“I’m at a loss for Words…” Video Tarot Reading and Feedback

Wow, I’m at a loss of words. Some of the details that you described were so deep and the fact that you were able to call out on it is amazing. I truly appreciate your help. -Anna

Thanks, Anna!

And here is a video of Anna’s Tarot reading, in case you’re interested. She was interested in knowing if her relationship is going to last, and how to maintain her happiness.

Why would you want to watch a video someone else’s Tarot reading?

Well, the Universe can deliver messages to YOU via someone else’s reading. Believe me, messages can show up in all kinds of ways. And if you’ve ever considered getting a reading from me–especially an email reading, which I dictate into speech-to-text software–this will give you a very good idea of my process.

(Video and feedback posted with Anna’s permission.)

If you watched, did you get anything you could use from this?

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“This reading has given me hope…”

It’s amazing how spot on and insightful this reading you’ve sent to me is. Thank you so much.  This reading has given me hope, and better yet, a foreseeable path.  I really, really appreciate it. -Donna P.

Thank you, Donna!

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“Just the right words to cause my insides to go a-ha!”

From a client.

“I felt like I received just what I needed at the time, that you really got to the heart of the matter. You said just the right words to cause my insides to go ‘a-ha!,’ to help me be in a new place with my process and moving forward. Many thanks!” – X

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From a Client: “Doesn’t Mince Words”


From a client.

“I loved my session with Dixie because she is on POINT, and doesn’t mince words, but always empowers you with her balanced and detailed interpretation.​ I will definitely be back!” -J

Thank you, J!

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“Very Accurate” – Client Feedback

sewing (600x800) From a client.

“I found Dixie’s description of my present situation to be very accurate, I felt she described the persons involved including me very accurately too, I await the outcome of future predictions with reasonable expectations due to this. I enjoyed the reading.” – kat

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“Reminded me there is a lot to live for…”

450729_67577087From a Tarot client:

“This is absolutely wonderful, and so spot on…I’ve never felt this low in my life–every day I seem to be bombarded with information that turns my life on its head again, and sometimes I feel like giving up–but you reminded me of what’s important, what I can achieve and give, and that there is a lot to live for. I cannot thank you enough. ” – JP

I’m so grateful our work together made a difference for you. Thank you, JP. ♥

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