What’s Real: Love in the Present Moment

Excerpted from a reading (because I know more than the original recipient can use this tidbit):

Let go of your fears here. You know better than anybody, that sense of control over your loved ones’ well-being is an illusion. But what’s NOT an illusion is the love that happens in the present moment. That love, you can provide no matter what. That love is what makes life worth living. So focus on that. Focus on the love in the moment, and live that as fully as you possibly can.

Can you shift your focus to love, in the present moment?

Photo: Dave Meier

Foolish Friends: Josi and the Newlyweds

shock-therapyMy pal Josi just “came out” offering astrology and Tarot services.  She is an absolute sweetheart and one of those folks who is gifted with a natural connection extraordinare, so I’m especially thrilled to see she’s joined the ranks of professional readers. Be sure to check out her awesome blog where she serves up an uncompromisingly honest, sometimes raw look at life through the woo-woo lens. Great stuff!

And many of you know my astrologer friends, oh-so-sweet Aliza Moonpluto and the sharp-witted and incorrigible Matthew Currie, right? Aliza runs a number of classes on Facebook so look her up there, and Matthew has a new gig at Beliefnet.

And well…if you hadn’t heard the news, those two just got MARRIED! If you would like to wish them well on their blessed union, check out the wedding registry at Indigogo. (I swiped y’all’s pic from there, hope you don’t mind!)

So I guess this is the “Foolish Friends,  Congratulatory Edition.” Ha!

Congrats, you guys! And thanks for all you do.

1-Card Tarot: Why can’t Lilliput quit crying after quitting smoking?

“I just stopped smoking 6 weeks ago but now I can’t stop crying? Can you tell me what I’m crying for?” -Lilliput

I just hate it when I’m crying and cannot say why! (((Lilliput))) Let’s see what we get…

Short answer: You gave up the smoking, but you still don’t feel “free.” Look to the reasons why you started smoking, what the smoking itself meant to you, for clues on how to leave the sadness behind. Hope this helps!

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1-Card Reading: How can Libby get moved?

“What is the best action I can take to move into a better place to live?” -Libby

Glad to see what I can get for ya, Miss Libby…

Short answer: In terms of specific action, the most important is budgeting. Make yourself a spreadsheet, start crunching numbers, get an end-date in focus. Protecting yourself energetically as well as keeping your spirits up are also important. Hope that helps!

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More Free Video 1-Card Readings

Hey folks–I have been planning on doing a few more 1-Card readings on video. They were a lot of fun and I consider them a public service, especially when the sky is as crunchy as it is at the moment.

These are time consuming to film and edit, so I’m only doing few. Tips are always appreciated but not expected!

If you’d like to participate, please ask a brief, focused question, and I’ll be glad to see what I can get for you. But be quick! When the slots are filled, the form will disappear.

It may be a couple of days or so before I get them posted with my comments. I like to spread them out a bit over a few days but I know people get impatient to see their own reading, so you’re welcome to keep an eye on my YouTube channel for previews, as they hit there first.

Let’s get this party started!

Mini-Reading | Heart’s Desire & 8 of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot

Who’s standing guard?

“What is blocking my heart’s desire?

(Sorry if that’s too corny, but that’s what I came up with)” -the z

Corny, not an issue for Tarot. Sometimes, Tarot can be pretty darned corny anyway.


Listen to the recording for the full reading, but here’s your Cliff Notes version:

What’s blocking your heart’s desire? YOU. Fear. Fear of getting hurt, not being good enough, fear of failure. Fear that if you try and fail, you’ll have nothing. You hold on to the dream because it seems more comfortable; you can’t fail in your imagination.

What have you told yourself that you cannot risk? What have you taken off the table? This is limiting you.  The options you’ve discounted, whatever you’ve determined unacceptable risk? Look there. Your quest for safety is costing you here.

Pay attention to the people you are around especially–who is supportive of you? Who is not? Because the folks that are not? They are a problem, weights around your ankles.

It requires a risk, moving through the fear and realize that your “worst case scenario” isn’t that bad; at the very least, it’s much kinder than the true worst-case scenario–not giving it your all. Living your life without allowing yourself to grow to your fullest capacity. Stretching your wings, you may fall. But you can’t fly without trying.

Hope this helps. Good luck, Z! ♥