Tarot Workshop Update: Looks Like it’s On!

I’ve been talking about teaching the cards FOR-EV-ER and I”m finally just getting off my patootie and doing it! Walk the Fool’s Path with me and further your Tarot-finesse with 78 degrees of awesome. Because I will do my flat-out best to make sure it’s both enlightening and fun for all in attendance. 

The basics: I’m looking to run about 2 weeks, in a small, private Facebook group. No prying eyes reading our discussion! Price will be less than the cost of a 1/2 hour reading (i.e. <$50, just for the first run), with text, video, activities and discussion, custom-tailored to the specific interests of the group. 

It’s my first class so I’m kind of nervous–okay, pretty nervous–but also super excited. Because how cool is this, anyway?

I’ve created a very short survey for people who are interested in taking the workshop so I know what to cover. :-) If you’re in, I’d definitely like to get your responses as soon as I can so I can pull the resources together.

And thanks!


Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/JXabQynu7h