everything mind is the two-year old at the movie who missed his naptime.

That’s why your radar can suck when you’re scared, angry or otherwise hurting badly. That two-year-old’s on a sugar buzz to end all sugar buzzes. Or drunk. Unruly. Hysterical. Out of control. You can’t hear over the screaming. You hug and comfort the child baby, looking to quiet him down for a nap so you can watch your movie. And that’s what you can do with  troublesome thoughts. You accept them, acknowledge how they came about and what purpose they seek to serve; then put them down (without judgment) for a nap. So you can tune in for a universal second opinion.

Do you find quieting your mind helps you find your way?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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11/06/11: Digging into Choices | Seven of Cups


"Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices – and sees you as a being of equal creative power." –Joy Page

Some of the hardest and most worthwhile things I’ve done, after the fact I wondered, "Had I known, what all this really entailed, would I have made the same choices?" I’m not sure I would have! In that light, I’m kind of glad I didn’t always know. I did know, enough, however, to follow what spoke to me the clearest. That, I think, remains a saving grace.

Today’s Tarot is the Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusory Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio—dark (Scorpio) loves (Venus) are suggested.

The man here is choosing, between many appealing options. But is everything what it appears? The cup with the victory wreath has a skull on it. Everything he expected, and more? The snake may lie. Is that his inner light glowing under the cloth, or his self-undoing? Will the riches make him happy? Will that dragon protect him, or eat him alive? Care is in order, making this choice.

Your safeguard here lies in digging deep (Scorpio) to define your desire (Venus). Don’t go for the superficial. Sometimes, that’s just a veneer. Know what you most value, and use that as the yardstick. Make sure you stay in line, with WHO you are, who you want to be, and not the expected outcome of the choice. Focus on being present fully as an individual, and the outcome can’t go far wrong.

Have you found recent choices to be what the appear?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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08/19/11: Bouncing Back from Poor Choices | Reversed Seven of Cups, Three of Cups, Five of Wands


“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” –Buddha

Mistakes? Yeah, I’ve made choices I’d count as mistakes. Not more than I can help, but I’m smart enough to catch a clue in hindsight sometimes. Often, choices are not what they appear to be when we make them. This is part of life, and hardly reason to self-criticize. If we never make mistakes, it’s indication we are not taking many risks, not doing much.

We’ve got a 3-card spread from the New Visions Tarot today.

  • Reversed Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusionary Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio
  • Three of Cups or Lord of Abundance, associated with Mercury in Cancer
  • Five of Wands or Lord of Strife, associated with Saturn in Leo

Choices cannot be avoided, even when we don’t have the full picture. And honestly, even when we do have the facts, we can misread them, or be swayed by outside factors into misreading the information we have on hand.

But mistakes or no, looking for camaraderie from “your people” is what leaves you feeling rich, nurtured and more than anything, heard (Mercury) at the heart level (Cancer). This both heals hurts and intensifies joy.

Keeping that community nearby allows us the strength and stamina to stand up to whatever battles we face. We make our choices alone, we fight our battles alone, but we live in community. That community, those that love us, celebrate in our joy and offer comfort in our sadness,  recharge us to carry forward, learning lessons, living life, and being the best people we know how to be.

The reversed Seven of Cups reminds me we cannot avoid difficult choices, and we certainly cannot know exactly what they’ll bring before we make them. The Three of Cups would advise taking those opportunities to connect with others, celebrating our victories and accepting consolation for our defeats. Everyone has some of both. Refreshed and recharged, we’re ready to face the conflict the Five of Wands holds. There are battles to be fought, struggles to overcome, in every life. But if we make the best choices we can, and shore ourselves up in the meantime, we’ll be up to the challenges they bring.

Does the support of your community help you keep going?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Everyday Tarot, 06/26/11: Where do you put your faith?

daily-forecast-transparent-tarotPulling up the cards now that I selected for Everyday Tarot a couple days back, they seem way too much in sync with a reading I did yesterday. But of course, there must be a lesson in there for the rest of us. Else, we wouldn’t be seeing it now.

Today’s daily Tarot forecast is another three card spread from the Transparent Tarot.

  • Five of Cups or “Lord of Loss in Pleasure,” associated with Mars in Scorpio
  • The Hanged Man or “The Sprit of the Mighty Waters,” modernly associated with Neptune
  • Seven of Cups or “Lord of Illusionary Success,” associated with Venus in Scorpio

With both Scorpio and Neptune energy involved, we’re talking about deeply rooted feelings, and the choice lies within the Hanged Man’s watery realm—escape versus transcendence.

Escape is like remaining in the cocoon, telling yourself how perfect everything is outside. Transcendence requires acknowledging the spilled cups, allowing yourself to feel those pain it in expectation it will lead to transformation. Neither are especially easy.

I guess the real answer is in where you lay your faith—is it in the power of your desires to shape your experience or the power of your love to heal whatever hurts arise?

What do you see here? Do you know where your faith lies?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 06/20/11: Productive Upsets

rev-seven-cups-tarot-forecastSometimes, spectacular failure leads to an even more spectacular successes. But I’d never know at the time, too busy crying over the mess. Surprises are still available as long as the curtain hasn’t closed. It’s not really over until that fat lady has sung, exited the stage and gone home, man.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Seven of Cups or “Lord of Illusionary Success,” associated with Venus in Scorpio. This is the “not all that glitters is gold” card of choices. Inverted, it may serve as reminder to let our emotions flow—upsets are possible, yes, but do know, what seems tragic at first blush may be a blessing and vice versa.

Feelings about the various options run deep, and things may not be going the way you’d like. Don’t stress it. There may be intense moments, but love the depth of understanding that comes from letting the details flesh themselves out.

The inverted Seven of Cups warns us not to draw hasty conclusion, and not to assume that what feels bad now will be bad in the long run. Just let the feeling come and go, and keep your eyes adjusted upward—that’s where you want to go, right?

You riding out upsets?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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