Being Invisible as a Superpower

You mean I’m not invisible?

My husband told me a long time ago, that if I were aware other people could see me, it would ruin what I do.

I have the Neptune.

I think he had a point.

But the good news? Even if I notice you can see me, I can erase it.

I WILL erase it. I don’t have to try. It just happens. I forget.

Just the same way I managed to forget I spill food on my shirt pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY.

invisible manI would spill the food, get mad, and promptly forget about it. Until the next day, when the same thing would happen. And that’s where it would have ended , if it hadn’t been for Captain Virgo pointing it out to me, this is a pattern…I argued for a while, but damn his Virgo, there no letting my subjective bullshit override the facts.

Fortunately, I don’t often remember this conversation.

I also get to act like a total weirdo. I can go to the grocery store in rubber duckie fleece pants and completely forget, that isn’t considered appropriate attire. The freedom is great!

Perceiving myself as near-invisible allows me to speak my mind, explore nooks and crannies and corners out HERE, in public, all while completely forgetting it’s in public. Nifty trick, huh? Being honest, being truthful without concern of who thinks you’re a dork or crazy or just plain freakish–that IS powerful.

The downside is that sometimes, I can upset people. I notice (eventually) in a realization of some type or another. I perceive the reaction and go looking for the root and soon or later see, “Oh…”

That part kind of sucks. I never intend to be hurtful. But it happens. I send goodwill and try to forget it. I think it probably works. I forget it (until I don’t) and then forget it again.

I think everybody has superpowers. The trick in life isn’t adopting someone else’s superpower. It’s embracing your own and learning how to use ti for good instead of evil.

What’s one of your superpowers?

(P.S. The first time I tried to post this, the post went BLANK. I had to restore it from a revision backup. Now THAT’S funny!)