Dixie Reading from Her Book: Emotional Business – None of Mine!

I’ve mentioned my new book, right? Har!

Yeah. Well, here’s a chapter I read on video for y’all on the Ace of Cups. Hope you like it!

Be sure and check out Amazon if you’re interested in buying it. They seem to be shifting around the discount. I have no control over that, but maybe you’ll get a deal!

My book! My book! My book!

Paperback or Kindle versions

Paperback or Kindle version

Okay, for those who have asked, my book is now available in paperback!  (I combined the two e-books I’d written previously, now covering the whole deck.)

You can buy the book online at Amazon, Createspace, eventually Barnes & Noble online and God knows where else.

I’ve had some asking about signed copies. Hilarious, ain’t it? Makes me feel all famous or something. So I got a few for signing; you have my full permission to eBay off these puppies immediately once I become super-famous and appear on Oprah!

Signed Copies of Dixie’s Book

Update: I’ve sold the copies that I ordered for signing. If you’d still like a signed copy, you can contact me to get on a waiting list and I will do another round if there is sufficient interest. But otherwise, just get a copy from Amazon!

Thank you!

New: Amazon

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Thank you, Amazon Shoppers!

amazon-voyeurThank you SO MUCH for the folks who use this AFJ Amazon link!  I cannot see who buys what, and using the link does not add to your total cost, but a percentage of your purchase goes to support AFJ. Even small purchases help increase the total percentage paid.

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Here are some of the things y’all have bought.


(Yes, it’s been a while since I did one of these posts. Merry Christmas!) There was also an iPod, but Amazon won’t let me add it for some reason. I’m blaming Steve Jobs.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supports my work and the Everyday Tarot this way. I appreciate it (and you)!

Did you get my holiday wishes?

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Zodiac Look-Ahead Tarot Reading

A Zodiac reading looking at an upcoming period across all different areas of your life, with a card for each astrological house and a brief overview.
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Root Chakra Gift and a Deal (for a minute)!

After doing all those Mini Chakra/Tarot reading videos, it became clear to that a LOT of people have issues with the root chakra. I do!

And of course, most of y’all won’t be taking the workshop. But I’d like to help anyway. So in the interest of public service, I’m sharing the Root Chakra lesson as a gift to AFJ readers. Grab it here!

Download the ROOT CHAKRA lesson (PDF) :present:

And if you’d like to hit the other Chakras, you can get the full Workbook independent of the workshop. I had planned on charging about $25 for it (and will likely increase the price at least some next week), but right now, I’m in a generous mood-so let’s call it $11.

I’ll leave the Workbook price at $11 until Monday at Noon CST. But after that, I’m pulling the offer to reevaluate. Even a Tarot-slinging diva’s gotta eat, man!

The workbook is now available for $17.

As soon as PayPal processes your payment, you’ll get a link for immediate download of the PDF format workbook.

Thank you to those who ordered while it was on sale. :-*

Fill out the Form below to order it now!

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