Mind / Body / Spirit Spread

mind-body-spirit-checkinOne of the first (and easiest) spreads to learn is the Mind/Body/Spirit. Not surprisingly, that’s a 3-card spread covering–you guessed it!–mind, body, and spirit.

Oddly enough, when using the spread I find it reads very similar to a Past/Present/Future layout, the messages are very similar. Which makes sense, I guess. Thinking is heavily influenced by  (past) experience, physical body is extremely present-tense, and (at least in my world) the future is driven by spirit. Experiment with reading one spread both ways to see exactly what I’m talking about.

I also love combining these for myself with my “Trust Your Vibes” deck for specific advice on improving any weak points. I find this combination works exceptionally well for me, with the advice from Sonia’s deck spot-on and helpful.

And I was thinking…New Year’s resolution focus is waning by now and maybe, a check-in would be a good idea for others as well as for me. So I decided to offer them to y’all for the rest of February.

Mind/Body/Spirit Snapshot 


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Zodiac Spread – Forecasting into 2013

What’s the next year hold in store?

The title of this post is your first clue, I expect to be around December 22, 2012. Ha!

Being all about the free will, I don’t generally do a lot of heavy forecasting Tarot work. What’s the point of picking up the cards if you have no power to alter your course? I pride myself on helping people find their OWN power, not handing out fate-heavy prognostications from on high. Not my gig.

But I still see the value in peeking ahead–maybe for birthdays or the coming year, or during a demanding period in general–because it’s an opportunity to prepare to make the most of what you’ve got on offer from the universe. It’s like planning for a trip by penciling in the itinerary. It’s preparation to make the most of the experience.

I really like the Zodiac spread for general look-aheads, mainly because it covers a whole lot of ground.

 Simple Zodiac Tarot Spread

There are much more complicated versions, but I like to focus on the message instead of flourishes.  To do a basic Zodiac spread, pull a card for each of the 12 houses around the wheel, and read the card in the context of the Astrological house.  I always like to add a “take home” card as overview to identify a primary focus and pull it all together. That’s it!

Well, and the interpretation, of course. That’s sometimes the tricky part… I especially think it would be interesting to compare with your natal chart to see how your energy and the forecast compares.

I don’t do the Zodiac readings on a routine basis, because most of my folks have specific concerns they want to address. But I thought they would be a nice addition for the Holidays.

So, through January, I’m offering a Holiday Peek Ahead: Zodiac Tarot Spread, covering each of the 12 houses via email so you can review it over the year to come. Like all my email readings, I’ll send pictures of your cards. Let me know if there’s a special deck from the Everyday Tarot column you’d like to see. I’ll accommodate you if I can.

:present: As my gift to you, I’ll include a natal chart astrology report to compare with your reading.

Ho ho ho! And in keeping with the holiday spirit, I’d also like this little look ahead to stay affordable. So I’m charging $40 for the whole shebang.

These will only be available through January (and maybe never again at this price).

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Do you use any Astrological Tarot spreads? Tell us about them!