Two-Step Forward Tango: Weekly Flow Tarot, Dec 29 – Jan 4

Tarot Dec 29 - Jan 4

As I look this over, I think of the bit I just read today from my friend Josi, on the 1st quarter moon.

“It is quite common to encounter blocks to intentions at this time. These blocks are not necessarily horrible. Sometimes they are small things that we overcome quite easily. But what they do is put that challenge in front of you so you can walk through the whole assessment thing. You stop, consider your goal, consider the challenge and then decide if you still want to follow through. ” –Josi Case

That’s what this week looks like to me. Challenges and reassessing—two steps forward, one step back in a perhaps-frustrating-but-probably-fruitful dance. I think this is the kind of week that won’t make sense in the middle. It’s only after the fact we’ll realize what all happened. You know what I mean?

Monday, Goal- Magician reversed: The goal is not to have to force each and every little bit of the process. We want a little flow without having to “make it happen” utterly and entirely. Since we’re talking “goal,” that means we’re not there yet.

Tuesday, Unconscious Desires – Six of Cups:  A wish for things to be simpler, less complicated. This is a desire to let go, relax and trust the first person who stands before us. It’s a wish for a sense of innocence. In the position of “unconscious desires,” you may not be aware of just how strong this drive actually is. Be sure you’re not inadvertently overlooking the obvious or blindly trusting today. Not saying things ARE complicated or people ARE untrustworthy. For all I know, that’s not so. But factor the weight of personal desire out of the evaluation algorithm.

Wednesday, Partner, Nine of Wands reversed: The partner here is tired and wants to just let go. Expect this, and offer a hand if appropriate.

Thursday, Future – Strength reversed: You don’t have to hold out forever. But for now? Yeah. Hang on, slow, steady and gentle.

Friday, Disappointment – Chariot reversed: This is a detour. Disappointment over getting sidetracked. Even reversed, the Chariot is a pretty positive card. But I’m reading this as impatience with a delay. Sorry!

Saturday, Blocked or Covering – Queen of Swords: We need a release, and one not based on emotional consideration. Where are you overbooked, overworked, unable to keep up? What ball doesn’t really belong in your court? What habit must you give up in order to reach your goal? What’s weighing you down, or in your way? That’s the root of the detour, right there.

Sunday, Past – Five of Pentacles: The Five of Pentacles is nobody’s favorite card (at least, that I know of), but hey…it’s in the position of “past.” That helps. I see this as longing for something now gone, feeling a loss of old. It could be as simple as mourning a loss of innocence from Tuesday’s “unconscious desire.” It could be feeling Saturday’s realization, which cannot really be taken back. Honor whatever feelings you have, but reach out to your support system as well. I find there is always a support system available when I see this card; people are often just reluctant to invoke it.

Advice/Overview – The Moon: This week is a very small, and in some ways deceptive part of the picture. A lot of grounding and reassurance can take place via reframing. Work a little magic with your words, focusing on the where you’re going over where you’ve been. The moon is the realm of both magic and madness, so work the magic hard to skip the crazy part.

AffirmationListen to your heart. When we’ve got a challenging stint facing us, doing the best we can, doing what we feel good about deep down inside, is a sort of insurance. This is a way you can live without regret, so long as you know you’ve always done the best you know how to do. I used to ask my kids when facing dilemmas, “What would you feel good about?” I suspect this may be a useful question to ask yourself this week, focused only on yourself. What would I feel good about doing? Whatever it is, do that.

How’s your week looking?

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Hearing Exam: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 28–August 1

Weekly Flow Tarot Jul 28 - Aug 1

Anytime I see this many cards reversed, I know it’s not going to be an especially easy week. It helps some that they are generally friendly cards, but it still tells me progress will feel slow and probably frustrating at times, maybe with a 2-steps-forward, 1-step-back quality.

In fact, this spread unfolds like a story, a little version of the Hero’s Journey. You start with a choice that is best made according to your own heart, not to gain the approval of family or your circle of friends (Monday). It’s complicated by realizing in the past, your dreams did not materialize and that’s discouraging (Tuesday); it hurts how much you trust your own judgment. However, you’re determined to make it and deal with whatever comes your way (Wednesday). The storms have left you feeling a bit jaded, having trouble trusting (Thursday). Ultimately, you’re in the process of learning to become your own guru (Friday).

Monday, Advice – Ten of Cups Revered: Don’t go to others for advice today, however well they mean you. This one is yours.

Tuesday, Past – The Star Reversed: Instead of focusing on what has NOT worked out of what you wanted, what has? In what ways has it been better than you could have ever guessed?

Wednesday, Crowning Influences – Six of Swords: Determination, grit and perseverance pay off. Use the one-step-up approach. Wherever you are now, keep moving a little closer, a little closer to where you want to be. Every step along the journey counts.

Thursday, You – Six of Cups Reversed: Neither an overly trusting nor an overly cynical attitude serves very well. Today looks to be off-kilter in the trust department. Let actions speak louder than presuppositions, okay?

Friday, Underlying Influences – The Hermit Reversed: Are you hesitant to trust yourself? Are you very much influenced by others around you? You may not be taking enough quiet time to just allow yoruself to hear your inner thoughts and feelings.

Take-home – Queen of Swords, Reversed: An inverted queen to me is saying, “You’re not listening!” Especially with the other cards drawn, it’s really important this week to listen. Listen to yourself, listen to input, yes, but most of all, listen to your inner voice and give that voice the most weight. Weigh things out logically.

Angel Message, Clairaudience– Archangel Zadkiel: "Notice the loving guidance you hear in side your mind, or from other people."

Some words of wisdom may come from inside, and some from outside, but it’s a sure thing we have to shut up long enough to hear them! We have to quiet the anxiety, quiet our mind, breathe and allow the space for communication to happen. No matter where the words come from, look for those that resonate within you as true and right, those that carry extra weight. That’s your clue they matter to you. You hear what I’m saying?

How’s your week looking?

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Rewriting Your Childhood: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 23 – 27

Tarot Forecast, Jun 23 - 26

Mid-week bump:  This week has been…odd. I guess that’s the word for it, odd. Nothing happened, really. Nothing to speak of. But the vibe is…off. Like a video where the sound is just a little off sync, you know? Even today’s Gemini moon, which I was looking forward to, didn’t do it for me. I generally love Gemini moons. Today, I have the attention span of a 3-year-old hopped up on soda and Pixie stix.  I did the best I could with it.

And I took a mini-nap. Because one of my intentions has been to value and honor my natural rhythms. And my natural rhythm said stop trying to focus for a minute and just be…

As far as the forecast this week for me, personally, mostly I’ve just been thinking about these family issues. What being a mom means to me, how my mom and family has colored who and how I am. Wondering if I’m a good mom sometimes, butting in not too much, not too little, but “just right.”  I was one of those people that didn’t seek out becoming a mom. I wanted to play! Being a mom found me. I think I’m pretty good at it, most days. But then again, I have a reasonably high opinion of my opinion.

And I’ve been trying, really hard, to pick up more Lenormand! I enjoy the group we have and am really glad I opted for a private venue. It feels like coffee with some friends or something. Very nice vibe.

How y’all doing out there?

With the appearance of 3 Majors in 6 cards drawn, I know we’re looking at a week whose events reverberate for a long time after. I want to suggest you treat this week as sort of a microcosm of the life you’d like to build for yourself, you know what I mean? This week is like a play, and in extemporaneously acting it out, you’re writing the script for the coming months. Don’t script anything you wouldn’t like to sit through in reruns.

It’s also notable that the week is flanked with the Empress (as “What to Avoid”) and the Emperor (as “Negative Influences”). Venus and Mars will each have their say, and tend to a bit more than their say, apparently. With appearance of the Queen of Cups reversed (another maternal card), the Seven of Pentacles (in the “Friends and Family” position no less) and the Six of Cups reversed as an overview (nostalgia), it looks to be a week utterly brimming with issues having their root in childhood.

Is that a chorus of rejoicing I just heard? Har!

I just pull ‘em, I don’t pick ‘em, man.

Monday, What to Avoid – The Empress: Don’t fuss, muss or over-mother. Don’t jump into someone else’s creative process. Don’t pick up that pencil and finish the paper yourself if it ain’t got your name at the top. Meddling is a bad idea today! Take care of yourself and let others do the same. As I often say, butting out is an act of respect, demonstrating your faith in others to handle their own business.

Tuesday, Positive Influences – The Fool: Beginner’s mind and a fresh, unjaded outlook are the keys to exciting discovery. Curiosity and stepping forward without fear or preconceived conclusions take you the furthest. Consider the day an exciting experiment, and you are the scientist. No telling what will turn up!

Wednesday, Friends and Family – Seven of Pentacles: The emotional color of your inner circle relationships was planted long ago. If you feel good about how it has blossomed, awesome! If not, time to do a little weeding. But understand, we are definitely reaping what we’ve sown in this arena. Do you need to rethink your gardening plan?

Thursday, Future Life – Queen of Cups Rx: It’s not easy going forward. Emotional tides (sometimes enough to make you feel crazy) are to be expected. This is HOW you grow, so don’t think you’ll be able to sidestep it. But do know it’s temporary. What washes in, also washes out. Let it flow. A hot bath, peaceful music or a glass of wine are Dixie-approved coping mechanisms today. Drunk-dialing, not so much.

Friday, Negative Influences – The Emperor: Control freaking, a BAD idea. Dictators can expect a coup. Don’t put your foot down unless you’re okay with a potential revolt resulting. Ultimately, the person it’s most important you be able to control is yourself. But you know this!

Overview – Six of Cups Rx: Nostalgic moments from eons ago aren’t quite a magical the second time around, you know? I want to say a lot of the function of this week is learning to see our past with new eyes—adult eyes. Some bits of the past lose some of their luster looked at from an adult perspective. But some of what towered as insurmountable, you’ll find much less imposing. There’s a bittersweet feel to this process to me.

Affirmation: It is natural for my body to be well. In the context of the weekly flow, seek to heal whatever is “unwell” instead of living your life with a limp. This can be (and often is) an emotional limp, naturally. But the task this week is realizing that you don’t need to walk funny anymore. If you’ll skip the bossy-boss routine and focus on yourself, you will be able to make strides potentially releasing some very old angst. That’s worth a few scrapes over, if you ask me.

The bonus here is that your physical health may well improve for your efforts.

Do you see something different in this week?

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01/04/14: Stuck in a Dream / 6 of Cups

Six of CupsThere’s nothing wrong with dreams. Dreams can inspire and sustain us! But if we’re not ready to let go of the dream in favor of reality, then the dream becomes hindrance rather than help.

6_of_CupsThe Osho Zen captures a very interesting aspect of the Six of Cups  in “The Dream.” In traditional versions, I often find myself focusing on trust issues or nostalgia, emphasizing the innocence of childhood. But the Osho Zen expresses the nativity more than these other aspects.

Fantasies are perfect. There are no bills or laundry or stubborn mustard stains. If you compare reality with the fantasy of what was expected from said reality before the fact, reality is going to lose every single time.

I’ve seen people avoid the living out of dreams because the risk of losing the fantasy was too great. If a fantasy has sustained and you reach for making it a reality, there is always a possibility of failure—maybe it won’t materialize at all, or maybe you won’t like what you actually get in real-time.

But the alternative of maintaining the fantasy, while safer, certainly doesn’t offer the same satisfaction. Risk and reward are forever united. Clinging to the dream world can never hold a candle to living out loud, even without the perfect, shiny sparkles every minute.

Using dreams as a starting point, not an ends, makes all the difference in the world. Personally, I’d rather have an imperfect experience than a perfect dream every time. Experience allows me to become more, better and wiser. It gives me a foothold for helping others and a frame of reference to expand my world. A dream can get me going; it can spur buying a ticket, but is best not mistaken for the actual ride.

Have you seen people get stuck in a dream?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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12/31/13: Simple Silliness / 6 of Cups

6 of CupsThe Six of Cups is such a sweet card—and a nice one to end 2013 on, don’t you think? Surround yourself with those you trust, and be trusting (at least insofar as you have done a good job of selecting companions).

It may not always feel like it, but you have what you need in the bigger picture. The part the motivational quotes usually leave out, however, is that “what you need” may just be a lesson of one kind or another. Eh?

You’ll fare best today acting in concert with an innocent, pure heart and keeping your approach none-too-complicated. Simply joys uplift now. If you’re just not feeling it, seek some childhood pleasures to fire up a sense of innocent fun.

Silly movies, ice cream with sprinkles, or even a little jumping on the bed could all qualify. Just don’t revert to “Dixie told me to!” if you break something—like your ankle. I’m not taking the heat for your clumsiness; my hands are full with my own.

Can you find time for some simple silliness?

p.s. Ready for the New Moon?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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08/25/13: Recipe for Happy Relationships / 6 Cups, Wheel of Fortune, King Cups

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Emotionally satisfying connections are not just a stroke of luck.

The Transparent Tarot shows a formula. Luck (the Wheel of Fortune) is built through trust (the Six of Cups)—which requires both emotional sharing (Tarot Cups), cooperative and harmonious relations (Tarot Sixes). You have to be trustworthy as well as take the risk yourself. You give what you’d like to receive, give of yourself emotionally.

The Wheel blesses the interaction, leading us to the King of Cups—he lives outwardly (Tarot Kings) in accordance with his heart (Tarot Cups). Being a king, he impacts those in his kingdom. That little leap of faith—trusting and being trustworthy—amplifies blessings for many.

Does trust come easily to you?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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