08/30/13: Family Fussing / 10 Pentacles Rx

Maybe you’ve got enough money but feel deprived anyway? The reversed Ten of Pentacles isn’t so much about poverty (although it can be) as it is about not feeling like you’ve quite “made it,” you know? It tends to appear in relation to prosperity in general, financial or otherwise, and most always in a family context, denoting shared resources. There could be family squabbles about spending or frustration over how someone within the family group is managing resources.

A parent who repeatedly has to bail a child out would be one scenario; a spouse who refuses a needed job, much to the consternation of the rest of the family would be another scenario. It could even be a stingy employer, refusing to share the bounty of successful business with the crew!

Look at shared resources today, in your inner circle. Some resource is being treated as lacking, whether or not it is in fact. This situation is likely temporary and very possibly at least partially illusionary to boot, so take your time in drawing conclusions. Just reassess your own allocation of resources to make sure you’re spending wisely and with the greater good of the whole group in mind and you’ll be fine.

Are you feeling some kind of “family” lack?

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08/29/13: Inspiration of Discontent / 4 of Cups

Before I started working for myself, I spent a lot of time daydreaming, about what it would be like to work from home, choose my own clients (and treat them well), wear what I wanted, do work I felt good about in a way I felt good about it, and in general try out my own ideas on how a business should be run in the real world. I spent a lot of time dreaming this up! My conception of what my own business would be was firmly rooted in what I didn’t like about the jobs I’d held.

Eventually, I put my ideas into practice. Not all of them worked out well—my roommate matching service was a bust, despite the many hours of toil. But I didn’t give up and some took, like making websites. And the entire process led me to the place where I’m able to do what I do today, one building block atop another.

Sometimes discontent can be a good thing, if it leads somewhere.

The Four of Cups can represent any sort of discontent, including the divine kind. This version indeed emphasizes the discontent as the man pictured isn’t even looking at the new cup, mystically held above him by a spiritual hand. He’s simply contemplating what he is not happy about, apparently.

The sense of being unsettled, unhappy and “missing something” can indeed be a gift if you use it properly. The trick is to stop looking downward at regrets, past hurts, whatever has grounded you to the earth as it is, and start looking up at possibilities, potentials, avenues for change and growth.

Where you’ve been, the world as you know it, doesn’t matter much beyond instructive value, when you’re at this place. Even then, it’s limited because how many of us have the objectivity to fairly weigh out uncomfortable situations and judge our own roles in them? There are lessons there, sure, but they can be learned without depressive self-castigation.

However, if we shift our goals from what we do not want to what we would like to have instead, every annoyance, every missing piece, every area of discontent becomes a gift conferring clarity, insight and possibility for change.

If you don’t like where you are, for God’s sakes, DO SOMETHING about it! Realizing that you don’t like where you are is a gift from God plain and simple. To avail yourself, call an quick end to the pity party and gather up what you have in hand. The resources and lessons from the present inform the future. And that is how you get there from here!

Have you found discontent inspiring?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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08/28/13: Ups and Downs of Juggling Hard / 2 of Pentacles

Years ago, when we were in the middle of the Custody Battle from HELL ™ I was enrolled in school full time. And I was volunteering 8 hours a week. I had small children. And I was working part time, I think, at least for some of that period. It’s hard to remember honestly, as that time has “blur” written all over it.

2-of-pentacles-tarot-illuminatiIn retrospect, I feel kind of bad the fact. Because I was so busy with rather inflexible demands of my schedule, I effectively checked out emotionally at points. I didn’t have much left over, you know? I was exhausted, even sneaking in naps in my car before classes. I managed to maintain, but the outcome was that it left my husband alone in the middle of an emotional mess while I was absorbed poring over scientific journals or writing research papers. It wasn’t my intention to leave him on his own, but despite the reasons I wasn’t fully present, it had the same impact.

It did make it easier for me, though. I had no physical or emotional bandwidth to remain upset. It was an escape. For better or worse in the big picture, it helped me through that time.

That’s what this Two of Pentacles reminds me of—demands of maintaining the status quo crowding out emotional concerns. The rough waters in the background show emotional turmoil. Who knows if one or both of those ships will capsize? He has no time to wonder! This man’s focus is fully required to maintain juggling his Pentacles—the physical, financial or energetic demands of his life. Tarot Pentacles are about the physical world and physical manifestation. See the infinity symbol around the Pentacles? There’s no clear end in sight.

Those pentacles could represent a number of situations: financial stress, health problems, family concerns, whatever. The overriding theme, however, is that the all-encompassing attention that’s required to keep real-world issues managed is also taking place in a wider emotional context.

My advice  is to start with acknowledging that sea: be aware of emotional context you may be ignoring. Also, start looking for some help! Relief from juggling duties, even occasional, will make the overall situation easier to maintain. I’m not saying the juggling is not necessary or important. That’s not my call. I’m saying there are implications and costs that can go along with this phase. Everything requires a trade-off, baby. If it takes all you got to keep those Pentacles in the air, there’s nothing left over for you (or the people you love). Know what you’re paying for it as well as what you’re getting from it. I guess above all, I’d tell you to make it a plan to keep your juggling temporary. This is workable for a while, but is not a permanent solution.

Are you juggling hard?


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08/27/13: Heart-Driver / Chariot


The Chariot shows us a highly focused approach to a mission, whatever the mission may be. It may also be at times an unconventional approach—associated with Cancer the crab, Chariot energy is at times indirect, “sideways,” like a crab moves. Most Chariot renditions show us a chariot (duh!) pulled by a white and a black animal. The suggestion is that all resources must be harnessed. This means channeling what could be characterized as weaknesses in service of your goals as well as strengths. I’ve also found this card to frequently show up related to home/family oriented objectives, another Cancer connection.

I recently had this card inverted in a reading to show an option where the ongoing focus could be relaxed. The Chariot IS a card of success, but it does have a price. It’s tiring! So while it’s a great message when you need it and points toward success, you don’t want to live your whole life awash in the vibe. You know?

I’m taking this card today to suggest single-minded, uncompromising attention to your goal. You may opt for a sideways approach if that’s what’s most readily available, but do NOT forget the end you are pursuing. And do not lose heart! The heart is the secret of the Chariot’s power, providing the dedication needed to succeed and seat of the secret reserve of energy the Chariot driver calls upon when needed. The emotion is what torques the energy up. Use that to your advantage.

You have occasion to call upon the Chariot’s energy?

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08/21/13: Inner Badassery / Queen of Wands


“You’re not in touch with your inner badassery.” –Me to Client

This Queen of Wands was the card that convinced me, I had to have this deck. Powerful, regal and strong, she sits amidst sunflowers clutching her friendly familiar, a lovely (and obviously spoiled) black cat. She brings a nice riff off of yesterday’s theme; you don’t control the outside world, but you do control YOU.

This queen tells us we are stronger than we think. Access it by remembering that courage does not equate with lack of fear. Doing that which you are comfortable with doing is not a big deal. It may be the right thing and all, but it’s not so notable in terms of bravery. On the other hand, it takes a LOT of courage to feel fear but do what you need to do anyway. See? Bravery comes from facing up. I don’t care if the facing up includes a little kicking and screaming. Just as long as you get the job done.

If you focus on the task at hand (and then retreat to break down in private later), if you forged ahead feeling terrified inside, or if you’ve stood strong when feeling anything but  strong because that’s what’s required, you have tapped into this lady’s power.

She is forceful and yes, she is strong. Please don’t confuse her strength with lack of fear or lack of caring. That’s her secret, actually: her passion gives her the juice, the creative energy to BE strong. Her spirit is made up of fire—hot, intense feelings. In being true to herself, she makes tough choices and forges ahead, thus lighting the way for those who would follow her.

To sum it up: Finding things hard does NOT prove weakness. Facing it proves strength. Walking through the pain builds muscles. Acknowledge the effort to get in touch with your inner badassery.

Do you have an inner badass?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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08/20/13: Home Base Happiness / 10 of Cups, Emperor Rx


When I pulled the Ten of Cups, I was happy to see the card. We could use a little encouragement about now! But I wanted more to say than expect “emotionally satisfied family life” for today.

How do we find that happy place, I asked? The reversed Emperor showed up in response.

Choose to focus on what you appreciate, what feeds emotionally. Let go of the drive to control everything, trying to make the world and those in it fit into your own paradigm. It doesn’t work, man. It just doesn’t work.

Two people can have the exact same circumstances. One may be thrilled, the other miserable. It’s NOT the outer that creates joy and contentment. I’ll grant you, outer circumstances can certainly make it easier or harder for sure! But if you continue to look outside yourself for permission to be fulfilled and happy, you’ll spend the rest of your life seeking the same.

See that family in the Ten of Cups? Nobody from the outside had to give them permission to love one another. And do you see anybody in that scene worrying about what say the in-laws, neighbors or bosses?

Joy doesn’t require permission. Your corner of the universe can be peaceful and happy if you will it to be so. Sure, there are worries out there. I hear you. And they do have an impact. The “system,” the establishment or whatever power structures exist outside your inner circle do create ripples in live and impact our fate.

But it doesn’t decide if we are happy or not. NOBODY has the power to do that outside yourself. If your home and family is an emotional haven, it’s because you created that, not because someone else allowed it.

And if it’s not? Work on creating it. There’s an enormous reservoir of fortitude accessible from a circle of love.

Is your home base happy? If not, can you make it more so?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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