Should you “Test” your Tarot reader?

Testing the Tarot Reader?

Should you test your psychic readers?

Anybody who’s done readings has, at some point, heard those lame jokes. “Why don’t you tell ME what my question is? You’re the psychic, right?”

Sniff. Sniff. Smells like smug. Bah!

And God help us if they start in on why I haven’t won the lottery yet. Someone is liable to get smacked.

Now, I don’t consider it my mission in life to proselytize for the Woo-Woo. Which may seem odd, considering this website, because I do preach it. I love preaching it! But I’m not seeking out to win over people who are antagonistic toward what I do. Not my mission.

You don’t like Tarot? You think psychic work is a big load of bull? Okay.  I can see that’s not our common ground. Been there, myself, and respect your sacred right to find your own path. I can wish you well, regardless. Love and light right out to your skeptical ass.

Sometimes, though, I’m tested by people who already believe in the work I do. They just want to make sure that I’m capable of doing it, right. They want to know if what I’m saying right now is what they’re needing to hear.

I understand this. Being sparse with details, looking for clearer signs, is seeking confirmation. Most want clear evidence. Especially when we’re anxious or in pain, we seek extra reassurance. I understand and trust the Source will provide whatever is most needed.

But I’ve had less benign tests at times. Sometimes, people set up little snares, to see if I catch on. I keep my mouth shut even if I do notice–what’s the point of calling it out? But it doesn’t mean it’s not bothersome or offensive.

I see the real test for any reading is an internal sense of “fit.” A good reading leaves you feel informed, empowered, and, well…right. It’s like a click in your brain, a sense of relief or resolution washes over. You know you’ve gotten a good reading because you can feel it. You know best here.

What do you think about testing your psychic reader?