09/15/11: Six of Cups Innocence, Dreams versus Reality


“The knowledge that makes us cherish innocence makes innocence unattainable.” –Irving Howe

It’s interesting, watching children grow up, learning life lessons. It becomes an exercise in looking with fresh eyes, revisiting truths and re-evaluating assumptions, comparing the ideal with practical experience. It’s like studying a blank canvas, imagining where the colors go. It’s rare it turns out much like what you’d expect, before you start painting.

6_of_CupsToday’s Tarot forecast is the Six of Cups (or Water, from Osho Zen), also known as Lord of Pleasure, associated with the Sun in Scorpio. This card is often associated with nostalgia, trust, and childhood. There’s a strong sense of innocence about the Six of Cups. It comes from that time in our lives before we “knew better.” Whatever better is.

But innocence is not solely the domain of the inexperienced, nor is that sense of trust something we’d want to kill off entirely. The newness, the freshness, the idealism of a vision not jaded provides a powerful, creative force. It inspires us to try what we otherwise may not! Sometimes, not allowing our innocence to be spoiled gives us power to do what we’d otherwise be convinced was impossible.

In many ways, I see this kind of openness analogous to the Fool on his journey. Nothing but potential, he steps forward in a leap of faith, believing he’ll find what he needs. He does, although they are invariable not the needs he was aware of starting out. Nonetheless, his conviction he can do great things visits upon him the possibility he’ll do exactly that.

Blank-CanvasTrust can certainly be abused and hence, innocence lost. Most life expecierneces don’t quite match anticipation from the Six of Cups side of the equation. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. It’s a living thing, you know? The skill to tap into the flow and take it as it comes is how we grow, become and shine.

So long as the heart stays open, we can capture the essence of innocence; an open heart is the crux. We don’t have to let that part of our spirit die. Even if material forms don’t take the shape you’d predicted, it doesn’t mean it cannot become something of great beauty and value. Just like that finished painting may not have resembled the initial vision, it doesn’t mean it isn’t still art.

Are you seeing interplay between dreams and reality?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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Everyday Tarot, 07/18/11: Spectacular Performance! Six of Torches

six-wands-tarotHe who asks of life nothing but the improvement of his own nature… is less liable than anyone else to miss and waste life. –Henri Frederic Amiel

I always want to do better, more, higher, you know? I’m really good at looking for areas to improve upon and take the quest to become a better person very seriously. Nothing wrong with that.

Still, it’s good to acknowledge progress and accept well-deserved kudos at the same time.

Today’s Tarot Forecast is the Six of Torches (Wands) or Lord of Victory, associated with Jupiter in Leo. Man. Can you imagine a better illustration for Jupiter in Leo than this fellow standing in the spotlight to accept his award? I love this version!

award-trophies-trophy2And yeah, the Six of Wands often does arrive to hail a job well done. Enjoy it! Just remember, Tarot sixes are cooperative efforts. So even though the backup crew isn’t in the spotlight, it’s a wise winner who acknowledges their supporting cast. ‘Nuff said.

The Six of Torches serves as a reminder—you’ve performed (Leo) on a grand scale (Jupiter). Enjoy the knowledge. Use this opportunity to send some love to those that support your endeavors, and take a well-deserved bow. Accolades may well be deserved. This is the spot where you stand back and admire your work.

Are you pleased with your performance of late?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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Six of Pentacles & Help Manifesting

six-pentaclesFrom a reading:

Divvy out your attention according to what it is you WANT in the physical, not escaping what you don’t. Change does not come from dreaming about how everything will be perfect when you’re out of a situation you don’t want. It’s not event-based. Change comes from small actions taken on faith, a result of directing your energy where you want to go.

Work on your feelings daily to vibrationally align with the ones closest to what you want.  The trick here is feeling gratitude for the essence turns up the volume. All your activities related to where you want to go are best started charged with the kind of energy you want to connect to.

Do you see this principle operate in your life?

Everyday Tarot, 06/15/11: Finding Home Under the Eclipse

lovers-psychic-tarot-oracleA friend asked a really good question yesterday: “What’s home to you?”

She wasn’t talking city or town, brick and mortar. When do you, in your heart, feel “at home?”

As soon as I heard the question, I knew the answer. And it’s one I’ve been looking for.

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Everyday Tarot, 05/14/11: Traveling Light / Six of Swords

daily-tarot-forecast-six-of-swords-morgan-greerTransitions are just…hard. You know? Even necessary transitions, good transitions, moves to something bigger and better and more suited—still, they are just plain hard. I’m feeling this with the move to A Fool’s Journey from writing the Daily Tarot forecast at Elsa’s place now. Sadness is comingled with anticipation. It’s an odd mix, smacking of bittersweet.

Today’s Tarot is the Six of Swords or “Lord of Earned Success,” associated with Mercury in Aquarius. It’s another card people cringe at because of the sad tone, but just as with other challenging cards, it carries blessing in equal proportion to difficulty. Tarot swords can be challenging because so often, something is being cut out so there’s a sense of loss. But also like other Tarot swords, most often the detachment was the rational choice.

When you see the Six of Swords card, know your journey is already well underway. Detach (Aquarius) your thinking (Mercury) from the old way of life because you’re headed to new destinations. It’s perhaps some comfort to know this journey is not made alone, even though it may feel that way. Like all Tarot sixes, this is a cooperative effort even if it’s not immediately obvious, so you’ll have family, friends or some kind of guide along the way to support you. Acknowledge and appreciate the support you’ve got to get more of it.

work-in-progress(By the way—have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate you all following me here? Because I do.)

Despite the darkish mood, I always find the Six of Swords encouraging. By the time it shows up, the hardest part is behind you. You’ve made the changes, cut the ties, rectified the situations that needed altering. In short, you’ve done what needed to be done. What you’ve got left is no longer what you’ve expected for sure, but due the changes you’ve made, it’s what’s needed. I’d rather have what’s needed that what’s expected any day, even if it can be somewhat uncomfortable getting there.

How are your travels going?

The Book of Tarot: Illustrated with the Morgan-Greer Tarot
by Susan Gerulskis-Estes

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