What Can You Feel Good About? Weekly Flow Tarot Forecast, Jan 26–Feb 2

Weekly Tarot Forecast

“Do what you can feel good about.” I’ve given this advice many times, both to others and to myself in the mirror when faced with a hurtful situation. Family issues, rejections, and betrayals can sometimes leave us simultaneously wanting to make up and strike back. So in trying to decide what’s appropriate, a yardstick that doesn’t try to measure anyone else’s behavior is incredibly helpful.

This week? It’s like that. Do what you can feel good about and what you’ve committed to do.

Most of this coming week looks pretty good! While I’m not crazy about the weekend which the cards suggest may lean toward the raw side, I believe we can use the energy of the rest of the week to carry us through. It looks to be a fast-pasted week with emotional notes, starting off with the Knight of Cups, and including the Chariot and a very busy Five of Wands. The orange topic cards are people, so both yourself, others and your relationship(s) play a major role as well. In other words, this week doesn’t appear in a vacuum, folks. I expect both conflict and comforts to come from your inner circle. So be aware.

Also remember, we’re still in Mercury retrograde. So there may be a little déjà vu of old news showing up to spice up your week. Be graceful and gracious, and always double check your facts before taking action here, and you should be fine.

Monday, Future Life – Prince of Cups: This card promises an upcoming emotional connection, or a deepening of an existing emotional connection. Knights’ energy is not static; it moves! In short, your feelings take you new places. Sometimes it’s pleasant and sometimes it’s not, but it’s definitely moving. So what do you think of that?

Tuesday, Mind – Two of Wands: A decision to be made. If you wonder, “Am I up to this? Can I hold my own here?” The Two of Wands answer is “Yes,” although you may not be as certain as I am.

Wednesday, You – Ten of Pentacles: You’re surrounded by a loving family (be they biological or chosen) and the richness of being a part of that community. Revel in being a part of such a group.

Thursday, Others – The Chariot: Ah, people around you are going places! Be a follower or be a leader, but whatever you do, don’t stand still. You’ll get left behind.

Friday, Relationship – The Moon: This could go either way. There could be mystery and magic afoot, or it could turn out-and-out crazy on a dime. I would advise scrupulous honesty in all relationships. The Moon can show up for lies, and that’s not really the energy you want to invoke here. Don’t push for hard facts. Just allow interactions to take shape and don’t discount the power of emotions in creating reality.

Saturday, Hopes and Fears – Five of Wands: Either there is worry a conflict will never end, or an itching to kick some ass. Keep the temper in check.

Sunday, What You Can’t Change – Ten of Swords: Whoever has hurt you, it’s done. Whoever has not been true, it’s done. Facing up to the full impact is not fun by any stretch, but it’s the hardest part of betrayals. Once that’s over, the healing can really get underway.

Overview/Advice – Four of Wands: Regardless of what others do, honor your commitments and do what YOU feel good about. Your goodwill may waver based on others’ behavior, but your integrity should not. Stand by your word.

Affirmation: The Universe is Big Enough to fulfill my every intent. I am thinking of this in terms of expectation versus reality. I may EXPECT to get my desires in a straightforward, linear fashion because I’ve been “good” and tried my best to do my work. I may get disgruntled if I start at point A and life throws me a tsunami and I realize I’m so far away from my pre-identified point B that I can not longer find it in my radar.

But our vision is so very limited and sometimes, what we end up with is much different that what we envisioned. Doesn’t mean we’re not moving ahead or growing. It only means it’s not in the way we might have plotted it. We need both a deliberate intent for who we want to be, and the flexibility to ride the flow and discover new alternatives. At times, that ugly package is the Universe’s biggest gift and we just didn’t know. Wherever you are, make the best of it and know that if you surrender to the flow, you’ll get much further than if you fight it. Don’t ask “how” you’ll get there so much as focusing on the what you want your life to be about. That vision, attention to where you are going, is what gets you there. Fixation on the rocks brings pain. Fixation on the destination keeps you tracking ever towards it.

Hope you have a wonderful week and manage to sidestep the rocks. And if in doubt, remember, do what you feel good about! Everything else (eventually) falls into place. Much love.

How’s your week looking?

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Good in the Long Run? Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/11–8/16

I was talking to someone about a recent event, something that upset me a lot.

“It’s no doubt a good thing in the long run,” I said. “It was upsetting but I needed to be more proactive than I was.”

That sums up this week’s forecast pretty well. It’s all about the long run.

Tarot Forecast Week of Aug 11 2014

When 5 of 7 daily draws are reversed, I know it’s going to be a challenging week. And oddly enough, this week ushers a meeting of the Tarot Kings. The only King who didn’t show up at the summit is the King of Swords. Does that mean a level head is going to be in short supply? Eeek!

I do expect plenty of action, though, as the Wands are kind of jumping out here. And we have a special appearance by a card somehow shuffled into the wrong deck, so of course I’m going to interpret that for you. Would you expect anything less? Ha!

Monday, Clarification – The Star Reversed: The situation is less important than how you FEEL about the situation. This looks like disappointment coloring assessment. It’s not the direness of it all that hurts, it’s the loss of hope. But you know, even reversed, this is a positive card. I think at least some of pessimism is unwarranted if not all of it. Maybe the outcome’s not what you wanted, but more importantly, it is what you needed?

Tuesday, Romance – King of Pentacles Reversed: I’d much rather see this King upright for the topic romance but since he isn’t, it’s a day when you may not want to act overtly possessive with your sweetie or partner. Allow space and remain friendly and supportive, keeping it light. I’m just seeing a potential for overwhelm and impatience with neediness. If you are currently sans sweetie, consider this advice in terms of any close relationships. Let it be light and fluffy as much as possible, okay?

Wednesday, Mind – Page of Cups Reversed: Emotions impact how you hear the message. Thinking may be cloudy or wires are likely crossed. Don’t sign anything or make irrevocable declarations until the fog lifts.

Thursday, Heart of the Situation – Nine of Wands: You have to stick it out! That’s the bottom line. Rewards come to those who don’t pack up their toys and go home, even if it appears you have very little support. Don’t give up!

Friday, Career – King of Cups Reversed: Engage the brain-mouth filter in any career interactions to save upset.

Saturday, Conscious Desires – King of Wands Reversed: Inertia is the curse of the King of Wands reversed. In the position of Conscious desires, he says, “I don’t wanna!” Compromise. Work some and play some.

Sunday, Resolution – Ace of Wands: This is a more productive day to work through your to-do list. Or at least, you could finish one, very important item on that list. Take advantage.

Overview/Advice – Four of Pentacles: You may feel scared, but you are also stable. Move through the week slowly and deliberately. You’ll make it!

Affirmation: My future is glorious. If you cannot believe it when you say it, do the one-step up. Maybe try, “My future could be bright.” And work you way from there.

Bonus card (hidden in the Deck of 1000 Spreads) – Seven of Pentacles: Between this and the affirmation, I’m finding some encouragement. Sometimes the day-to-day struggles become the trees for which we miss the forest. You know? This week is all about what needs to be done long term, what’s best in the long run. Sometimes, what’s best in the long run isn’t too exciting in the short run.But that doesn’t change the fact you’ll be glad you did what you needed to do…in the long run.

Are you dealing with “the long run” lately?

 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Perspective with Plans / Weekend Flow, May 31–Jun 1

May 31 Weekend Flow

Are you feeling the shadow of Mercury Retrograde yet? I’m seeing little signs of the next retro coming in now (June 7-July 1). I’ve got myself a boatload of Mercurial goodness, so I tend to tune in to his schedule anyway. But I’m thinking he’s already planning his retrograde hijinks now that the shadow has started. Be ready to think on your feet!

With two Pentacles cards and one from the Wands suit, it’s going to be a good weekend for grounding activities—going outside, exercising, cooking, gardening, or everybody’s favorite, sex! Being fully present, in the moment and in your body, along with a go-with-the-flow approach, helps keep life pleasantly on course this weekend.

Saturday, Reversed Three of Pentacles: Expect social plans going slightly awry. Flexibility has the potential to be the saving grace of the day. I wouldn’t expect an apocalyptic mess. Just don’t overreact to last-minute schedule changes or unexpectedly unavailable cohorts. I’d also avoid a rush to judgment over this behavior, because it’s likely the facts are not in.

Sunday, Seven of Pentacles: Patience IS a virtue today. The vibe favors long-term preparations of any sort. Of course, no question it would be a great time to work in your garden—that’s what the guy pictured is doing! But it’s also a good time to go grocery shopping, or update your budget (Pentacles, hello!) or wash clothes for the coming week or organize your closet by season and color. (Sorry, that was a Virgo moment we just had there.) The point is that anything you do today to make tomorrow easier has an especially solid payoff. But you’re totally good standing back and admiring your progress prepping for the future, too.

Coping, Queen of Wands Reversed: Avoid stubbornness or temper tantrums. I’m seeing the possibility for blurting criticism with immediate regrets to follow, so watch your mouth, eh? Too much type A behavior and you may be apologizing to somebody before the weekend is through!

Affirmation: “I see my parents as tiny children who need love.” Now, that’s kind of an odd affirmation (to me), but it’s interesting in the context that of something that’s been on my radar—how very much we carry our childhood with us, and how unconsciously. We give our parents such power over our own self-definitions, when in truth they are every bit as jacked up as we are. Sometimes more. We carry that into our relationships with one another and our own children.

In the context of this weekend’s forecast, that affirmation suggests knee-jerk reactions or out-of-kilter emotional responses that crop up may be connected to old childhood issues. And what’s more, your folks probably didn’t have any better idea of how that impacted you than the people that could be triggering the same thing now.

Does this fit with your weekend?

 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Optimistic Resolutions: Weekly Flow, May 26-30

Weekly Tarot May 26 - 30

Well, I’m delighted and relieved to see a more pleasant outlook for the coming week than I got for the weekend! Plus looks like a nice day off for those of you who get that sort of thing. I’m expecting an active week with those Wands showing up and the generally active tone of the overall forecast. Possibility of some sort of resolution on Friday. Overall, this week is feeling optimistic!

Monday, Ten of Cups: Great day for relaxing with loved ones, friends and family alike. Looks harmonious and happy. Yay!  Be sure to let the folks around you know how much you appreciate them. It will be well received. Caveat: Any time we’re talking Cups, there may be alcohol flowing so please, no unnecessary risks.

Tuesday, Three of Wands: A day of expectation. Look for news, feedback or an update coming in on something you’ve initiated previously, especially via mail although not necessarily. Most likely it’s positive, and deserved. This card often foretells a payout of some sort. Hope that’s how it works out for you!

Wednesday, The Hierophant: Well, it’s the New Moon in Gemini, and the Hierophant would TOTALLY approve of a spiritual ritual of some sort. New Moons are for new starts. What do you want to start? If you can incorporate traditional symbolism into the mix, it will be all that much more effective. In the everyday, muggle world, make any calls you need to make to big institutions today, tie up loose ends and present yourself conservatively and traditionally. Your best bet is going old school.

Thursday, Five of Swords: I often struggle with this card, trying to decide who is defeating whom. But here, I want to say the victor will be the one who has the clearest communication and sharpest ideas. So if you’re facing off, have your points outlined and stick to the facts for the best outcome. Quick, concise and to the point for the win.

Friday, Eight of Wands reversed:  Good chance what you thought was up in the air, not so much! I’m seeing this as a likely conclusion to something or end to uncertainty.

Affirmation for the week: I love and approve of myself. It’s so easy to play what-if, second guess and doubt ourselves to death. I’m horrified at some of the self-talk I hear—people tell their Tarot readers things, you know. I often suggest that people treat themselves with as much kindness, compassion and understanding as they would a good friend. Because some of the things people say to themselves, they would never dream of saying to their dog, let alone another human being.

First of all, forgive yourselves your mistakes. We all make them, and you don’t get the privilege of doing without. And secondly, it’s much easier to approve of yourself if you do your best. Your best today will probably be better than your best last year or last week. That’s not a reason for self-scorn. It’s evidence  of growth.

So cut yourself some slack for the past and focus on doing what you can now. I’m willing to bet life will flow smoother when you do that.

How’s your week looking?

 Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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Zen Muscles: Weekly Flow Tarot, 5/19 – 23

Oh. My. God.

I just realized that it’s been 3 days since I’ve posted something. That may not sound like much, but that’s actually the longest time I’ve gone without publishing anything–for over three years?

This kind of blows my mind.

I’ve spent the last few days doing some serious letting go and cleaning up, as sort of a preparation for Mars going direct. Prepping for what’s coming next. That’s a good thing. Exciting but also scary as Hell. But overall, a good thing.

However, thought y’all might appreciate a Weekly Flow forecast anywho. Ha! This is for Monday – Friday. I’ve got something different lined up for the weekend.

mayforecast 002

Overall, I’m liking most of this week, although I do have to admit the start looks better than the finish. We’ve got a mix of the elemental energy, so I’m expecting a balanced week in terms of focus, with Monday having the most kick, coming in with a Major Arcana card. The challenge this week as I see it is carrying your Zen within to the very end, you know what I mean?

Monday: The Empress
Mars is going direct with a bang! Great day to take DEFINITIVE action on getting what you want or diving in head first to creative projects. What you lovingly birth or care for today has some staying power. Fortune favors the brave and the nurturing with this energy. Do something beautiful with it!

Tuesday: Four of Wands
Is this an event I see?  Meetings, parties, or socializing with loved ones can build an atmosphere of security and enhances a sense of “being in this together.” In business negotiations, agreements reached today will likely be harmonious and long-lasted. This is another day when you want to focus on what you’re creating but rather than it being a personal project, it’s done with someone else.

Wednesday: Ace of Cups Reversed
This is striking me as being kind of PMS-y, like a collective “Midol moment.” Possibility of emotionally overreacting to external stimuli. So think twice before you have yourself a meltdown because who wants to be making apologies the day after? It feels worse than it actually is, so I’d opt for distraction (or my favorite, a nap!) until you feel better.

Thursday: Seven of Swords
Great day to keep a low profile and not draw undue attention to anything you don’t want changed by the powers that be. On the flip side, if YOU are the “powers that be,” scrutinize the Hell out of everything that crossed your path. Something may well be hidden therein. Ha!

Friday: Page of Pentacles Reversed
Watch spending today. It’s very easy for it to get away from you, with small expenditures adding up before you notice. Double check receipts and bills, too, to make sure it all adds up properly. There is a possibility of errors or overcharging that could easily be missed.

Affirmation: I am at peace.
Remember, it’s not what’s going on around you that creates your peace. It’s what’s going on INSIDE you. Controlling what’s going on around you is nothing but a big, fat illusion! Controlling what goes on inside you means that no matter what, your mojo cannot be disrupted. You’ll probably have some opportunity to exercise your “Zen muscles” this week. It will help keep you from overreacting or missing important information as the week winds up. So keep a clear head, folks!

What are you expecting for the coming week? Does this line up for you?

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04/17/14: Date Night / The Empress

Empress meaning Romance

Oh my gosh! Seeing the Empress (ruled by Venus) paired up with Romance, I’m delighted. If you’re not paired up nor in a position to be interested in such, then fall in love with a creative endeavor. You can make something beautiful today.

And if you are paired off? Great date night!

Um…I will add a single caveat, though. Anytime the Empress is around, pregnancy is a possibility. Stay safe out there!

You ready for date night?

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