07/13/13: Not-Now Excursions / 4 of Cups


I keep spiral notebooks and steno pads filled with a mishmash of topics, little threads of my life, just for me. I’ve done so off and on for as long as I can remember. Notes, to-do lists, budgets, plans, and little bits of writing find their way into the pages.

Especially prominent are brainstorming sessions about whatever is important to me at the time, usually taking form as hard-to-decipher scrawling with underlines or stars in different colored pens, page after page. When I get into a free-flow rapid-thought mode, ideas can fire off so quickly they become difficult to retain, just like the memory of a dream starts to dissolve upon sitting up in bed. So I take notes to help me capture some of that, just in case it’s as brilliant as it feels at the time.

Sometimes, these ideas find their way into my personal reality; other times, not. But either way, I’m certain the process is useful.

The Four of Cups is a daydreamy, sometimes dissatisfied but always disconnected-in-time energy. The focus may be on the past or more often, the future, but it’s never in the now. Shadowscapes rendition isn’t as sad as some, which often convey a sense of longing or regret. Here, the feeling I get is more of just being somewhere else.

It reminds me of my notebook sessions.

When we’re in a dream state untethered to present reality constraints, we can access past for perspective or future for visualization. Reflections and aspirations can educate, direct and inspire present and future paths, serving much the same functions as my notebooks. Avoiding self-pity or aimless pining, excursions to the not-now can be enormously fruitful. I wouldn’t advise permanently taking up residence in the not-now, but it’s a solid vacation destination.

Do you travel to the not-now? 

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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07/12/13: Critical Review / Ace Swords Rx


Alrighty. So a reversed Ace of Swords points to an idea, a concept, a plan—but as an Ace, it’s just in fledgling form and since the card is reversed, there is some sort of interference with it’s development

Could be a hole in the logic. Could be factors not under consideration. Could be emotional blocks to implementation. Could be based on inaccurate assumptions or old news. Could just be the thing needs to be better fleshed out to be workable.

This isn’t so surprising to see as we’re still in Mercury retrograde. Nor is it necessarily bad news, either the problems with planning or the retrograde period!

Think of it like a teacher suggesting additional review before handing in a paper. This is an opportunity to improve outcomes though ferreting out weak spots in your reasoning and correcting them. No better time than now!

Do you have some plans that could stand critical review?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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07/11/13: Dinnertime! / Queen of Pentacles


I think of the Queen of Pentacles as the ever-lovin’ Earth Mother archetype. While she’s not as fertile as the Empress, she is a more down-to-earth version of a Tarot Mama. She feeds everybody!

In other words, her support is very tangible and real-world. She’s the one who shows up in person to help move furniture or brings over food or makes phone calls. Her support can be measured not only in goodwill (although it’s impregnated with that), but in practical, everyday terms. I totally dig this lady!

Today happens to be my 24th wedding anniversary. I’ve been fed by this relationship a very, very long time. It’s one form this Queen’s energy has taken in my life.

The work I do here is another. My study time and spiritual practices are other forms. Dinner with family is yet another. She’s a multi-faceted and very busy lady!

What form does her energy take for you?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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07/10/13: House of Cards / Tower Rx


The Tower reversed—better than the Tower upright, I think? Eh. Although I repeat over and over, “There are no ‘bad’ cards,’ I’ll acknowledge the Tower as one of my least favorites. It’s not that I am uncomfortable with Mars energy on the whole (association of the Tower card), but more that when it shows up, there tends to be significant disruption and stress. That Tower is always coming down!

Inverted, though, the impact is going to be less severe. Think of it as either more minor disruptions or the period of disruption coming to an end. I like that better. In my work, I do find that the Tower is a card of integrity, in the sense that whatever revealed by it’s fall is always TRUTH. Those caught in it’s fall have tended to avoid hard facts, either consciously or unconsciously. That is helpful to know.

Truth trumps deception. The Tower is a reminder sometimes the process is sudden, startling and harsh. Reversed, though, I’m inclined to say it probably wasn’t unexpected. Perhaps the warning gave you enough time to step back a little from the party that ended so badly? If not, back away now, because delays or no, the Tarot Tower is never a permanent structure.

Think “house of cards.” Because this is what the Tower energy is like: an impressively high house of cards that people inhabit with the assumption it will always be what it appears to be today. Inverted, maybe the collapse is finishing, less severe than it could be, or just delayed. Either way, be wary of the house of cards. All houses of cards are inherently instable.

Are you seeing the disruption of a House of Cards?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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03/08/13: Calling Up Confidence / Queen of Wands


In this beautiful interpretation from Shadowscapes, the Queen of Wands is playing a living harp, fascinating the forest creatures who surround her. They are drawn to her considerable life force, shown in her confidence as she beautifully expresses her musical abilities.

I  think of the Queen of Wands as able performer, someone who would be quite at home on the stage. It’s a gift to be able to share your passions without worry of how others may (or may not) accept them and this confident queen excels.

This Queen is also intense; many are drawn to the music she creates. At her best, she is not overly stubborn but she does tend to be intractable, formidable. She is not one to mess with. She’s a powerful ally (or enemy). That’s because she acts in concert with her passions, and puts her whole self into what she does. She is a do-er, not a talker! She doesn’t procrastinate, but moves rapidly in the direction she wishes to travel.

So today, consider embodying her finer qualities. Fearlessly share your own gifts, take action to achieve, and maintain your confidence in doing so. Your song may not appeal to everyone—if it’s any good, it won’t! But it will appeal to the right people, at the right time. It works for her because it’s genuine, real, and aligned with her heart’s desire. That’s what gives it punch. That’s what gives YOU punch. Use it!

Can you call upon the Queen of Wands?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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03/07/13: Pretty Damned Good / rev 9 of Cups


I always welcome the Nine of Cups, even reversed. Here, you’re getting most of your wish! Perhaps it’s not exactly how you envisioned, or perhaps it didn’t arrive how you planned. Perhaps there’s little detail or two about the whole thing that is unpleasant, although such may actually be part of a bigger picture you’re not quite privy to yet.

But since the essence is indeed intact, I’m wondering, “Why not be happy with what you got?” Because it’s almost, if not quite, perfect, at least for right now.

Rather than focus exclusively on the 2 things wrong, put your energy on the 98 that are right. Dismiss the remaining two and work on getting this card upright, okay? Because I am suspecting that the dissatisfaction is a function of how you’re looking at the scene as opposed to the scene itself.

Maybe everything isn’t quite perfect. But all things considered, it’s still pretty damned good.

Are you pretty damned good?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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