Confirmation in Readings: What is it and Do You Need it?

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Not everybody who picks up the cards can read them skillfully. And not everybody who can read the cards well performs perfectly, nailing every utterance in every reading. It just doesn’t work that way. Even the best readers will have off days.

This is where confirmation comes in. While I don’t much like the feeling of someone testing me in the sense of expecting me to trot out otherworldly revelations like some kind of a psychic dog and pony show, I DO welcome folks looking for confirmation. I look for confirmation myself all the time, both in readings for others and in my personal life.

If I’m getting general information or a reading doesn’t have a sharp focus, I’ll specifically ask the cards to provide confirmation for the questioner–I want my people to feel confident of messages. Looking for confirmation doesn’t signal a lack of faith. It’s having enough faith to ask and expect Source to let you know you’re on the right track, just like checking road signs on the highway lets you know you’re still going the right direction to your destination.

Some use cards or other spiritual tools as props to serve self-interests, manipulate and control, or otherwise bastardize the process. Or unconsciously, they can get caught in the trap of feeling so special and gifted that their ego takes over. An individual may be quite be insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable with their tools but still use those skills in a hurtful way. Horrific karma if you ask me, but it happens.

So it’s important to be able to identify good readings so you’ll know when you’ve got one. Here are some types of confirmations to look for to know you’re getting a good reading.

  • Information is consistent with the facts and your experience–it “rings true.” For big insights, there is often a sense of just “knowing” it’s right, like a click.
  • The reading leaves you feeling empowered–even if you don’t like the situation, you feel stronger or better able to cope. You should leave a reading feeling better than when you started, often relieved or at the very least, prepared. A good reading helps you along your path.
  • The reader will NOT make decisions for you. Spirit respects free will. Good readers do the same.
  • Good readings don’t incite fear. Fear-mongering is irresponsible and cruel! People seeking readings are often vulnerable and scared. To use a reading as opportunity to build a readers’ ego or appointment bookings is unconscionable and good reason for running in the opposite direction. Warnings may be part of a good reading, but they should always be delivered with compassion and hope. Spirit energy is loving and kind and helpful in guiding you though difficult times. If that’s not what you’re getting, it’s not coming from Spirit.
  • The reader doesn’t position herself or himself as the Source. Readers, healers and lightworkers of any type are conduits, helpers, and channels to assist and guide you in finding and enhancing your personal connection with divine energy. There are many paths to get there. Practitioners work to master the use of this energy but are not responsible for it’s existence. Humility and gratitude is always in order. Yes, some of us do this work professionally and need to promote our businesses. I have no problem with that. But to promote oneself over the work is asking for a spiritual smackdown in my opinion.
  • You leave saying, “That wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. You confirmed my feelings.” This is the one of biggest compliments I can get on a reading. I consider it the gold standard in knowing I’ve done my job well.

Would you add to this list? How do you confirm you’ve got a good reading?

Psychic Gambling Help?

Is it evil? Do you think it’s appropriate to use Tarot, psychic or intuitive skills in gambling? Is that different to you than using astrology to time bets? Or doing money magic spells on your lotto tickets?

What sort of supernatural help do you think it’s okay to request regarding gambling games of chance?

Should a Tarot reader answer medical questions?

Asking psychics and Tarot readers medical questions?

When can a Tarot reader answer medical questions?

Like romance, career, or parenting issues, people have all kinds of questions for Tarot readers! If you read for others any length of time, it’s a sure bet you’ll also be asked some medical questions. This isn’t an area you want to screw up, so it’s especially important to have clear guidelines for how you address them. Here are mine…

Working Guidelines for Medical Questions in Tarot Readings

  • I make clear that I have no medical background or special expertise, and do not specialize in medical readings.
  • I do not give medical advice. Giving medical advice without credentials is illegal.
  • I do not diagnose or attempt to treat medical issues. I am not trained in healing work.
  • I never suggest someone go against medical professionals’ advice.
  • I don’t advocate alternative therapies in place of traditional care, but in conjunction with traditional approaches as selected by the individual.
  • While I don’t believe the Source is ever wrong, I know I can be! I cannot make medical decisions for anyone else; health is a personal responsibility.

If we’re good on all points, I will ask the cards about health issues, and share what I get. Under the right circumstances, we’ve found suggestions and assistance to provide comfort, enhanced well-being, and needed insight while managing health issues.

These are the same kind of questions to look at for any sort of professional advice–psychiatric, financial, substance abuse, etc. For me, it seems most important to clearly define my expertise and maintain solid boundaries around what sort of support I’m most suited to provide. It’s worked well thus far.

What do you think about Tarot readers and medical questions?

Asking about Third Parties in Tarot Readings

Asking about Absent Third Party in Tarot Readings

Asking about people who aren’t there?

People come to readings looking for guidance and answers–often, involving situations about people important to them, like spouses, significant others, friends or children. One question that comes up frequently is: What’s okay to ask about other people in readings?

There are definitely ethical considerations. As one of my clients puts it, it’s like “peeking into someone else’s windows.” I can’t think of a better analogy. And yet, questions about your loved ones, coworkers or family and your relationships with them is a very legitimate reason to seek guidance! So, how do you know?

Intent and consent are both central to the reading process. Tarot should be a tool of self-empowerment, not for spying or meddling in others’ affairs. If you don’t focus on yourself, you’re missing a golden opportunity for change right there.

My personal rule is that it’s okay to ask about other people only in the context of the questioner’s relationship to the people and situations. If a wife is trying to determine if her husband is cheating, that’s pretty relevant to the wife, don’t you think? But if she’s wondering if her ex-husband’s cheating on his new girlfriend because, well, she just knows the S.O.B. is like that…eh, that’s gossip. Gossip isn’t very spiritual, y’know.

It can get a little sticky sorting it out at times but it’s important enough to be worth the trouble. I know the information I get is all by grace, and believe if I were to abuse and misuse that source, it would close to me. That’s pretty good motivation to stay away from the dark side.

But beyond conviction I’d lose my ability to tune in the same way, I want to feel good about the work I do. Keeping boundaries intact helps me do that.

What do you think about questions involving other people in readings?

How much do you tell the Tarot reader?

How much should you tell your psychic?CancerMom had an interesting comment about how much info you do (or don’t) give readers, having gotten some grief for being talkative. Some folks think if you talk too much, your reader will start milking you for details and telling you just what you want to hear. I’ve no doubt there are some that do exactly that. But I’ve also no doubt some of my Tarot people could testify, I’m not one of them!

It’s a matter of personal preference for readers, how much info they want to work with. Some folks want nothing–that way, they don’t have to filter out their own impressions from otherworldly flow. Some want birthdays or pictures or names to work with. Some want just a question, while others want to know whatever background on the issue you’re comfortable giving. Everybody works differently.

Personally, I don’t care. If someone wants to talk, they can talk! If they want to be quiet, they can be quiet. I can work either way. One works as well as the other for me. If there is something specific someone wants to know, it’s good to mention it so I’ll be sure not to miss asking. I try to always honor the question that brings you to me. But in general, we will get what we need to get, one way or the other. Tarot is just like that. Tarot’s got a very big mouth.

As a reader, how much information do you want? As a questioner, how much do you share?