12/24/12: Christmas Eve Fun | Page of Wands

“Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it.” Sai Baba

I often think of the Osho Zen deck when I see the page of Wands, as that deck calls this page “Playfulness.” As all the Tarot Wands, this energy is creative, hot, and bold, and like all the Tarot pages, it’s youthful and fresh vibes we’re talking. I often consider the Page of Wands as a student—especially of the arts.

It’s a great day for cooking, crafts, or some plain, old fashioned fun. Take a page from this page, and enjoy yourself!

Are you having some fun today?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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07/31/12: Don’t trip over old baggage| Knight of Wands, rev Death

I was chatting with one of my Tarot people recently about the baggage I bring to the table as a reader. Does that sound weird to admit? I mean, we’ve ALL got it. Hello?!? It’s part of being human. If you don’t know about your baggage, especially in the kind of work I do it’s liable to seep in unexpectedly.

For me, awareness allows me to work around it consciously, without tripping over it quite so much.


It’s time to do, say Tarot Wands—but are you like me, not always sure as to what? I find Knights, like this Knight of Wands, to be a bit fickle and sometimes indecisive. Wands figures tend to be passionate and pure of heart, although they can be a bit aggressive if frustrated.

Paired with reversed Death, make sure what you’re doing now is not based on old attachments, incomplete grief, or other dead-and-gone circumstance. If you haven’t completely let go of what once was, it continues to haunt you in the now.

It doesn’t take a lot here—just a quick gut-check. One of my favorite techniques is seeing if your emotional level matches the stimulus. If not, look for a similar feeling vein that is being tapped. The circumstances don’t need to match, just the emotional tone. That’s my best tell.

So yes, make your decisions and act confidently! You can do so if you’re aware of what skeletons are packed away in your closet. If you’re not? Well, it’s not so easy then.

Can you relate to working around your old baggage?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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02/04/12: Passion isn’t Enough | Page of Wands


“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” –Earl Nightingale

I’m an “idea person.” I have a lot of them and they are often quite good, if I do say so myself. (And I obviously do!) But I’ve been bitten in the butt a number of times over my ideas, because my excitement blurred the actual amount of real world work and potential complications involved in materializing those ideas. The creative process is not all fun and games, you know.

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Wands (Earth in Fire)—as a page, he represents a young or immature energy and as one of the Tarot Wands, obviously chomping at the bit to get moving! You may see this page to announce news about a job, getting started on a project, or as a reminder you are being a bit immature about getting your way! (He’s not exactly the master of delayed gratification, man.)

Man, this little fellow looks like quite a little pistol, doesn’t he? And he is! He can be fun for sure, but like most spitfire kids, he can also wear you out. There is definitely a time and place for his play.

Enthusiasm and energy are great! They add lifeblood to new enterprise, a passion absolutely essential for getting off the ground. Use it to it’s best advantage, but be sure to back it up with a little plodding, practical earth energy, lest you find yourself focusing exclusively on the sizzle and missing the meat, you know?

Enjoy your passion! It’s fun, invigorating, and unquestionably fuels the creative process. But don’t rely on it to sustain you from start to finish. Instead, take that beginning and build on it. That’s what will actually get you somewhere.

You feeling the Page of Wands?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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01/09/12: Living Out Loud | Queen of Wands


“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” –Emile Zola

I always wince a little bit when I pull the Queen of Wands. Not because she’s ugly, necessarily. She can be, if you get in her way. But because I relate so little to her. While I consider myself creative, my chart is notably short on Fire. I’m much more comfortable with the sharp wit of the Queen of Swords, or the caretaking of the Queen of Pentacles. Even the water-works sentimentality of the Queen of Cups works for me. I know that energy; it feels comfortable. But Tarot wands? Eh, not so much.

I have heard it said, though, that the cards that dog you, keep popping up while you’re scratching your head, are ones especially worthy of your attention. Tarot is kind of like that, turning up the volume if you can’t hear the message.

This queen isn’t all overwrought with planning or thinking or feeling. She isn’t agonizing over what others will think or carefully playing it safe, careful of every step lest she make a mistake.

She just DOES. With passion, with fire, with her whole self engaged. She can, because she’s in touch with the light in her heart, the fire in her belly. She knows what drives her and that knowledge helps her tap inner passion. She’s determined (some would say stubborn, and they may be right), resourceful, and above all, unafraid. To her, making a mistake is a far lesser risk missing an opportunity. She is not timid. She lives out loud.

Taking notes, Tarot. Just do.

Where do you see the Queen of Wands energy?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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10/05/11: Do-it-Yourself Confidence | Queen of Wands


“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” –Dale Carnegie

Being pregnant with my daughter, I remember being more or less terrified of the thought of being a parent. What if I messed it up? How would I know what to do? The responsibility was staggering, and I wondered if I was up to the task. The wondering part isn’t the same as a “no” here. I ultimately decided, if you’re not nervous about some things, you’re probably not taking them seriously enough. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to go ahead, though. That’s how we grow.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Wands or Queen of the Thrones of Flame, associated with Water (Queens) in Fire (Wands). “Passion” is one of my keywords for this queen, along with “stubborn!” Both are different sides of the same coin, after all.

I don’t see her a whole lot, at least not in personal readings. I’m more a Queen of Pentacles kind of gal—earthy, not so much fire. I ground people, help them stabilize. That’s my comfort zone. But this Queen’s energy has her place. Sometimes, we need to light a fire, too! She nudges and encourages us to do just that.

The sunflower she holds (I almost wrote “funflower”), represents joy. The bright flowers and colors on her clothing, and the candle in the background all are expressions of her light. She shines, this queen, but if you cross her, you may get a burned! Quite simply, she gets the job done. If you want to get along with her, help or get out of the way, don’t hinder! She’s good hearted, but not so much  she’ll let others take advantage or impede her vision.

The Queen of Wands reminds us to stick to our guns when it counts. She is strong and creative, and has the gravitas to make things happen. If you find your confidence wavering, hers is a great energy to call upon. She lets no one deter her, kindly but resolutely on her own path. She knows she on the right track by the passion and joy her work gives her. I call on her when I need extra energy, stamina, and a shot of confidence, especially embarking on a new adventure. She comes through.

How might you channel the Queen of Wands?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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09/08/11: Savior versus Supporter | Reversed Ten of Wands


Do not remove a fly from your friend’s forehead with a hatchet.” –Chinese Proverb

I am very prone to biting off more than I can comfortably chew. I won’t say it’s “more than I can chew,” because once I’ve committed, I almost always WILL finish the job or die trying. Whether it’s mine or not, I believe I can do it quicker, easier, and better than most anybody else. This would be insufferably egotistical to say if it weren’t usually true. But egotistical or not, it’s still stupid.

At the time I volunteer, it all sounds like such a good idea! Virgo loves to help, man. But later, when I’m knee-deep in the soup and feeling it, I curse myself for of foresight. Note to self: don’t say “Yes” so damn fast!

Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Ten of Wands or Lord of Oppression, associated with Saturn in Sagittarius—you’ve got oversized (Sagittarius) responsibilities (Saturn)! As one of the Tarot Tens, we’re wrapping up one cycle in anticipation of starting a new. Tarot Wands are associated with fire, and are all about doing—working, creating, or building. So in short, the Ten of Wands is about carrying a huge load. Inverted, though, you’ve got means of escape.

The point here is to look carefully at what you’re carrying. If you’re load is too heavy, chances are some of it’s not yours. Your friends can figure out their own marriages. Your kids can decide for themselves what job is right for them.  Your coworkers can pick their own doctors. There are three little questions to look at here.

  1. Does the person want my help? If not and we’re talking a competent adult, pursuing is disrespectful.
  2. Do I want to help? Ability does not equal obligation. Am I in the position to take it on?
  3. Is it my place? Am I really “helping” by helping? Because some types of assistance allow people to avoid needed consequences to learn and grow.

One of the hardest parenting lessons I’ve run across is that there are NO magic words for helping a child wise up. You can plant seeds, but you’d best be happy averting your gaze once you have. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself (and your kids) nuts checking the progress. A little faith is in order here, grasshopper. I didn’t want to raise dependent children. I wanted to raise strong ones. To do that, I had to find the strength within myself to know when to step back and shut up.

There’s a tremendous difference between SUPPORTER and SAVOIR, right up there with the difference between Mother and Martyr. I can drop a hint  (of the feather-weight versus leaden variety), offer insight, provide information, and that’s helpful, meaningful support. I can also tell others what to do, turn my life upside down in their name, or simply absorb their issues as mine—that’s running for savior and even if you manage it, you haven’t really done anything beyond emphasizing helplessness.

Saviors amplify weakness. Supporters amplify strength. Often, the most helpful thing I can do help convince someone they can effectively manage their own issues. That’s how I approach my Tarot work, too. I’d rather serve as cheerleader than crutch. Everybody’s happier and it has a much bigger impact, in the long run. It’s a more economical use of your goodwill. Leaves you with more to spend around.

Do you over-help? Can you find a route out?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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