CJ’s Missing all the Fun: Mini Chakra Check-in Tarot Reading

“Hi, Dixie. I’d love a mini-chakra check in, just to see what comes up. Thanks, cj”

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: This feels like wearing a cloak of responsibility…too much to do. Share some of the dishes with the other folks who are eating there, and get some help if you can. Review your creative work to see if it still feels creative, or if it feels stale and draining. More me-time, and particularly joyous time in the kitchen, could sure lighten things up a lot…

Hope that helps!

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Tarot in Real Life: Strength Card has more to Say

Tarot in Real Life: Strength Card has more to Say 1So, I’m working. I’m talking to a woman about her relationship, and Strength pops up.

“It’s a strong relationship, long lasting,” confidently rolls out of my mouth. That’s what Strength means, right?

I feel the disconnect, and see it in her face. Uh oh. Evidently, it’s not what Strength means today.

She talked a bit more and I realized, Strength wasn’t showing up as cheerleader, “You can do it!” or testament, “It’s such a strong relationship.” That’s what I was expecting the card to say. Instead, I needed to listen for what it does say, in the context of the other cards and the energy I’m tuning into.

Here, Strength was speaking to the constant effort required to maintain equilibrium. It never ceased! It can be a real chore, a hardship, never letting go of the energy required to maintain.

I knew I was on to something when Strength showed up for somebody else the same way, later in the day. She suffered a great deal, but fought to stay above the water. It was a heavy Strength. I respected her resolve, and tried to give her what I could get to make the load lighter.

And again, for a man that carried an especially weighty burden, Strength showed up. The 3 Times Rule officially triggered, and Strength has a new voice for me. Time to make a note in my Tarot Scrapbook.

Every card has a light and dark vibration, even if one tends to overpower the other. Every gift has a bane and every bane has a gift. It’s the polarity inherent, the yin and yang of the cosmos. I like to focus on the power of Strength, the tenacity. But it’s true, it can also be damned hard work. It’s not easy sometimes. Knowing that, Strength shouldn’t be taken for granted. Either the Tarot kind or the real-life kind.

What do you notice about Strength?

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08/24/12: On the Mend from Heartbreak | 3 Swords, rev Strength


Sometimes, when I draw a card for the Everyday Tarot, I’ll pull a second, to get something on managing the energy of the first. That’s what I did here.

3_of_SwordsThe Three of Swords is a painful card—much like the Five of Cups, there’s a sense of loss. But with the Three of Swords, pain is result of a separation, often quite sudden and never optional. It’s sometimes called “the broken heart” card, traditionally, it’s depicted as a heart with 3 swords impaling it. Here, it makes a very interesting pair with reversed Strength. A bit of an unlikely combination.

If you’re hurting, if you’re feeling the stab of loss, you don’t always need to be strong and unwavering. It’s okay to feel the pain there is to feel. Acknowledging uncertainty, sadness, and the ever-unpopular “How did I wind up here?” may have something to tell you. At the very least, it’s part of the healing so long as you don’t linger unproductively.

One thing I always find encouraging with the Three of Swords? The pain has  hit it’s apex. There’s no mistaking where you stand with this card, nor are there illusions about getting back what’s been lost. It sucks. But the realization itself was the worst of it, and from here, gradually, you’ll find your strength and vigor returning. There’s your bright spot: being on the mend.

Are you on the mend from a loss?

08/24/12: On the Mend from Heartbreak | 3 Swords, rev Strength 2 Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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06/06/12: Authority of Truth | Strength, Emperor

“No authority is higher than reality.” Peter Nivio Zarlenga


Steady, perhaps gentle, but always, always constant, unyielding—this is how to seek the truth. You don’t waver, don’t blink, be ready and open to see whatever is there.

Truth withstands scrutiny. Truth doesn’t need protection, although it may require seeking. Sometimes, that truth gets buried under a whole lot of crap, you know?

Be wary of suggestions you abandon the search. Don’t let the authority of others set YOUR reality, nor be deterred by the perceived strength of conventional or public opinion. It’s YOUR truth, you know? It belongs to you and you alone.  That’s worth defending. Those secure in their own truth seldom need you to acquiesce to their reality.

I’d rather stand all alone with MY truth that be surrounded by a city of experts, telling me their truth. If I take it on the word of someone else, it never belongs to me.

What’s your take on authority and truth?

06/06/12:  Authority of Truth | Strength, Emperor 3 The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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05/30/12: Willing Friendly Beasts | Strength


“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  –Mahatma Gandhi

I’ve long had a suspicion…the more an idea terrifies me, the more important it is I  seriously consider doing it. Fear can be an initial response to threat of an energetic shift.

Strength arrives, ruled by Leo—often, this card speaks of the lion we’ve tamed, or maybe the one we need to tame. The secret of working with Strength is understanding that brute force is not what’s required. In a battle of brawn, the lion will win every time!

Contain, direct, control your life with the power of your  WILL instead. Be gentle, be loving, but above all, be consistent! Use your weight kindly and wisely here, and you can make a friend of the beast.

Steadfast, and with love, we can conquer the dark corners of life that may have seemed ferocious or insurmountable before we actually tried. Unwavering commitment to doing so is what’s required.

Are you taming any beasts?

05/30/12: Willing Friendly Beasts | Strength 4 Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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05/17/12: Ego rides alone | rev 6 Wands, rev Strength

six wands reversed strength reversed

Feeling “almost but not quite?” Frustrated that your efforts seem to land you on the doorstep of where you want, but the door’s apparently locked?

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Six of Wands (Jupiter in Leo) and reversed Strength (Leo). Big (Jupiter) ego (Leo) coming into to play, perhaps?

If you’re feeling like a loser, don’t bury the sensation. Ask yourself if you’ve actually fallen short, or has your ego has merely taken a hit? Maybe  it’s ego getting in the way of finishing the job. It can take unyielding, steady effort to complete the task. Don’t consider it beneath you to do the legwork. Just do what needs to be done.

And don’t forgive to give credit where it’s due. Help’s more likely to show up for overtime when it’s overtly appreciated.

It’s not the time to flinch, nor is it time to take bows. Not quite yet! Instead, be rock-solid steady and just do what’s required to get the job done. Gentle but steady, no flinching and no worries over what it looks like to anybody else. The goal is the priority.

Do you see ego getting in the way of accomplishment sometimes?

05/17/12: Ego rides alone | rev 6 Wands, rev Strength 5Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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