04/12/14: Relationship Repair / 7 of Pentacles Reversed

7 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Whatever relationship is the topic at hand, I’m seeing the reversed Seven of Pentacles as putting it on shaky ground, long-term. Delays, frustrations, mixed signals or uncertain outcome is all possible when this card is not upright. The precedent being set now is questionable at best, counter-productive at worst. Nobody is cutting it off at the moment, but this is a connection under stress.

If the relationship is an important one, the goal is to get this card turned around. Address misunderstandings, become more transparent, set the stage for long-term trust, or otherwise look to correct and address any cause for tension. Do not expect the situation to aright itself immediately. Basically, it took a while for things to develop as they have. It will most likely take a while to fix it.

You feeling this? Hoping that’s a big, fat NO!

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12/27/13: New Recipes / 7 Pentacles Rx


Sometimes, what you thought you planted isn’t what grows. That’s the reversed Seven of Pentacles, right there. Doesn’t mean there isn’t something to harvest. Just not what you thought.

The way I see it, you can be mad you don’t have a bumper crop of expectations and immediately commence a “woe is me” party. Or you can start looking for some recipes that include what you actually have on hand. Flexibility keeps us from going hungry.

Today, I’d advise you to work with what you’ve got rather than bemoan what you don’t. “Deserve” has nothing to do with it. The mutable survive and thrive!

Are you seen this dynamic?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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10/24/13: Know thy Zombies / 7 of Pentacles

7 of pentacles

Today is the Seven of Pentacles…er, Hazards. The scientist has a zombie subject under long-term observation. His work is laying the foundation for a future with the undead population under control. (As an aside, while the zombie looks pretty damn happy, I don’t think I’d be thrilled were I the baby’s mother! But we’re taking artistic license here and besides, I digress.)

Lay the foundations for the future from that solid, happy starting place. Study any “zombies” of your own life to understand how they function, what purposes they serve long term. This is how you get the threat under control.

It’s also useful to remember, today’s zombies were yesterday’s productive members of society. In other words, whatever ghosts of the past you struggle with now, at one time served a purpose for you.

Thank yourself for creating those “zombies”—each and every one served to protect your interests at some point, deaden pain or keep you safe. But once the function is no longer needed, continuing the function is counter productive. Much the same way a needed drug is medicine and an unneeded drug is poison, holding on to old coping mechanism past their prime, keeping the dead parts of ourselves alive, does nothing constructive.

We’re planning here for the FUTURE, not the past. Know your past is always good advice as it allows you to understand and therefore, overcome. Living in the past is not.

Understand what you need to understand, but only with purpose. Once it’s done, put those suckers to rest with the true death.

Do you have a handle on your “zombies?”

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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06/14/13: Timelines / rev 7 Pentacles


The Seven of Pentacles is about investing in long-term results. Here, a woman plants a small cedar tree. That sapling will take a lot of attention and care before it matures. It’s not like she’s going to be lounging in it’s shade within the next few weeks or even months. But it’s still going to require varying degrees of attention throughout the process. The love that goes into her efforts now pay off magnified as long as she continues to provide what’s required.

Inverted, there’s a sense of impatience about this energy.

WHEN? When is it going to happen? When, when, when?!?

Often, that’s a damn hard question to answer, as many of my Tarot people can tell you. I don’t see “when” so much as an absolute as often as I see it as a coming together of the right circumstances. The right weather and nourishment determines how fast the tree goes, not arbitrary distinctions on a calendar.

So too goes the rest of life. Instead of getting impatient asking “when,” how about putting in some care for those trees you’d like to grow? That’s probably going to give you better results.

You feeling impatient?

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06/08/13: The Company You Keep / 7 Pentacles, 3 Cups, Justice


7_of_Pentacles3_of_CupsTarot_11_JusticeWhat you plant on your own—the seeds of character, beginnings of connections, a reputation for good work and integrity—these identify who you are to your people. This brings balance and yes, justice to your life.

We’ve got the Seven of Pentacles, the fruit of our labors blooming, followed by the joy of community from the Three of Cups. Taken together, these contribute to the overriding stabilizing, balancing force of Justice.

Who you are largely determines who makes up your inner circle, your “community,” you know? And this is a direct reflection upon who you are as well as who they are. It’s not about judgement, but rather the balancing (or destabilizing) nature of close relationships.

Cultivate the qualities you wish to grow, and then surround yourself with others who share those qualities. This will keep you balanced and firmly rooting in being the kind of person you wish to be. Our vibrations attract those of like vibration and dissimilar vibrations between people who are close together tend to match up over time. If you want a loving, compassionate life, first BE loving and compassionate, cultivate it, and then surround yourself with others who are that way. That keeps you on track. Like attracts like.

Are you satisfied with the company you keep?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Patience, Damnit!!! Weekly Tarot Forecast, 5/27/13

And of course, I said this was for the week of May 28. Me and dates, man…

Short version: It takes quite a while to get the results you want. Keyword: “Long Term.” Don’t give up prematurely, okay?

You feeling antsy?