08/19/13: Imagination, to Empower or Imprison? / The Star

the-star-tarot-meaning-imaginationSo…y’all probably know by now, the Star is associated with Aquarius and often is read as “hope and dreams.” It’s generally an optimistic card. But I’m not seeing it as so flatly clear cut right now. It feels more like…electrical charge. Electricity can light up your world or fry your nerves, you know?

Think of this in terms of an intellectual understanding. Aquarius is an air sign and the intellect is tantamount for Air energy. There is a kind of detachment, a sense of the far-away with the Star. Gazing upon the stars makes one feel both part of the infinite and insignificant at the same time. What overrides, though, is the sense of being a part of something bigger. One foot on the land, one foot in the water, the woman of the Star is naked—without pretense or illusion, working both in the material world and outside the material world. The water is the universal, the subconscious, the bigger world. The land is the material world. She pours her energy upon both.

The Star can harness the power of imagination. While children’s programs hail the magical power of imagination as all good, adults know it can go both ways. Imagination can empower OR imprison!

Here’s the thing: you get to direct the imagination with your thought process. You decide, if you conjure up creative disasters to fearfully avoid, or creative options to save the day. The power is up. Choose which switch to flip.

Are you feeling charged up?

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07/23/13: Class in Session / 9 Pentacles


It’s great to see an upright Nine of Pentacles after the string of inverted cards…she tells us, time for school, man. There’s an education to be had one way or another.

I’ve been noting those “educate yourself” pings for a while, which I’ve been doing best to take to heart. I’ve hit up Udemy to learn more business, video and writing skills (with coupon codes—thanks, Universe!). I’m reading up a storm, devoting some time every day to study.

I’m also looking to absorb mysteries of runes, Qabalah, Lenormand, more advanced Tarot…really, any and everything interests me and seems promising to develop.

The Nine of Pentacles today feels like a nod, a “there you go!” acknowledgement I’m doing just fine.

What are you studying?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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07/22/13: Check Your Map / 6 Swords Rx

So, I cannot help but noting a trend over the last several days forecast. So many reversed cards! Not easy going.


The Six of Swords is not easy going even upright, although it’s usually indicative of a positive, helpful or important transition. Overall, it’s a tired card, but one of necessary changes in progress, so encouraging! Inverted, arrival at the destination will often be delayed or not assured.

Are you still in line with your goals? Are you still heading in the direction you think you are? It would be a great time to review the impact of your recent choices. Make sure your boat is still headed for the right shore. It would be absolutely lousy to find yourself someplace you don’t want to be after such a hard journey.

Are you in transition?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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07/21/13: Ignoring Momma / Queen of Pentacles Rx

rx-queen-of-pentaclesSo, if my kids had followed all my advice over the years, they would have skipped out on a LOT of pain. Right? I’m a parent. I know this. In my entirely un-humble opinion, they’d be hard-pressed to legitimately argue the point.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean would have been better off to always cash in on the stash of parenting gold. Assuming Hell freezing over didn’t throw us into a planetary Ice Age and kill us all, said children would have missed out on a LOT of irreplaceable learning experiences.

Because there’s hearing words, and there’s living life. Tarot Swords may be able to learn from words but here in the suit of Tarot Pentacles, it’s all about the living bit.

Funny to see the reversed Queen of Pentacles right after running up against the reversed King of Pentacles. Mom cannot fix this, either! Seriously. Don’t be looking for a back-door into somebody else’s business today; it will backfire! No handing out tickets to the Guilt Trip Express. No heavy sighs of martyrdom, no dropping hints. Indirect, duplicitous communication or hidden agendas all are highly ill-advised right now.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s fine—beyond fine, even awesome!—to have someone’s best interests as heart. That’s what Mommas do, including Tarot Mommas. But I have to acknowledge, what I personally want and what’s “best for everybody” are not necessarily one and the same, even if it seems clear from an objective standpoint.

Knowing the ultimate life path of everybody is beyond us mere mortals. I know what I can see and feel, but I don’t know what the bigger picture or deeper lessons go. I can speak my piece (ONCE) but when it comes to somebody else’s life, how much is it really about me?

Take care of yourself first, still. (‘Cause I suspect some of y’all didn’t quite hear that yesterday.) It’s fine to make your case. Just do it honestly and with the compassion you naturally feel, no “ends justify the means” bullshit because that may come back to bite you in the ass.

And then? Get back to your own business!

Are you feeling the urge to meddle?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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07/20/13: Charity starting at Home /rev King of Pentacles


So, Dad’s a bit upside down today via the reversed King of Pentacles. You cannot provide for those who do not want to be provided for, you know? You cannot do it all. Maybe something (or somebody) stands in your way? Maybe the “fix it” mentality is a way to avoid looking too closely in the mirror?

I don’t know which if any of these potentials might apply to you. What I can say is that efforts aimed at others “for their own good” are likely to flop about now. So rather than embarking on a crusade to fix everybody else…well, care for thyself first. Lead by example, sure, but don’t get pissed if your example isn’t followed right away.

In short, charity REALLY starts at home today. Not so much with the family, but with the self!

Are you feeling the itch to fix?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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07/19/13: Exaggerated Worries /rev 9 of Swords


When it was time to get new eyeglasses, I got very stressed over the choices. I can’t see well to read and it had been maybe three or four years since I’d gotten my eyes checked. Should I spring for bifocals or worse (meaning OLD woman), get bifocal contacts (though I’ve never had contacts, would I be able to adjust), or just get plain glasses and stock up on cheapo readers? Would I hurt my eyes if I made the wrong choice? Would I waste a lot of money getting something I hated and therefore wouldn’t use?

I know. I know. It sounds stupid, but I was truly stressed over it. I didn’t want to make a poor choice that ended up with me feeling guilty or wasting money with something I wouldn’t use. I actually did divination work on the decision.

My tools would not tell me what to do, by the way. No surprise there. Although they were clear, it didn’t really make any difference. So I just made a damn decision, and it was fine.

This is an admittedly trivial example of the reversed Nine of Swords energy. While I didn’t literally lose sleep over eyeglass quandary, I most often see this card when someone is having trouble sleeping, beset by guilt and worries. This is also an isolated, lonely situation. It’s been my observation that the subject of the Nine of Swords is responsible for the situation themselves in some respect, and their desire to hide the fact adds to the isolation.

Inverted, I would expect the worry (or anticipated response if the worry is confessed) to be overblown. Either deal with the situation directly or come clean about it if you need help, because it’s the combination of exaggerated worry and hiding that makes this energy so miserable.

You feeling a little worried?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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