“In depth, clear-cut psychological reading…”


“It’s just so freaky, but Dixie was able to really understand (rather, read) the subconscious aspects of my psyche with the help of the Tarot. I really loved her way of analyzing and interpreting the cards. I’ve been to other tarot readers before and they do manage to give me quite an understanding, but not such an in-depth, clear-cut psychological reading. I thank you Dixie with all my heart.” – Mitch

Thank you, Mitch!

Client: “Huge Revelation”

C.M. says:

“You are the DREAM NINJA!! The dreams you’ve done for me have been RIGHT ON!

Oh my God, this was a HUGE bit of enlightenment to the situation I’ve been trying to understand. When I sat back and deciphered the information, it was very clear what this meant. HUGE REVELATION!”

Thank you, C.M.

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“More Than I Expected”

547735_174213369373461_161651670629631_237566_1553846015_nMarta writes:

“It was a pleasure to work with Dixie. I asked for advice and I got a great reading that gave me more than I expected: reassurance, a new perspective and a lot of food for thought. Just one answer covered a lot of issues and gave me lots of information. It helped me to reevaluate my plans and get to work in a different way but, more important, I have the feeling this reading will be even more relevant in my near future. I’ll keep it near so I can read it often.”

Thank you, Marta!

“Lightbulb Moment”

From Tracie:

“Dixie helped me realize something from my past was a much bigger deal than I ever thought possible, it was actually “the” crack in my foundation.  It seriously was one of those LIGHTBULB moments in life.  When a crack is discovered you can shine light on it and it can be repaired, this solidifies your foundation and makes you a much stronger person.  There have been so many things we’ve worked on but at the end of the day making me feel more solid and less worried about being blindsided is stabilizing and empowering!  Thanks my pink haired friend!!!”

Thank you, Tracie! ♥

“Deeply Accurate”

Aliza writes:

“I had two readings with Dixie back to back and then a third a few weeks later.

Each time she was deeply accurate, the kind that gives you the shivers. She was able to navigate, pinpoint, complex emotions and complex situations with Virgo precision.

Her channel was/is clear. She handed me the truth which was more than mere validation. It was a leap above. And honestly I don’t know how she does it. I just know that she does.

What I also loved and could feel was her genuine caring and support. She told me she was rooting for me. I knew she meant it.

So if you love the cards and are seeking a reader who will tune-in to you and your life, look no further.

I will definitely work with her again.”

Thank you, Aliza!

“Shone a Light”

stream of light treesJD writes:

If you are thinking of getting a tarot reading from Dixie, quit waffling and sign up; she can zero right in to the heart of the matter.

Dixie’s reading shone a light on my present circumstances and reassured me that my methods of coping have been suitable during this crazy point in time.

Thank you, JD!