Chariot & Tower Reversed: Productive Obstacles

Everyone’s life is filled with those outcomes that didn’t work as expected. I would venture a guess that the ratio of works-as-expected vs. not is minuscule. But that doesn’t mean you’re off track.

Those relationships that broke up, or the jobs that fizzled or the plans that fell apart may have been upsetting. But in the bigger picture, they become a part of the fabric of who we are and they contribute immeasurably to outcomes. How much drama and pause they offer, however, is up to you.

When what I want isn’t coming together, I find it good to remind myself that what IS happening is still useful. And that’s pretty much the topic this week.

Next Week in Tarot

Our weekly outlook is the Chariot, with advice coming in as the Tower reversed from The Good Tarot. Two major arcana cards (and especially these two) makes me think the week is likely to feel eventful and significant.

The Chariot is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer the crab. One thing I often find with the Chariot: success is assured with follow through, but progress will be indirect. Crabs move sideways.

The black and white horses on this card (shown as Sphinxes on the traditional Rider-Waite deck) are both shadow and light–suggesting the conscious use of all forces and inclinations to guide the journey. There’s no right and wrong implied: only an overriding goal.

And the Chariot is always taking it’s rider home. It could be a new home certainly, but consider the newness as reflecting a deeper truth, a more honest rendition of identity. Things are moving ahead, even if it seems like the process is taking a very meandering course.

The reversed Tower for advice tells us not to freak out and scrap everything in the midst of trouble. Expect PRODUCTIVE disruption. Understand that what’s happening now is part of the overall process and not “certain doom,” okay?

I know. That’s easier to say than to do. But perhaps taking a step back and a few deep breaths will be helpful anyway. When is it not?

I also think it’s worth noting, the Chariot is numbered 7 and the Tower reduces to a 7 as well. Tarot sevens point to powerful force, stamina and challenge as being central to achievement.  The key to mastering the sevens is following your inner guidance and convictions, even if that isolates you from the approval of others. Definitely, Tarot Sevens are a call to follow the guidance of heart and let the rest of the world do what it will.

Slow-go is better than no-go. In the obstacles, delays, and setbacks we learn and accomplish so much that is usually vital for our ultimate success. And hey, who doesn’t want “ultimate success?”

It’s all a part of the journey, man. Accept it as such, seek it’s usefulness and the trek will be much more pleasant to traverse.

Are you seeing indirect motion?

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Icing on the Cake: Tarot Forecast, Jan 30 – Feb 4, 2017

I blame astrology–but one recurring theme of my life has been people that I care about exiting–sometimes quite dramatically.

I know, I know, we all deal with this to one degree or another. But it’s been notable for me, at least to me. It’s been a function of my life for many, many years. Important relationships, poof! Friends, sure, but also close family. I have not always taken this well mind you, but maturity has helped me make a lot of progress on that front.

This feature of being me has given the opportunity to find lots and lots of different perspectives on the phenomena. And being who I am, I always look for the perspective that feels best to me.

Our connections, meaningful as they are to us, giving so much fun and love and healing and growth, are all interludes in our lives. We each live inside our own hearts and heads with our own, unique perspectives and no amount of explanation or persuasion can fully admit another. And that’s beyond okay; it’s how this works. That’s how we’re built. It’s a gift, really, when we can share bits and pieces of it with another, but wholly unnecessary for a happy life.

Think of it like icing on the cake. It’s great to have icing but with or without, the cake still tastes good.

This week coming up? It’s a lot like that. The only thing that really matters is sticking true to who you are. This is your cake. Let the universe ice it.

This week’s forecast audio…

The week as a whole may require you to step back a bit to get your orientation, so take your time and let the week’s events roll over you. There is a very clear flow to this forecast, gradual and progressive. I’m seeing/feeling plenty of hysteria out in the wild–so you’ll have to make the choice to opt out if you’d prefer not to ride on that train. Disciplined focus and a determination to feel good are your tickets to a better experience.

Especially notable in this week’s draw is the number of Sevens–the sixteen of the Tower reduces to seven, and we’ve got the Sevens of Wands, Pentacles, and Cups, along with the Chariot, Seven in the Major Arcana! Tarot Sevens offer a clarifying force: focus, drive, and turn points are often called into play. There’s also a sense in Tarot sevens of being separate, standing alone to make one’s decisions while the rest of the world does whatever it does. So if you keep that in mind, you’ll have more success.

Let’s hop on in to the day-by-day and see what we’ve got going.

Monday, Rebuild (Tower) – This angel has lots of heart energy going on…a very soft interpretation of the Tower. Take wherever you are, make peace and start focusing on what you want. Read: focusing NOT on what’s wrong, what might be wrong, how long it will be wrong, how to force the wrong out of your experience. Focus on what you want, and ways you can add that energy in your life. Focus is not the devastation, but the rebuilding. This works from applying it to yourself, all the way out: to your family, neighborhood, country, or world. I recommend focusing on what you want to build!

Tuesday, Strengthening Bonds (Ace of Pentacles) – Look for common ground. You disagree on 25 things with your neighbor but agree on two? Focus on and explore the two you agree upon! That’s the basis for moving forward. That is the only space in which progress is possible.

Wednesday, Base Chakra + Love (The Lovers) – Security and stability comes from the heart, not external circumstances. If you want to offer that to others, or find it for yourself, come at it form a heart space. Look for and express love and kindness. Focus on the energy of love and kindness to activate the vibration of love and kindness. If you are feeling a bit alone, to activate more love, focus your attention on things that help bring out that energy for you. A pet you love, food or a movie, whatever, doesn’t matter what it is. Just feel the appreciation, as appreciation is the same family of vibration as love, so it will activate love. Love is always good medicine.

Thursday, Choose your Battles (Seven of Wands) – Self-explanatory, don’t you think? Trying to get others to be you is always a losing proposition, so I never recommend it. ‘Nuff said.

Friday, Awaiting Results (Seven of Pentacles) – Don’t push to know all the details, how it’s all going to be, now, now, now, now, now. Set out your intentions and be clear, and let the world morph around your clarity and focus of feelings. The results of the vibration you’re offering will settle themselves.

Saturday, Daydreams and Decisions (Seven of Cups) – Lots of visions dancing in your head. Mentally a very active time. You get to decide what you focus on. Let your mind wander, sure, but steer it towards the “wouldn’t it be great if…” end of the scale. Make any necessary decisions, WHILE you’re in a good feeling place.

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Sunday, Move (Chariot) – We’ve had some clarification this week. Monday, we decided what we want. Tuesday, we searched for common ground. Wednesday, we helped ourselves and others feel a bit more secure, coming from a heart-centered place. Thursday, we acknowledged not everything is worth fighting about, Friday, we sat back to let the flow come. Saturday, we get into a good-feeling place with our imagination and make decision from that good-feeling place. Sunday, you may have the option to take some action on it–inspired action, that comes from being connected, plugged in and being in a good place.

Overview/Advice, Darkest Fears (Nine of Swords) – Some of what you feel is “wrong” is worry, imagination used against yourself. Understand the yucky feelings you may have may not be premonition signaling an eventuality, but more born of personal fears. Look for where you can come together with the portion of your experience, however humble it may be, that you find is representative of what you want to see. I don’t mean come together to complain! Look for areas of commonality, harmony and agreement. This will help soothe and even out your energy, giving you more clarity. It’s a step towards living a happy life, which is kind of why we’re here.

Hope that’s helpful and hope you have an awesome week.

How’s your cake coming?

This week’s forecast features the Psychic Heart Tarot. If you dig it, you may like my book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or a personal consult.

07/02/12: Living Your Truth | 7 Wands


“Really? Really!?? It’s not enough, that I’m a pink-haired Tarot reader in Podunk Kansas, skipping around talking about spirits and charkas and energetic vibrations? Now I’m supposed to be a witch, too?!? Aren’t there enough people standing in line to save me already?!”

This is what I said to the sky. What can you do but laugh, you know?

I talk a fair amount about pings, what’s on my radar—recognizing and especially paying attention. I wholeheartedly believe we get as much guidance as we welcome with open arms, help smoothly walking the path. The more you pay attention, the stronger and more frequently pings come in.

But I tell you what: there is NO telling what that path is going to be!

We’ve got the Seven of Wands from the Psychic Tarot Oracle – that imagery is pretty clear-cut, don’t you think? Traditionally associated with Mars in Leo, there’s a sense here of having to fight (Mars) for your confidence (Leo).

It’s not like I bother much with public opinion. I was raised specifically to disregard it, and my upbringing served well. But it’s not like I’m unaware, either. I won’t tell you it never stings. But whaddya gonna do?

You don’t think my unabashed woo-woo proclivities has cost me clients from my other, more traditional business pursuits? Think again.

Not to mention my insistence on going my own way has cost more than 25 years with my family. There are some things you don’t get back. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

But in exchange, I get to be who I really am. I get to speak what I truly believe and live the way that makes me happiest. I can shine my own light full force and if it glares in some eyes, the mofo’s can look the other way.

I can’t be bothered looking for consensus when I want to live on the supernatural edge. I don’t know really know if ever self-identify as a witch or not, but I know I’ll learn about it, because I was guided to.

Paying attention to my inner compass has never let me down. I’ll hold close whatever rings true and discard whatever doesn’t. What you keep and what you discard in and of itself is far less important than making the call with purity and intention, because it’s an individual path, an individual reality being created. Hence, it’s an individual responsibility to keep it clean and true. That’s how you live brightest, living true.

Do you feel like you can live your truth?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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01/29/12: Unreliable Investments | Rev 7 of Pentacles

IMG_1968Before I had kids, I was pretty sure I understood everything there was to understand about  raising kids. I was brilliant, after all! So much more insightful than these yahoos I’d see in restaurants and grocery stores, who obviously had NO clue whatsoever. Right? In my youthful arrogance, I was certain 5 minutes with me would have straightened all that crap right up.

You can stop laughing now. I’ll wait.

I’m reminded of the mindset, seeing today’s card.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Seven of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus).  I often think of this card as referring to an investment. The seeds have been long ago planted, and are bearing fruit. We’re looking at long-term planning, gradual payoff for previous efforts, and a slow (Taurus) mastery (Saturn). Inverted, I’d look to investments that did not pay off, blocked progress, or perhaps not getting the fruit you expected from the efforts put forth.

The reversed Seven of Pentacles points out the obvious: not all investments pay out as expected. Life isn’t a vending machine, where you put in your money, wait a minute, and get your prize! Even with overpowering faith, laser-focused intention, and all the will in the world, you don’t always get what you expect.

Sometimes, this fact is not a curse. Sometimes, it’s a grand gift. The catch is, you may not realize that for a decade or three. The work isn’t gone. Inverted or not, the energy remains. It doesn’t disappear. It just hasn’t turned out the way you’d imagined.

So what then? Make the best of what you got from the process. Maybe you got yourself an education over what doesn’t work, or built some muscles bending over, putting those seeds in the ground. Maybe you clarified what you really want to grow, what feeds you most. There are a million and three things you could salvage from the experience, all useful. Doesn’t it make sense to capitalize on that?

No sense spending lots of energy fretting over how you expected it to be. Move the present, to work with what you’ve got now. You may find a golden opportunity, once you’ve regained the presence of mind to look about.

Do you feel your investments have paid off?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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11/06/11: Digging into Choices | Seven of Cups


"Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices – and sees you as a being of equal creative power." –Joy Page

Some of the hardest and most worthwhile things I’ve done, after the fact I wondered, "Had I known, what all this really entailed, would I have made the same choices?" I’m not sure I would have! In that light, I’m kind of glad I didn’t always know. I did know, enough, however, to follow what spoke to me the clearest. That, I think, remains a saving grace.

Today’s Tarot is the Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusory Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio—dark (Scorpio) loves (Venus) are suggested.

The man here is choosing, between many appealing options. But is everything what it appears? The cup with the victory wreath has a skull on it. Everything he expected, and more? The snake may lie. Is that his inner light glowing under the cloth, or his self-undoing? Will the riches make him happy? Will that dragon protect him, or eat him alive? Care is in order, making this choice.

Your safeguard here lies in digging deep (Scorpio) to define your desire (Venus). Don’t go for the superficial. Sometimes, that’s just a veneer. Know what you most value, and use that as the yardstick. Make sure you stay in line, with WHO you are, who you want to be, and not the expected outcome of the choice. Focus on being present fully as an individual, and the outcome can’t go far wrong.

Have you found recent choices to be what the appear?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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08/15/11: Thundering Truths | Reversed Tower

tower-reversed-tarotEpiphanies—sometimes, they suck! But it doesn’t make them any less vital.

“There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself.” -Laurell K. Hamilton

maj16sToday’s Tarot forecast is the Tower reversed or Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty, associated with Mars. The Mystic Dreamer version is not quite as chilling as the traditional RWS version—no people plummeting out the windows!–but the disruption is evident nonetheless, as you’d expect for a Mars-ruled card.

What’s built on illusion, sooner or later, it’s coming down. This is what the Tower illustrates—building upon false premises, creating an unstable foundation. The more doggedly you cling, refusing to acknowledge discrepancies, denying and self-deluding, the harder the fall.  Inverted, the worst fallout is most likely done, although I’d expect bits and pieces of understanding to pop up amidst the rubble for some time.

The inverted Tower is indication the war is not in full swing—it could be coming or going, but whatever structure wasn’t solid or real has been or is in process of being decimated. It’s over, not coming back in the form it once appeared. If you’re willing to let go of the illusion, you won’t be one of those folks tumbling from burning mess.

Do you see a Tower falling around you?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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