01/19/14: Trouble with Transition / 6 of Swords Rx

6 of Swords RxIn Tarot parlance, the significator represents YOU, the questioner. Paired with the Six of Swords reversed, we’re talking about having difficulty making a transition, leaving a hard time or painful situation behind. Trying to move to something better, but having a rough time staying out of the waves of emotion. Reversed, it’s not too long before the lady falls right out of that boat!

Like in all Tarot Sixes, there is strength in cooperative projects. This card is associated with Mercury in Aquarius, so I’m thinking (Mercury) some detachment (Aquarius) may be in order. Ha!

Consider getting a second opinion! Ask an outsider for perspective if you cannot see your situation objectively. If a safe outside evaluation isn’t available, at the very least try to look at it as someone without your emotional investment might. Pretend, damn it. That “looking in” angle will give you insight needed to get the boat aright without panicking and wearing yourself out, flailing in the water.

Are you having trouble with a transition?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems[Trimmed and Glittered]

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Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

04/10/13: Celebrating with the Chorus / 6 Wands

“Be good. Do good. The devil wields no power over a good man.” -Harry Segall


In a beautiful follow-up to yesterday, we’ve got “Victory & Success,” better known as the Six of Wands! This rendition is interesting in that it more resembles the Fool card that what we’re used to seeing for the Six of Wands, a man on a horse leading his warriors after a victory.

One could surmise he’s “tooting is own horn,” but I prefer to think he’s playing a song of thanks up towards that sunny clearing in the sky. Tarot sixes are never individual efforts. There may be an individual leading, but there is invariably a supporting cast even if the cast is unseen or of the etheric variety.

I would add, though—like with the Fool card, see how he’s standing at the edge of a summit? He could fall off that ledge if he gets carried away and looses his balance. Not to rain upon the happy moment or anything, but it always behooves us to remain aware of our surroundings, you know?

Enjoy those successes! You deserve it. But don’t go getting the big head, either. Sometimes, victories leave us feeling invincible. Just because we’ve climbed the mountain doesn’t mean we couldn’t fall off of it.

Of course, come to think of it, giving thanks is the closest thing you’ve got to insurance. Even if you’re justifiably proud (which I way do NOT consider a sin), remembering to appreciate what good has come your way and those forces that assisted in achieving it helps keep you grounded, taking nothing for granted. Doing right and giving others their due in that sense is in and of itself is a sort of protection, you know?

Not to mention, it’s the right thing to do. There’s a huge amount of protection in keeping your own Karma clean. At least, I think so.

Are you amidst a celebration?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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04/28/12: Keep Rowing | Six of Swords

When I see the Six of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius), I think of the song “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” And this one shows up most often when there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. Those swords may have been hurled at her for all we know. Whether or not they were, though, I can promise you she felt like they were.

I know because I am her and I’ve been her and at some time or another, every single person gets their Six-of-Swords turn. This is the tuition of Earth school.

Mercury, of course, ferried folks across the River Styx. It’s the ultimate in transition. Believing in the ultimate benevolence of the universe (even if it’s painful as Hell getting to the point), I’m inclined to see this ferry leading to better things. In a universal, big-picture, Aquarian sort of way.

Though we’ve not suffered the utter devastation of the Death card, the sense of loss is unmistakable. But just as strong is the sense of hope.

I am totally feeling this. How about you?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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12/31/11: Giving with Strings | Six of Pentacles Rev


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” –Lao Tzu

It used to be, when I offered help, when I gave, I had a very particular notion of how I expected that gift to be used. I gave with a particular outcome in mind, and would sometimes get my feelings hurt if that didn’t readily come to pass. They may have been lightweight twine, but there were definitely strings attached.  And that caused a lot of problems, mostly for me.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Six of Pentacles, associated with the Moon in Taurus, so we’re talking contributions that have emotional (Moon) value (Taurus). Inverted, I’d be aware of merely going through the motions, giving that feels coerced, of the wrong things, or more than you can comfortably afford. In other words, giving with strings attached.

What, exactly, are you giving? What energetic ingredients are you mixing into that bread? What are your motivations? If you hope to control or generate indebtedness, you’re off-base. Gifts with strings backfire, often bi-directionally.

Do what you can feel good about, and most importantly, LET IT GO from there! Trite or not, it IS the thought that matters, so make sure your thoughts are of kindness and love. Whether your fully baked intention is consumed or not is up to the recipient, but you know you’ve whipped up the best recipe you have on offer. You often don’t see, how it all ends up being used. So have a little faith in the end result and you’ll be able freely without weighting yourself in the process.

What’s your experience on gifts with strings?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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10/28/11: Six of Wands, Strength | Recognition

Sometimes, I forget how long and how hard I’ve worked at mastery, learning and becoming competent in the fields I’ve undertaken. Being all Virgo and Saturny, I tend to feel like it’s never, ever enough. I’ve been getting pings otherwise, though. That’s heartening. Today’s Tarot is a ping for me. Maybe a ping for you, too?


Today’s Tarot is the Six of Wands (Jupiter in Leo) and Strength (Leo). Guess it’s time to turn up the lights and start the show, huh? Leo says so, because you’re starring! Expect public recognition stemming from your ongoing efforts at exercising  personal strength.

When you scrub and scrub and scrub, yes, that shine is noticeable to one and all. You may have gotten accustomed already. You may have trained yourself to see the tiny dull spot on the floor, zero in on what is less than perfect. But big picture, it pales next to the shine you’ve invoked via elbow grease. You HAVE done the work, so acknowledge it.

Keep on, okay? And when someone expresses their admiration for your work, don’t argue with them, okay? Humility is laudable, but modesty doesn’t need to be extended to reject all accolades. It serves everyone when you learn to accept a compliment. The graceful response is, “Thank you.”

Are you getting recognition for your hard work?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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10/25/11: Rocky Trip | Rev. Six of Swords


“I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” –Carl Sandburg

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Six of Swords or Lord of Earned Success, associated with Mercury in Aquarius. Like all the Tarot sixes,it’s a cooperative effort represented. The demeanor of the woman, huddled up next to her son and sitting behind a stash of swords, suggests a very difficult journey. But is IS a journey—with the help of the rower, they are going to a better place.  And this is the crux of the Six of Swords’ message.

8_of_CupsThis card bears similarities to the Eight of Cups, but unlike the Eight, which is usually a conscious choice to emotionally detach, the losses implied in the Six of Swords may be from outer circumstance or due to unconscious choices.

The Eight of Cups is about leaving an old life. The Six of Swords is focused on approaching a new one. It’s more a trial by fire, enduring what you must in order to keep moving forward.

Inverted, you may be avoiding the necessary action to move forward, or perhaps the journey is nearing it’s end. Maybe it was easier than you anticipated. It could be, if you stay on task and don’t avoid your work.

The inverted Six of Sword reminds me that all difficult transitions end. As you let go of what is gone, you can move forward to what’s next.

How’s your trip?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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