Everyday Tarot, 06/09/11: Detail Fixation / Rev Knight of Swords

reversed-knight-swords-tarot-forecast-radiantBeing all Virgo like I am, I have a huge tendency to miss the forest for the trees. I can become so enthralled in pruning a particular bush that I’ll miss a brush fire a few feet over. But damn—doesn’t the bush look perfect?!

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Knight of Swords or “Prince of the Chariot of the Winds, ” associated with Air in Air. He thinks, quite simply, too much! His thought go hither and yon, full of ideas and idealism, but sometimes lacking practicality. He can overthink. Inverted, he lets us know we don’t have to have all the facts to succeed in our quest.

The questions are more important than the answers. Specifically, the question of what you really want, not how you can orchestrate it. Don’t over-intellectualize. And forget perfect-case scenarios, trying to plot it everything out like a movie of the week. That doesn’t work well, what with so much of that pesky free will floating about.

Focus on the feeling, thus creating the vibration you’re seeking. Leave the details up to spirit. That allows for a flow you could never mastermind independently. This is how you get there.

Do you get sidetracked by the details?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Everyday Tarot, 05/30/11: Punch-Drunk / Inverted Knight of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-rev-knight-cups-houswivesAnytime people remain in problematic circumstance, there’s a reason. I know sometimes we feel trapped in a world not of our making, but most traps in the long view become about weighing what you’re willing to leave behind against freedom, you know? There’s usually an underlying “why” we stay that can be unacknowledged—that core belief, feeling or reason is the real chain that binds us.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Knight of Cups or “Lord of the Waves and the Waters,” associated with Air in Water. I often see this fellow with emotional instability surrounding a situation, wildly fluctuating feelings. In fact, “punch-drunk” is a great description for this Knight. Whatever the feelings we’re drinking up, they go straight to our heads!

The Knight of Cups often shows up around emotional confusion. But it’s not about one person tricking the other. The blur factor doesn’t occur in isolation. A really good, Knight of Cups question is, “Who’s fooling whom?” Inverted, look for the scales tipping one way or the other about now. Either she’s going to get fall-down drunk or she’s going to pay closer attention to what’s in that cup. It’s a decision point.

fruit-punch-sl-300501-xIf you want to change the situation, the inverted Knight of Cups would have you sober up a bit and take ownership of your own emotional needs and reactions. You’re deciding what you continue to drink in.

Is resistance to re solving a disruptive emotional issue related to avoidance? Is there some bit of experience or a realization you’ve been wishing to deny? It’s your choice what cup to drink from. No judgment here! We each move at the pace that’s right for us. But if you’re tired of being drunk, it’s silly to keep sucking down the spiked punch. Pretending like you didn’t realize it was spiked isn’t of much help.

You ever “put down the punch?” How’d it work out?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Everyday Tarot, 05/08/11: Knight of Swords and his Chaffing Armor


“Just do the best you can, Dixie. Because that’s all you can do.” My parents always told me this, and it was one of the things that stuck, I’m glad to say.

Most do fine with the “doing the best you can” part. It’s the letting it go afterward part that proves challenging. It can become a never-ending game of “What if?” if you’re not careful where you can never win.

Today’s Tarot is the Knight of Swords, associated with Air in Air. He tends towards an intellectual idealism. Sometimes cutting or sharp towards others, his judgment secretly falls most heavily upon himself when he falls short. Since his standards are based on ideals, he eventually will fall short.  In his black and white worldview, addressing his own fallibility can easily become an Achilles’ heel if he doesn’t learn to grant some latitude.

Ideal and Reality don't always machThe Knight of Sword misses the mark at times, refusing to acknowledge ambiguity. Always full of ideas and logic, life is an equation that doesn’t always add up properly. His ideals serve as a great starting point, a compass and guide, but life is lived in  everyday experience. The two do not necessarily coincide.

Those areas he’s most aggressive about controlling in others are almost always sore spots in his own self image. His armor chafes there, the swell of agitation internally prompted. This is where his sense of himself the ideals he wants to fight for are in conflict.

If you are the Knight of Swords, cut yourself some slack. Look after those raw spots with a little tenderness and care to allow them to heal. Trying to block it off is only rubbing the wound raw so cushion and tend. And if you know the Knight, approach him with the same kindness and compassion he has difficulty showing to himself. He’s demanding, but discerning. He can not only be soothed by your kindness, but learn from it.

Do you know a Knight of Swords?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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