06/03/12: The Parents You Got | King of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Wands


I always think of the King and Queen of Pentacles as the “lesser” Tarot parents. If the Emperor and Empress are the ultimate Tarot Mom and Dad, perhaps the idealized parents we see as children (or wish we did!), the King and Queen of Pentacles are the parents you actually got. Pentacles are  what physically manifests, real life flesh and blood.

And that Ace of Wands there, in between the two of them? That’s what they built together. It’s the gestalt of their union, what they created as a unit neither would have made alone. It’s the alchemy between them, their composite, that sets the stage for the family.

I’m feeling this lunar eclipse like gangbusters. It’s showing up as Mommy issues, Daddy issues with some baby issues in between. The air is saturated in who loves whom, who supports whom, and  who acknowledges whom. Are the parents good enough? Are the children? What did that family unit create?

Your parents probably impact your sense of identity more than any other people alive, for good or ill, and it’s not always a clear cut call, which it is. Hardship and struggle can give positive gifts as well as unwelcome ones. It’s all in what you do with it. Clarity about who you are and what you want in your life is your job to take, using whatever you have to work with as tools. If you’ve got lemons, you know what to do with ’em. No point in just standing around with a sour look on your face when you can open up a stand and make a buck or two off of it.

Are you seeing this, too?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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01/30/12: Workin’ It! | 8 of Pentacles


“All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller

Today’s Tarot is the Eight of Pentacles (Virgo sun). It’s interesting to see this after yesterday’s reversed Seven of Pentacles. Life goes on, eh? You keep working and moving forward. As with any of the Tarot Eights, dedication, perseverance and plain old hard work serves well here.

Be it traditional work or personal growth work, the message today is simple: keep doing it! It does, indeed, matter. And you can have accomplishments to feel proud of through your work. Because you deserve it!

How’s your work going?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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01/29/12: Unreliable Investments | Rev 7 of Pentacles

IMG_1968Before I had kids, I was pretty sure I understood everything there was to understand about  raising kids. I was brilliant, after all! So much more insightful than these yahoos I’d see in restaurants and grocery stores, who obviously had NO clue whatsoever. Right? In my youthful arrogance, I was certain 5 minutes with me would have straightened all that crap right up.

You can stop laughing now. I’ll wait.

I’m reminded of the mindset, seeing today’s card.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Seven of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus).  I often think of this card as referring to an investment. The seeds have been long ago planted, and are bearing fruit. We’re looking at long-term planning, gradual payoff for previous efforts, and a slow (Taurus) mastery (Saturn). Inverted, I’d look to investments that did not pay off, blocked progress, or perhaps not getting the fruit you expected from the efforts put forth.

The reversed Seven of Pentacles points out the obvious: not all investments pay out as expected. Life isn’t a vending machine, where you put in your money, wait a minute, and get your prize! Even with overpowering faith, laser-focused intention, and all the will in the world, you don’t always get what you expect.

Sometimes, this fact is not a curse. Sometimes, it’s a grand gift. The catch is, you may not realize that for a decade or three. The work isn’t gone. Inverted or not, the energy remains. It doesn’t disappear. It just hasn’t turned out the way you’d imagined.

So what then? Make the best of what you got from the process. Maybe you got yourself an education over what doesn’t work, or built some muscles bending over, putting those seeds in the ground. Maybe you clarified what you really want to grow, what feeds you most. There are a million and three things you could salvage from the experience, all useful. Doesn’t it make sense to capitalize on that?

No sense spending lots of energy fretting over how you expected it to be. Move the present, to work with what you’ve got now. You may find a golden opportunity, once you’ve regained the presence of mind to look about.

Do you feel your investments have paid off?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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01/08/12: Study Time! | Nine of Pentacles


I’ve been thinking lately, I think I need to study, more formally. Find a teacher, find classes, somehow look for more instruction relating to my work. Today’s card sometimes shows up to nudge us in that direction, promising the payoff of getting an education@

8_of_PentaclesToday’s Tarot is the Nine of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo). She’s mastered her inclinations to slack off and has gone to the trouble of learning her stuff. While I often see this card relating to a formal education, it doesn’t have to be.

The salient characteristic is working hard at learning your lessons (she follows that worker-bee Eight of Pentacles, remember). Having worked diligently at it, she is blessed by the real-world manifestation due her dedication. Her life is sailing along, largely due her decision to really learn her stuff.

Is there something you’ve been thinking about studying, for real? What calls to you, what do you feel you’d like to learn? If there are things you’d like to know more about, the opportunity is there—a window is open for you. Take it and you won’t be sorry!

What would you like to study?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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12/31/11: Giving with Strings | Six of Pentacles Rev


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” –Lao Tzu

It used to be, when I offered help, when I gave, I had a very particular notion of how I expected that gift to be used. I gave with a particular outcome in mind, and would sometimes get my feelings hurt if that didn’t readily come to pass. They may have been lightweight twine, but there were definitely strings attached.  And that caused a lot of problems, mostly for me.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Six of Pentacles, associated with the Moon in Taurus, so we’re talking contributions that have emotional (Moon) value (Taurus). Inverted, I’d be aware of merely going through the motions, giving that feels coerced, of the wrong things, or more than you can comfortably afford. In other words, giving with strings attached.

What, exactly, are you giving? What energetic ingredients are you mixing into that bread? What are your motivations? If you hope to control or generate indebtedness, you’re off-base. Gifts with strings backfire, often bi-directionally.

Do what you can feel good about, and most importantly, LET IT GO from there! Trite or not, it IS the thought that matters, so make sure your thoughts are of kindness and love. Whether your fully baked intention is consumed or not is up to the recipient, but you know you’ve whipped up the best recipe you have on offer. You often don’t see, how it all ends up being used. So have a little faith in the end result and you’ll be able freely without weighting yourself in the process.

What’s your experience on gifts with strings?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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11/14/11: Take Your Own Advice, Dixie! | Queen of Disks

queen-of-disksAh, Tarot. There you go, talking back to me again.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Pentacles (Disks), associated with Water in Earth. I draw this lady with some regularity, as she is a pretty good fit for my personality! I think of her as a lesser version of the Empress, since she does have the Earth mother vibe about her, and since the suit of Pentacles generally refers to physical manifestations—fertility of a sort, you know?

When you see court cards, you can expect it refer to one of three things:

  • An individual, who matches the card’s qualities
  • Aspects of your personality consistent with the card
  • Energy matching the court card

Regardless of which scenario the court card refers to in a reading, however, you can always use the last rule, looking for that energy, since it will be true regardless. But any way you look at it, we’ve got some caretaking going on here.

For me, this queen affirms I should take my oft-given advice: take care of yourself! If you spend your time caring for others’ needs, family, friends, clients, or even strangers and never save any healing time for yourself, you’ll suffer. If you fuss over feeding others well but give yourself a steady diet of junk, you’ll suffer (and they will too, by proxy). Part of your work is self-maintenance, friends. So today’s Tarot nudge is thus: take care of yourself! Schedule it if needed, but regardless, don’t skip it.

Are you due for some self-care?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)

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