04/16/14: Emotional Drainage / Ace of Cups Reversed

Ace of Cups Rx Meaning

What’s coming into focus via “crowning influences?” The Ace of Cups reversed suggests to me somebody—maybe it’s you—doesn’t have a single $&%# left to give. This is not merely a declaration of “don’t care” to me. It’s more specific, an issue of running out of emotional bandwidth.

Like if I care a lot about how you think, and you think I suck, and I continue to worry and fret and feel like Hell over it, well, how long is that situation sustainable for me?

Or maybe I’m dealing with some serious crap. And this other guy is an emotional drain in general…doesn’t matter how or why, just a siphon at a time when I don’t have the excess energy. This is going to have an impact, don’t you think? Sooner or later, I’m gonna snap. Or I’m gonna quit taking his calls or block his email. I’m gonna do whatever I need to do to conserve my emotional energy. This is what I’m seeing here.

So if you’re the drainer, cut the crap out! And if you’re the drainee, protect your emotional bandwidth. It’s precious and frankly, you probably need it.

Seeing some emotional drainage?

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04/15/14: Rehab Without a Bag / Devil Reversed

Devil Reversed Meaning

What a card for what a day! We’ve got some serious Eclipse action, tax day and in general, the mood seems to be amped up and hot. So seeing a reversed Devil as “the answer” seems to fit the mood to me!

It’s a Full moon, folks, and a supercharged one at that. Full moons are a time to release. You have a crack in the wall, an escape route, an open window today to let go of something significant, remove an obstacle from your life. Why not take it?

And we ARE talking the Devil card: there may be an addiction, a sense of being imprisoned, but it’s illusion. In most versions of this card, the chains are loosely bound.

My general sense around this day is that you can make a quick escape from what’s holding you back, provided you are prepared to leave behind some baggage. It may be intimidating or scary to leave behind said baggage, but it’s the only way you’re going to slip away from those obstacles.

Since we’re in the Aries/Libra axis, we’re talking about self and other. Aries is associated with the 3rd Chakra, the seat of our power and self-identity. Libra is associated with the heart chakra, the place where we give and receive love.

Whatever situation you feel imprisoned by, you can likely slip away from today, particularly if you’re willing to leave some old baggage behind. Especially in the realm of this Lunar eclipse, where the me/we vibration needs a healthy balance, you have the opportunity to let go of whatever is stopping you. Today, I see the answer as heading straight into rehab, without stopping to pack your bags. Don’t want to miss the ride.

Do you have something to release today?

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04/14/14: Seeking Hope / Star Reversed

Star Reversed Meaning

The reversed Star paired with “situation” makes me think of a situation in which you are starting to feel discouraged, perhaps losing hope. Even reversed, the Star is a very promising, helpful card. It’s just a bit removed from where you are now. The Star is aligned with Aquarius energy, and tends to be far-reaching and future-oriented.

Today, I would try to avoid pessimism. Yes, worst-case scenarios can happen but they are certainly no more likely than best-case scenarios. Almost always, it’s something in between. And rather than obsessing on outcome anyway, ask yourself if there is anything you can do to improve your odds? Can you find reasons to be hopeful or better yet, enact some and get that Star card uprighted? That’s your task for the day. Seeking out hope.

Are you feeling hopeful?

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04/13/14: Compromise / 9 of Cups Reversed

9 of Cups Rx Meaning

Eh. Nine of Cups reversed paired with “Others” suggests a compromise, getting some, but not all, of what you’d like. Overall, even reversed this is a pretty positive energy. So my quick-off advice to you is not to lose sight of all the stuff you DID get from others in favor of what you gave up. Overall, it’s still likely you’re coming out pretty sweet on the deal.

I think it’s also worth noting we JUST saw this card recently paired with “mind.” Several rather positive cards lately inverted. I’m inclined not to call that bad luck so much as tempered or initially confusing good luck. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

You compromising today?

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04/12/14: Relationship Repair / 7 of Pentacles Reversed

7 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Whatever relationship is the topic at hand, I’m seeing the reversed Seven of Pentacles as putting it on shaky ground, long-term. Delays, frustrations, mixed signals or uncertain outcome is all possible when this card is not upright. The precedent being set now is questionable at best, counter-productive at worst. Nobody is cutting it off at the moment, but this is a connection under stress.

If the relationship is an important one, the goal is to get this card turned around. Address misunderstandings, become more transparent, set the stage for long-term trust, or otherwise look to correct and address any cause for tension. Do not expect the situation to aright itself immediately. Basically, it took a while for things to develop as they have. It will most likely take a while to fix it.

You feeling this? Hoping that’s a big, fat NO!

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04/11/14: Surprising Mixed Feelings / 3 of Pentacles Rx

3 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Do you harbor a secret desire to see the work of the planning committee go down the tubes? Maybe the desire is that you haven’t even noticed? Because “Unconscious Desires” paired with the reversed Three of Pentacles suggests something along those lines. It’s unknowingly hoping plans do not come to fruition.

My advice for coping? Try to make the unconscious conscious. When you don’t know why you are feeling as you are, it can make for colossal confusion. Much better to understand where YOU are coming from before trying to figure out where everybody else is coming from.

Look within to see what you’re really rooting for, deep down inside. If you find yourself secretly relieved when plans get cancelled, hoping the planning committee fails, and especially if you’re surprised by these feelings, there is something deeper.

Don’t get personal, ego-related concerns mixed up with the bigger picture. I’m not saying don’t HAVE them. Hello, being a human being! I’m just saying know what you’re rooting for, and why.

Are you being surprised by mixed feelings?

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