Black Cloud People, Dark Entities and Narcissists

black cloud smoke negative entity uglies maleficsBlack Cloud People

Long ago, I noticed that just by looking at some folks, you just knew their lives are filled with woe, pain and plain bad luck. No words necessary.

“It’s like a black cloud, literally hanging above their head.” I knew no other way to describe it.

This is neither a value judgement nor estimation of spiritual state. It’s not about how nice or apparently deserving of scratchy karma anybody may be. It just IS. I took to referring to them as Black Cloud People.

I thought this extraordinary, but had no explanation. Once I hit the woo-woo world, I thought, “Ah, that must be the aura I’m sensing.” It’s out of whack, they have the bad luck, end of story. Right?

Eh. Not quite.

Dark Spirit Entities

I have been getting a lot of pings lately on dark entities. Researching an unrelated topic, I ran across a mention of entities appearing as dark clouds hovering in the aura. It jumped right off the page at me.

Ding, ding, ding!

Black cloud people DO have an auric disturbance, but it’s not just a sign of being unwell. The cloud itself is a negative entity. Uglies I call ’em. An Ugly can be an earth-bound ghost, a conglomeration of emotional energy that’s taken form, or astral being from another dimension. It can be young or old, weak or powerful, confused or determined. There are many planes of existence besides the one we label “real world.” Uglies can sometimes make their way here, attaching to people, places or things.


And at the same time as the Dark entity pings, I’m constantly hearing references on Narcissists. I kept getting the feeling, of “Here you go, Dixie.”  But I wasn’t sure at first what I was getting handed.

Oh. Uglies are Narcissistic! Duh. They feed off their attached host. They don’t help or guide, although some may pretend to. And they are as troublesome in the astral plane as they are in the physical.

Not every spirit is nice any more than every person is. Some misrepresent, out to feed on your energy, admiration or fear, exploiting your life force for their own ends. This is important for people who work with energies in any capacity to understand, because as you turn up your light, improve your connection, you begin to get noticed more on the astral plane. Hitchhiking Uglies can move in.

Powerful energy ripples outward powerfully. Just like talent or achievement in the physical world attracts strong attention (both good and bad,) so does metaphysical achievements.  Some of that attention will be supportive and uplifting, but some won’t be. It’s our job to be discriminating in what we in let close to us.


I don’t say this to scare. You have to realize, whatever sticks can only do so IF simpatico with your vibration or if there is some foothold. If you keep your energy clean, keep your body healthy and your aura strong, keep your motivations pure, it’s much harder to pick up unwelcome vermin up and they are much less capable of sticking and doing harm. ASK for protection and cleaning help from whatever divine energy you work with, and it will be there for you. Free will requires this help be of  your choosing.

The question isn’t so much what you can trust. You can ALWAYS trust the divine spark within you to tell you the truth. That’s how you get the inner knowings. You just have to be sure to take good enough care of yourself and your energy that you can hear it! And of course, there’s always the decision, whether or not to listen. Free will and all, baby.


Hello, Grandpa.

I’m browsing Facebook and somebody posts about a website, where you can look up grave pictures. Famous people, or ordinary.

I idly click on over, wondering if there would be anybody I know on there. The first dead person I think of is my grandfather so I type his name,  guessing at the year he died. I’m not 100% sure–I never met him; he passed before I was born. I also know next to nothing about him. A couple of my Dad’s family stories, but that’s about it.

I got the year right. There he was, boom!

I didn’t even know he was a soldier.

I’m reading the bio and think to myself, “I’ll have to run his chart.” Scanning the dates on the tombstone…


Tomorrow is his death anniversary.

Hello, Grandpa! Nice to meet you. Thank you for introducing yourself. I hope to get better acquainted.

Love, Dixie