05/17/12: Ego rides alone | rev 6 Wands, rev Strength

six wands reversed strength reversed

Feeling “almost but not quite?” Frustrated that your efforts seem to land you on the doorstep of where you want, but the door’s apparently locked?

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Six of Wands (Jupiter in Leo) and reversed Strength (Leo). Big (Jupiter) ego (Leo) coming into to play, perhaps?

If you’re feeling like a loser, don’t bury the sensation. Ask yourself if you’ve actually fallen short, or has your ego has merely taken a hit? Maybe  it’s ego getting in the way of finishing the job. It can take unyielding, steady effort to complete the task. Don’t consider it beneath you to do the legwork. Just do what needs to be done.

And don’t forgive to give credit where it’s due. Help’s more likely to show up for overtime when it’s overtly appreciated.

It’s not the time to flinch, nor is it time to take bows. Not quite yet! Instead, be rock-solid steady and just do what’s required to get the job done. Gentle but steady, no flinching and no worries over what it looks like to anybody else. The goal is the priority.

Do you see ego getting in the way of accomplishment sometimes?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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03/21/12: Fighting with Heart? | 5 Swords, Strength


Today’s Tarot is the Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) and Strength (Leo). It’s a winner-take-all that situation, winnable via taming the lion: patience and ongoing focus as opposed to brute force. Steady but sustained effort, patience and a firm hand is required.

The person who sees the bigger picture, who can emotionally detach enough to really understand the hearts of others, is victorious. If you need to defend your interests, do so of course! The point is, compassion increases power through sharper understanding. There’s a temptation to avoid seeing others’ point of view, as if it somehow muddies our own. That can only happen if our own needs to be re-worked. Truth withstands scrutiny.

To remain the King (or Queen) of the jungle, exercise your power with heart. ♥

Do you consider compassion an asset in conflict? Why or why not?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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11/25/11: If you so choose…| The Chariot, Strength

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo da Vinci

IMG_1809 (550x458)

Today’s Tarot is the Chariot (Cancer) paired with Strength (Leo)…and man, what a powerful combination! Even with the soft-around-the-edges presentation of the Shadowscapes deck, these two cards are powerful alone. So together, there’s not a lot they can’t accomplish.

Don’t live by default! Know what you want to create, and set your focus on creating it. You may have to proceed indirectly at times, or you may have to muster great courage and patience to reach your ends. But if they are worth reaching at all, then they are worth committing yourself to wholly.

It’s that commitment, coupled with persistence and gentle, consistent strength that allows your success. Your word then becomes law. Nothing short will get you there. So when you’re setting your aim, make sure. And then go for it!

You have some goals you’re seeking now?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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10/28/11: Six of Wands, Strength | Recognition

Sometimes, I forget how long and how hard I’ve worked at mastery, learning and becoming competent in the fields I’ve undertaken. Being all Virgo and Saturny, I tend to feel like it’s never, ever enough. I’ve been getting pings otherwise, though. That’s heartening. Today’s Tarot is a ping for me. Maybe a ping for you, too?


Today’s Tarot is the Six of Wands (Jupiter in Leo) and Strength (Leo). Guess it’s time to turn up the lights and start the show, huh? Leo says so, because you’re starring! Expect public recognition stemming from your ongoing efforts at exercising  personal strength.

When you scrub and scrub and scrub, yes, that shine is noticeable to one and all. You may have gotten accustomed already. You may have trained yourself to see the tiny dull spot on the floor, zero in on what is less than perfect. But big picture, it pales next to the shine you’ve invoked via elbow grease. You HAVE done the work, so acknowledge it.

Keep on, okay? And when someone expresses their admiration for your work, don’t argue with them, okay? Humility is laudable, but modesty doesn’t need to be extended to reject all accolades. It serves everyone when you learn to accept a compliment. The graceful response is, “Thank you.”

Are you getting recognition for your hard work?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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09/09/11: Don’t Look Far for the Strength


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” –Lao Tzu

Usually, I complain about repeats. Not today. I like this one! Because I’m still convinced, I was a cat in a former life. It gave me the gift of Leo rising, I’ve no doubt. :cat:

Today’s Tarot Forecast is Strength or Daughter of the Flaming Sword, associated with Leo. As the infinity symbol above her head suggests, she can tap into a seemingly endless, inner reserve of power to achieve her aim. Just as the Magician, it comes from within. She’s taming the beast—she rules her passions, not the other way around. It’s obviously not physical, outwardly obvious prowess we’re looking at. She’d never win via brute force. But with gentleness, love, and purity of intention, she commands the lion with ease.

Know you already have what you need to effectively manage your emotions;  this isn’t a woman trembling, at the mercy of her fears or haunted with doubts. She is capable of mastering the situations and she knows it. Yes, it does take stamina and resolve, but she has access. It’s her belief in herself, her own capability, that continually recharges her energy.

Are you finding the strength?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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09/04/11: Courage to Bloom | Strength


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” –e. e. cummings

I can’t see this particular card without thinking of my husband. Many years ago, I was fretting for my stepkids after we’d lost custody. I didn’t think they had a snowball’s chance in Hell of making out okay, doomed to growing up neck-deep in crazy. There was absolutely nothing I could do at that point and I was distraught.

“Some seeds fall on perfect soil and wither. Others fall on rocks and thrive. It’s all up to the flower.” That’s what my husband told me, and that thought gave me a lot of comfort over the years.

Tarot_8_StrengthToday’s Tarot forecast is “Courage” from the Osho Zen deck, better known as Strength or Daughter of the Flaming Sword, associated with Leo. We’re much more familiar with the Rider-Waite-Smith lion tamer, but this version captures the essence very concisely.

You know what? It does take courage to thrive, regardless of your environment. It takes courage to be true to yourself, your inner convictions, when others are not supportive or even antagonistic. But this kind of courage doesn’t come from outside support.

You know how many years I kept my woo-woo deep under wraps, for fear that family, friends, and the world at large would reject me if the knew? We’re talking some quarter century, give or take. Mercury-Saturn knows how to keep her mouth shut, man.

Now, I’m not saying everybody needs to be out of the closet with every important aspect of their lives. That’s an individual choice and I’d never dream of making it for someone else. But I AM saying that who you are, what you believe, the life you live, ALL of your existence—well, you need to embrace it fully and live it with integrity. Maybe you talk about it, or maybe you don’t. But the question is, are you living it?

It’s not always easy. Tarot Eights are hard work, sustained effort. But if you want to bloom, it is your choice. It’s not the odds that make or break you, or your environment, or the breaks or anything else. It’s your decisions, your determination, that allows you to gather strength from within. This kind of courage has staying power. If you follow your heart consistently, staying true to your inner convictions, you don’t need outside permission to grow into your potential.

Are you in bloom?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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