03/22/13: Not So Crazy! Developing Psychic Skills /Moon reversed

When you begin to dip more than a toe into the woo-woo world, I can promise that sooner or later, you’ll question your own sanity. Is this bird really talking to me? Did I just see a dead person? Does that disturbing feeling in my stomach mean more than indigestion?


Nope, not crazy. Just feels that way! That’s how I’m reading the reversed Moon today.

Now, I’m not telling you to overthink and obsess. Don’t scan every detail of your environment out of fear, worry that you are missing the magical, mystical world around you. Just be OPEN to it. Pay attention, particularly to gentle, repetitive experiences. Notice the feeling state associated with everything you do. This is your compass.

Psychic guidance (or intuitive guidance, if you’re more comfortable with that term), comes very gently, quietly. It settles into the blank spaces in your life. It requires quieting the mind, and accepting what comes through however surprising, as opposed to forcing pieces to fit into a pre-existing picture of what you expect. It takes practice to discern how your personal messages arrive. It requires learning a symbolic language. Everyday occurrences that have a little extra “kick” as you notice them often carry this extra, useful information.

One of the things that will slow down development like nobodies business is ascribing your signs to lunacy. Think of it from your spirit troupe’s point of view. If every message sent gets stamped with a big, fat “CRAZY” label, why bother? If you never listen, never learn to trust what you get, you’ll get far less.

Messages often come in gently, repeatedly, and frequently have some sort of emotional flavor attached. It’s fine to look for confirmation. That’s good, expected! You can ask for it specifically. We’re human and we need it to develop a rational faith in what we cannot see. But once we start getting confirmation, how about accepting it for the gift that it is? The more you value your psychic insight, the more valuable your psychic insight becomes.

So stop asking if you’re being crazy. Just listen.

Have you faced this question?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

Confused?  Let Dixie help you sort it out.

Just In Case (listening to your own advice)

Something that cracks me up about doing these little video readings is exactly how often I get some of my own guidance from them. Time and again, my own messages show up this way, through those and other readings.

Like when I’m telling Patty to get rid of the papers that hold ugly energy for her, and reminding Mist to check her journal for the energy held in her words…I started thinking about how words hold energy, and the energy in my life I didn’t really like feeling.

I had a number of email messages that had been upsetting to me, and while I didn’t have it sitting in my inbox anymore to smack me in the face each time I opened my email program, I kept them archived, out of sight but still accessible for review, “just in case.”

In case of what, I have no clue! It’s not like was going to court. In case I wanted to feel crummy about it all over again, I should keep this? In case I wanted to feed a grudge? In case I started to forgive, forget and move past the pain?


I felt a little nervous deleting them, silly as that is. Like I was losing something, giving up, surrendering. And in a sense, I guess I was. But it was a good surrender.

It was utterly remarkable. I felt better immediately! It was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It released the energy wrapped up in those words immediately. I didn’t even know I was holding on to it, but it was there still, weighing me down. “Just in case.”

I talked to Caroline about more consistent spiritual practices and to Josi about setting parameters around her spirit work. More of the same was coming in this round of videos. Yes, yes, yes, much IS info I need to heed. Nothing worse that hearing advice coming out of your own mouth for someone else that you would do well to listen to, huh? Har!

So looks like I need to schedule more time for fun, with lots of appearances of the Second Chakra in these video readings (and other Chakra Check-ins I’ve done). And I cringe to think of the number of times I’ve recently told people they need to take better care of themselves physically. Oy vey!

Okay, Spirit, I’m listening! I’ll try to comply. Because really, what else am I going to do? I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

So my choices are either stop giving such great advice or start taking it better. Classic catch-22 if you ask me, man.

Do you hear messages for you coming out of your own mouth?

Walking the Talk: Discrimination in Seeking

walking the talk

“Many talk but few walk.” – My Astrologer

I have been advised in several readings over the years to be wary of others who claim to know “the way” and that’s been turned up of late. I just found an old email reading from 2004 with the same message, for goodness sakes!

If you’re like me, you may find yourself seeing truth in stuff that a year ago, maybe even 6 months ago, would have struck you as INSANE. This Universe is a seriously amazing and constantly surprising place. Once you open the door to experiencing magic in your everyday life, things change and fast.

But I’m getting these little reminders, so I’ll pass them along to you: don’t believe anything based on what other people tell you–even if that “other people” is somebody honest and well intentioned (like me)! ALWAYS look for the ring of internal truth.

If you don’t get that sense of recognition, then either the info is off or the time is off for you to have that understanding. Either way, if it’s true for you and you need it, you’ll have it. If it’s not, you’ll have saved yourself needless wandering off your path by not accepting proclamations wholesale. The only irrefutable source here is THE source, you know? And you don’t need an interpreter for the Source as you have a built-in connection

The first time I worked a Spirit Fair, I was SHOCKED when someone else working there made a rude comment about my hair. Aren’t these people supposed to be all about love and light?! It’s right there, on their signs and cards and brochures, man! It took a bit for the idea to sink in, even “Spirit People” are PEOPLE first. We’re all people first. And Spirit People have the same Ego issues and challenges everyone else does.

When we’re blessed with revelations via divine grace, the ego stands nearby wanting to take all the bows instead of letting the heart humbly feel gratitude for the gift itself. People are but the channels, not the source. Some dedicate themselves to becoming better channels and that’s a laudable goal. Learn what you can from those that do, as that is the job they signed on for. But know, always, there is no one outside yourself to be the gatekeeper for YOUR spiritual connection. Own it.

It’s a harder path, to do this kind of work. The responsibility is much higher, hence potential Karmic repercussions if you don’t do it to the best of your ability or allow yourself to become seduced by the idea that you’re “oh-so-special.” SPIRIT is special. The people who share it are mirrors, not to be mistake for the actual light. Being a mirror is an important job that has a lot of potential impact. Perform it with a true heart and you’re turning up the blessings for many.

What do you find important to look for in Spiritual teachers?

Black Cloud People, Dark Entities and Narcissists

black cloud smoke negative entity uglies maleficsBlack Cloud People

Long ago, I noticed that just by looking at some folks, you just knew their lives are filled with woe, pain and plain bad luck. No words necessary.

“It’s like a black cloud, literally hanging above their head.” I knew no other way to describe it.

This is neither a value judgement nor estimation of spiritual state. It’s not about how nice or apparently deserving of scratchy karma anybody may be. It just IS. I took to referring to them as Black Cloud People.

I thought this extraordinary, but had no explanation. Once I hit the woo-woo world, I thought, “Ah, that must be the aura I’m sensing.” It’s out of whack, they have the bad luck, end of story. Right?

Eh. Not quite.

Dark Spirit Entities

I have been getting a lot of pings lately on dark entities. Researching an unrelated topic, I ran across a mention of entities appearing as dark clouds hovering in the aura. It jumped right off the page at me.

Ding, ding, ding!

Black cloud people DO have an auric disturbance, but it’s not just a sign of being unwell. The cloud itself is a negative entity. Uglies I call ’em. An Ugly can be an earth-bound ghost, a conglomeration of emotional energy that’s taken form, or astral being from another dimension. It can be young or old, weak or powerful, confused or determined. There are many planes of existence besides the one we label “real world.” Uglies can sometimes make their way here, attaching to people, places or things.


And at the same time as the Dark entity pings, I’m constantly hearing references on Narcissists. I kept getting the feeling, of “Here you go, Dixie.”  But I wasn’t sure at first what I was getting handed.

Oh. Uglies are Narcissistic! Duh. They feed off their attached host. They don’t help or guide, although some may pretend to. And they are as troublesome in the astral plane as they are in the physical.

Not every spirit is nice any more than every person is. Some misrepresent, out to feed on your energy, admiration or fear, exploiting your life force for their own ends. This is important for people who work with energies in any capacity to understand, because as you turn up your light, improve your connection, you begin to get noticed more on the astral plane. Hitchhiking Uglies can move in.

Powerful energy ripples outward powerfully. Just like talent or achievement in the physical world attracts strong attention (both good and bad,) so does metaphysical achievements.  Some of that attention will be supportive and uplifting, but some won’t be. It’s our job to be discriminating in what we in let close to us.


I don’t say this to scare. You have to realize, whatever sticks can only do so IF simpatico with your vibration or if there is some foothold. If you keep your energy clean, keep your body healthy and your aura strong, keep your motivations pure, it’s much harder to pick up unwelcome vermin up and they are much less capable of sticking and doing harm. ASK for protection and cleaning help from whatever divine energy you work with, and it will be there for you. Free will requires this help be of  your choosing.

The question isn’t so much what you can trust. You can ALWAYS trust the divine spark within you to tell you the truth. That’s how you get the inner knowings. You just have to be sure to take good enough care of yourself and your energy that you can hear it! And of course, there’s always the decision, whether or not to listen. Free will and all, baby.


Speaking of Animal Messengers: Butterflies!

You know how I was talking about all the Cardinals? Well, there is another animal practically accosting me every time I step outside: butterflies!

And we’re not talking, “Shut your mouth, don’t you know it’s Spring, Dixie, you pink haired goof? numbers of butterflies. We’re talking, “What the Hell, is this a sign of the apocalypse?!?” swarms of butterflies. It’s been a near-constant stream. I haven’t tried to count them yet, but it’s a lot. I’ve had the standard butterflies flying by, but also butterflies brush up against my shoulder (tapping my shoulder?), butterflies land on my knee, butterflies flying in circles over my head, even a butterfly sit in my hair–and stay there! They are EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes, they slow down enough to let me take their picture. (Click an image for a better look.)

I think of butterflies as very Plutonian, for obvious reasons. It’s all about the transformation, baby! That’s the kind of symbolism I don’t have to look up.

Evidently, many cultures associate the butterfly with the soul. Greek myth represents Psyche (“Soul”) as a butterfly. We’re not talking surface level shifts with butterflies; more like DEEP, down-to-your-very-core sorts of changes. Maybe a little intimidating, but all in all, it’s a beautiful message to get.

I was contemplating this rush of birds and butterflies into my life when I hit a realization…my current card, from my “Living the Archetypes” exercise? Yeah. I’m on the Fool still.

And what do I do?

Let’s see. I sit outside in my Sacred Garden, surrounded by Morning Glories, birds and butterflies.

And this Fool card? He carries a staff of Morning Glories. On his right, a bird. On his left, a butterfly.


Um…I’m sure hoping that “alligator of the unconscious” in his path isn’t as dangerous as it looks…at least some of it’s showing already. So it won’t be a total shock when I…er, I mean, when HE steps on it.

Yeah. That.

And you may call that crazy, but I don’t. That’s what I call “living Tarot.” And you know what else? I like it!

Do butterflies come to visit you, too?

Old People and a Bird in the Grocery Store

I’m walking in the grocery store, remedying an coffee-creamer emergency. As I shop, I keep seeing this elderly couple ambling around, probably because I’m much, much faster than they are.

The husband is slower, pushing the cart that holds his cane. The wife is more mobile, and I notice her walking to the freezer case so he doesn’t have to. It always squeezes my heart a little, when I notice a tiny act of love like that. They’ve clearly been together forever.

In fact, it always makes me happy to see old couple anyway. Maybe I project myself and my husband onto that paradigm. (Well, okay, I’m sure I do.) Or maybe it’s that my grandparents are long gone. The ones I met, and the ones I didn’t meet, they’ve all been passed for years now. Maybe it’s the sometimes uneasy relationship I have with my own parents as I’m becoming more and more aware of their aging. But no matter why, I just love to see old, married people.

I end up behind them in line, but I don’t mind. I watch them interact. There are groceries and cards and cakes–they must be shopping for something, a celebration. I imagine them with family around the table, having a little party of some kind. It makes me happy.

The man seems a bit off in his own world, carefully, ever-so-slowly, going through his wallet and coin purse to count out the money. I wonder if he has trouble with counting. It looks like he might.

Oh no…they’re short. Not a few cents, either, but something like $15. The store is so over-priced! The husband kept going through his money, looking for more, a little confused that what he had didn’t seem to be enough to cover the purchases.

I was utterly horrified.

“I can get the difference,” I say to the cashier. She heard me, but also clearly didn’t want to embarrass the couple. They are going through their purchases, looking for what to put back. I don’t have a $20 bill, not enough cash in my wallet to cover the difference for them.

“I could put it on my card,” I said a little desperately. The cashier heard me, but was waiting it out. I could not watch this, these old people putting back their groceries. I looked around for an ATM that I knew wasn’t there.

I know this is part of being a cashier. She was kind and did what she could to minimize embarrassment, remain bright, asking if there was anything they didn’t really want. She couldn’t just charge them less, it wasn’t her money to give away. But the thought of these old people putting back some of their groceries was just beyond horrifying to me. They are somebody’s parents, somebody’s grandparents, and I didn’t want them to have to put back their groceries.

The pulled out a frozen cake to leave behind. I think they bought two, but I wasn’t sure. There still wasn’t enough to make up the difference. God, I hope they had two.

I threw down $10 while they were still looking through their stuff. After a minute that seemed like forever, the cashier slid it in with the rest of the cash laid out in front of her.

“Oh, look!” she said brightly, casting me a sideways glance. “Here’s another $10 that was mixed in with the rest of your money. There’s enough now,” The husband was too focused on his counting to catch it, but I wasn’t sure about the wife. They finished checking out, and she lagged behind a little.

“It’s hard to get over the embarrassment,” she said.

The cashier and I waved it off. “Don’t think anything of it! It’s happened to all of us, myself included.” I smiled–reassuringly, I hope.

“He’s retired now,” she says of her husband.

Lord, I hope so! The man looked at least 95. Instead of saying so, though, I nod and smile. She joins her husband.

I focus everything I’ve got on holding it together while I check out, because I’m one word away from major waterworks and I know it.

“Don’t say anything, don’t, don’t, don’t say anything,” I mentally will to the cashier. If she says two words about this, I’ll be a blubbering mess. It must have worked, because she didn’t mentioned anything.

As I cash out through watery eyes, I notice for the first time a small bird figurine sitting atop cash register.

Oh. Hello, birdie. You must be here for me…

I have no idea if the bird was trying to say something in particular, or just showing up for comfort. But as soon as I got home, before I took my groceries in, I got out the birdseed out I’d just bought. I refilled the now empty feeder and made another large birdseed heart on the sidewalk. I sent some love to those old people and hope their family is looking out for them.

I don’t know why putting out a bunch of birdseed felt like the right thing to do, really, the only helpful think I could do at that point, but it did. So I did it. I’m declaring it, “Be kind to old people and birds” Memorial Day.

How’s your holiday?