Tissue anyone? Dealing with Grief

weekend Forecast

Note: This is an old forecast, but I’m pulling it back up for anyone who needs some encouragement dealing with grief. Hoping it’s not you!

Damn! I pulled for Saturday and Sunday and after seeing what I got, I cringed hard, and drew one more for advice. Tarot Fives are never comfortable, but these two are especially harsh. Sorry to be the bearer of a bleak forecast, but better to know so you can dress appropriately, huh?

One the plus side, Tarot fives are highly dynamic, usually fast-moving agents of change. There is upheaval and uncertainty, but likely not long-term. And they can portend important shifts, made quickly.

We are always saying we want it now, huh? Or maybe that’s just me.

Saturday, Five of Pentacles:  This card screams poverty, feelings of being without. Whether it’s money, love, options, ideas, friends, or something entirely different you feel “out of,” we’re talking standing in the cold. I do usually point out when this card appears, help tends to be available for the asking. The problem is, nobody wants to ask!

You may be hurting and possibly scared, but it’s important to realize not only your role in creating the situation if there was one, but—and don’t hit me for saying this—your potential role in maintaining it. Be aware there likely ARE options that you haven’t been ready to consider. Fair enough if you don’t choose to consider them. You’ll get no judgment from me! Just realize the difference.

Sunday, Five of Cups: What can I say that isn’t obvious? This is a card of grief and loss. We’re not talking a complete loss even though it may feel like it. Still, there’s sadness for what is gone. It may even have snuck up on you and punched you in the stomach when you were looking the other way. Nothing sucks more than sucker-punch sadness, man!

Cry whatever tears come, letting them wash away pain. Be gentle with yourself. Any kind of cleansings, smudging or baths taken with the specific intention to clear away the past issues and pains of all sorts are recommended. Clearing out physical or electronic items associated with pain and loss can also help release the energy, as can journaling or pouring those emotions into some other creative or physical endeavor of your choosing. Just remember wherever you place that energy it stays, so you might want it to be something you’ll be disposing of when you’re done. No baking it into comfort food!

The best way through this kind of energy in my opinion is always surrender and release, surrender and release. Fighting it directly is like denying your true feelings, and such a charade never fools the heart. The feelings themselves will dissipate if you allow them to be spent. Like a shot, it only hurts for a little while.

Coping, Four of Pentacles: You are stable, you are safe. You have what you need. This is what the Four of Pentacles tells me. Hold on to what you have and withdraw if it helps. Take inventory. Ground. Know that you are okay. Honest. Do what you need to in order to feel safe and abate anxiety. Breathe.

Affirmation: It is safe to look within. I am hoping I’m WAY off here for the vast majority of those reading this. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones, know it’s okay—even helpful—to see yourself as clearly as you can, and forgive yourself for whatever shortcomings you perceive, you know?

I’m really seeing this whole thing as a highly internal process—like regrets over lost opportunities or possibilities. Just do the processing that needs to be done, let it pass and look forward to a brighter week ahead. I’m on call for virtual hugs should anybody want to collect one.

Much love to any who need it.

You doing okay?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Everyday Tarot, 05/07/011: Past Mother’s Day Mourning / Inverted Five of Cups


[This is from Mother’s Day, 2011. I ran across it tonight, and figured maybe somebody needed to hear it. ♥ ~Dix]

It’s almost Mother’s Day. And while countless images of  impeccable Stepford-style family bliss march through our collective consciousness courtesy marketing, it’s enough to make anybody feel inadequate. For too many, Mother’s Day is just another reminder of something they don’t have.

Today’s Tarot is the Five of Cups, inverted. Known as “The Lord of Loss in Pleasure,” this card is associated with Mars in Scorpio. Like all Tarot fives, there’s disruption and conflicted feelings. Quite simply, this is a card of mourning losses. Inverted, expect the mourning to be  cushioned, limited or short-lived.

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10/25/13: Cool head, Straight Shot / 5 of Swords

5 of Swords Zombie TarotAh, the Five of Swords. Or more like, “Bah, the Five of Swords!” There looks to be conflict in the air and maybe it feels like the zombies are lining up to procure a hunk of your flesh.

I know, I know, it’s no fun. But it doesn’t have to be a horrific ordeal, either.

Do what you need to do, absolutely! But don’t waste your ammo if the target isn’t worth a shot. Wield weapons efficiently and aim true. The ability to do this is only possible when keeping a cool head.

The fellas on this card would do well to calm down, don’t you think? Less wasted ammo.

It’s also good to remember of all Tarot Fives: we’re talking dynamic, unstable energy by nature and potentially quite fast-moving . So if it sucks, it’s not necessarily long term. Movement is not guaranteed, though; if you use the infusion of whatever the energy to address dynamics of the situation, you can accomplish a lot in a short time and move on to something more pleasant. But if you get sucked into the he-said/she-said deal, not so much. Don’t waste a crisis. Use it to launch yourself forward.

It requires a cool head and straight shot to work with the Five of Swords situations effectively. So take a deep breath and go!

Are you seeing this energy around you? (Hope not!)

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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09/16/12: My Side of the Gate | 5 of Rainbows

20120910_175736 (494x622)

Man, doesn’t this image speak volumes? Who among us hasn’t been that little kid—feeling a bit scattered and unkempt, not tall enough, not good enough, locked out? Or maybe he’s locked in, looking out. Either way, he’s on his own and he knows it.

This version of the Five of Pentacles (associated with Mercury in Taurus) especially resonates with me. It’s my life, right there. The other people? They were the ones who were always in the know. They knew the “truth,” whatever that means. They made the right decisions, had the right jobs and mates and houses and education and background. Now, it’s the ones who have had the training and the insight and the special declarations from Spirit, walking around knowing exactly what they are doing. Just ask ‘em! Or don’t. Stand still 3 minutes, you’ll hear about it anyway.

Me? I’m not special. I didn’t get “the gift to see through the veil” from my Great, Great, Great Grandma thirty-thrice removed. I didn’t have a near-death experience with a suden “awakening.” I didn’t dance with ghosts or see auras bouncing through the walls as a child. Angels didn’t wake me up blowing a horn in my ear one day to tell me I was off to save the masses by speaking THE truth.

I’m just a chick who has always been fascinated by the magical world. I’m a chick who FINALLY grew up enough to not worry who would think I was crazy talking about that world, really looking at it, you know?

I’m a chick who stopped asking why I wasn’t on the other side of the gate and started LIVING, on my side of the gate. I’m not here to tell you “THE” truth. I’m here to tell you MY truth. I’m here to encourage you to find yours. If we happen upon the same side of the gate, maybe we can hang.

Have you ever felt like this kid?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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06/26/12: Release for Peace | rev 5 Wands

IMG_2253 The Five of Wands is associated with Saturn in Leo—limits (Saturn) on the ego (Leo) may be an issue. This version especially, from Legacy of the Divine, can suggest inner conflict as well as outer. At the very least, look for commonalities between sides. Each of the combatants are sprouting from the same tree. Forces fighting are intimately connected.

Reversed, how about looking to reconcile competing interests, clarify mixed feelings until you find the highest calling in the situation, the overriding force? Focus on objective, moral imperative, and look for action to best personify the purest expression of that will. Let details work themselves out.

Big picture thinking and prioritizing aspirations help to illuminate options. A little humility goes a long way.  Focusing first on what counts most helps your Zen, man.  That helps me release struggles.

What helps you release conflict?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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02/01/12: Lack of Perspective | Rev 5 of Pentacles


“Life in abundance comes only through great love.” Elbert Hubbard

When we first moved to the place we have now, it was a very painful period. I had a significant sense of failure and loss—and plenty of responsibility in it. It was a sad time, and I felt very much like I’d screwed things up. But of course, we did what you do, and kept on going. There was a whole lot of purging, and in that, a lot of release.

With the move, demands and strains went down only modestly. But the funny thing, the impact was not modest. A huge load was lifted with only a limited amount of change in outer circumstance. That feeling of release and the shift it brought reminds me of the reversed Five of Pentacles.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Five of Pentacles (Mercury in Taurus). Perhaps thoughts (Mercury) are centered on resources (Taurus). This card denotes a sense of lack, wanting. Thinking (Mercury) may be stuck (Taurus).  Options might be discarded without full investigation.

Inverted, look to the situation easing, help surfacing, or an increased sense of well being. But the trick is always the same with the Five of Pentacles, inverted or upright—the stability or lack thereof (Taurus) is seated within the mind (Mercury)!

Are you looking at things too literally? Have you discounted the possibility of improvement or refused to request needed help? If you see a window out now, don’t walk on by. Take it! But in the meantime, assess what you most value (Taurus) and focus your thoughts (Mercury) in that direction.

Are you feeling the reversed Five of Pentacles?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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