Temperance & The Sun: Airtime for Optimism

“Give optimism at least as much airtime as anxiety.”

I heard these words coming out of my mouth recently, and it struck me even then, this is damn good advice.

How you feel is how you feel. There are no right or wrong feelings. There’s never cause to feel guilty over having any particular feelings we don’t like. Feelings are an amazing source of guidance and there’s every reason to be appreciative of each and every one of them!

But that doesn’t mean we have to constantly swim in feelings that are disruptive. We definitely have a choice of which feelings we feed our energy to–determining which feelings grow and gain momentum through our focus.

I remind myself regularly:  I am out here preaching to stay connected and grow your faith. I encourage people to remain optimistic and work directly with their intuition to create the best outcomes. I tout self-care, love, optimism and directing energy consciously.  So it behoves me to walk the talk.

One way to do this is making the choice to give my optimism more airtime. Next week is a great opportunity to practice that, so sayth the cards.

Next Week in Tarot

Here, we have forecast in the form of Patience–a lovely rendition of Temperance. And the advice card this week is The Sun. There cards are from the completely elegant Good Tarot Deck.

I don’t always read Temperance as strictly a matter of patience, although it’s easy enough to see the element of patience being relevant in the card’s meaning. With the traditional version of this card, there is an angel mixing fire and water. The theme is of various, disparate elements coming together in a cohesive whole. The angel managing the operation suggests otherworldly intervention here.

Having the faith and willingness to step back from any sort of dogmatic advocacy for any particular side, instead letting it all come together organically, would be required to let this card do its work. So yes, patience would be an undeniable asset!

Be willing to acknowledge the bigger picture you are not yet able to see. Nurture a feeling of knowing if you can summon it, or faith if you cannot, that all will come together as it should.

Be as happy, carefree and trusting as you can manage. Expect the best. Look for the sunshine and appreciate every single ray of it that strikes you. Optimism is your ally. Make use of it.

Are you finding some optimism?

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Empress Rx: Rough Birth

As I write this, I’m still neck deep in a personal web project that was supposed to take a couple of days. It’s been over a week of hammering away and I’m still not there. I’m close, but not there. It’s also looking like I may need to go diving deep into databases, code and all sorts of techie muck.

It also reminds me why I quit doing tech work for other people. The end result will still be worth it, but I’m not loving the getting there part as much as I’d like. While I doubt anybody reading this is in the same boat as me exactly, I would not be surprised if you had some similar feelings about something important to you going down in your life.

And you know why I wouldn’t be surprised? These cards.

Next Week in Tarot

This week, we have the Empress reversed for the general outlook, along with Temperance for the advice from the gorgeous Star Tarot Deck. (Isn’t this a great deck? The cards are very large, oversized, so it’s clumsy as all get-out to shuffle but I think it would make a fabulous deck for pathworking if it’s catching your fancy.)

I want to say something’s just not working and it’s draining to boot. Your me-time may get put on hold to some degree or another while it’s sorted. Like a “breech birth” of a project or intentions. It’s coming out, yes, but all upside down!

But not all is lost. You can and do get helpful clarification through addressing what’s going wrong for sure, and you can use that to make the end result better.

[bctt tweet=”Problems coach you into better outcomes.” via=”no”]

Take some of what you wanted and some of what you didn’t and mix them together to make a better mix. Temperance is particularly suggestive of taking advice or listening to other opinions as well. Consider inspiration and input from unlikely or unrelated sources, as they are likely to hold a key piece of the puzzle. You can take disparate pieces to make a surprisingly cohesive whole.

Just remember as you plug your way through whatever you’ve got to plug your way through, it’s all okay. It WILL work out and you’ll get back to where you want to be. Take a deep breath and be still a moment. Listen for inspiration. Be aware you may be getting helpful hints from outside sources, either directly or indirectly, with a word or comment that can inspire solutions. Don’t let your self-care completely go, even if you have to adjust what and how much for a minute.

Hang in there! The end will be better for it, even if the middle isn’t quite what you want.

Are you feeling this? I hope not but either way, it will work out. Okay?

Be well, friends.

p.s. If you’d like to hook up with me for a one-on-one, just give a holler.


Temperance & Cheerfulness: Inspired Leverage

Ever notice the harder you push against something, the worse it seems to become? The more you dig your heels in, the more the other side does as well?

Balance is the version of Temperance we find in the Psychic Tarot of the Heart(Hey, didn’t we just see that? Repetitive Tarot is repetitive.)

And “Cheerfulness” from the Botanical Inspirations deck is the Crocus–one of my favorite springtime flowers, due how it pokes its head up, sporting outrageous color in the middle of a mound of snow. It’s always such a delight to see that color suddenly appear overnight. Requiring no fuss or bother. Just little gifts, popping up beneath your feet.

Crocus is a member of the Iris family. Iris is depicted on the Rider-Waite rendition of Temperance.

Balance yourself. Stabilize emotions to the happier end of the spectrum before doing ANYTHING. Understand there will be a mix of very unlike (or unlikely) elements in any solution. But that mix itself must be joyful, cheerful. No begrudging compromises. No attempts to out-shout or overrule “the opposition.” Just be as content as you can, wherever you’re at.

suju / Pixabay

Because Temperance doesn’t see opposition. That angel doesn’t ever see anything as an unsolvable problem. Instead, the Temperance angel stands with one foot in the water of intuition, and the other on solid ground, firmly planted in both the energetic and physical worlds to create magickal solutions via blending unlikely components.

So how can we problem solve this way? How can we shift from identifying a problem to divining a solution? The energy of these two states are very different.

A problem orientation focuses on the details of what is not working. Questions of who is wrong, what is broken, or what’s unacceptable exemplify problem focus. It’s heavy and disheartening to focus on problems. And if you linger and roll around in the vibe of problem for very long, it magnifies. Your energy gets split into multiple directions, examining every nuance of every aspect of that problem. You literally start vibrating that problem on an energetic level. It’s like it waters down your life force and is utterly exhausting!

More importantly, a problem orientation doesn’t allow inspired solutions. It allows meeting up with endless versions of that very same problem, prominent everywhere you look. Have you noticed?

We expect our logical minds to fix all via sheer mental prowess and determination. As a ridiculously bright Virgo person, I can attest that brute force analysis works to a point, but man, is it ever hard work! And it only ever works to a somewhat blunt point–thinking your way through is far less effective than feeling your way through. Inspiration is a reliable shortcut, but you have to stabilize yourself emotionally before you’re gonna be able to access inspiration.

So once a problem has been identified, the question becomes, “Now what?” Rightness or morality is irrelevant in this context, as is the question of how many people agree. We’re talking practical implications. And practically speaking, if you want to be a part of the solution, you’ve got to align your energy with the solution.

You reach for inspiration by activating the energy of the solution you’re seeking. Not the details of a how a solution might come together–the hows and the whys and whatfors are not your job. Leave that to the Universe to orchestrate. Your job is to activate the FEELING of the solution you desire, as purely and clearly as you can manage by focusing on whatever inspires similar feelings. Doesn’t matter what. It’s the feelings themselves that opens the way for receiving inspiration for anything else on that same energetic wavelength. Don’t bang it out. Chill out and plug in! Then the actions inspired will be effective (and feel good, too).

[bctt tweet=”Reach for inspiration over perspiration, every time. #OnMyRadar” username=”goddess_dix”]

While this advice is simple, I know it can be challenging in practice, especially when we’re talking something that matters a lot. But with practice (invoked early in the process), it becomes much easier. Try it out with little things first, things that don’t matter too much to you. Just make it a game, to see how it works. Once you prove it to yourself through personal experience, keep practicing it. It becomes second nature. You develop your very own magick touch!

Just remember, it’s all about how you feel, always. Not the details! Not the fix. How you feel now, how this thought feels, how that thought feels. Use what feels better to steer yourself, as guideposts for the direction to go. Relax into the process–this takes a light touch. Cheerfulness and optimism serve well here. Hand it off to the Universe and let go emotionally.  This makes space for the inspiration to arrive.

It makes all the difference.

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And stay balanced out there, friends!

Temperance: From Micro to Macro

People everywhere seem confused, frustrated, unsure. Not knowing who or what to believe. On so many issues!

Feeling so much about what they see as being so important, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed taking it in–let alone knowing what positions or actions or considerations to support. It feels big but who knows how to fix it or even make it a little bit better? Sometimes people think they do, but of course, the rest of the world just won’t get on board.


But, to me that’s missing the point.

There’s no need.

You don’t have to decide what’s best for everyone.

You don’t have to divine fact from fiction in all the places about all the issues.

You don’t have to make disciples or sway adversaries or force others to fall in line to make a difference.

All you’ve got to do is stay tuned in, centered within you. In the moment. In your own skin. In your own head. In your own energy field. Be plugged in and ready to recieve inspiration about those things you care about.

That’s all you can really do, truth be told. But isn’t it a relief to consider it that way?

And if you do that, you plug into the power you really have–the eternal, immortal, soul piece of you, the true you. That’s the power that can change worlds, anyway.

The angry rants on Facebook, not so much. Everything else is just so much static.

[bctt tweet=”Clearly tune to your own channel first; it cuts out the static. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

Somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten the collective impression to be a decent human being, we must “work hard to solve problems” and “be sure bad things never happen again.” Of course it’s overwhelming and distressing to look at the world that way because we cannot control all the others.

It’s never been our job to control all the others, anyway.

All roads lead home. Always, always, always.

This week, we’ve got “Balance” from this non-traditional deck, aka Temperance. While I am not sure how I feel about this illustration personally, the point is the point is the point and it’s point I get.

Look to stand steady and centered in yourself and yourself alone. When you achieve personal balance with regularity, it becomes a habit. And that, in turn, vibrates out to all that connect with you, which in turn vibrates out to all that connect with those who have connected with you.

Remember that old shampoo commercial? I told two friends, who told two friends, etc.? That’s how it works. We try to swoop down from the macro level to control what happens on the micro level. It’s exactly the opposite. Manage yourself–the micro–and let the impact ripple out in the macro.

A centered, balanced person is a powerful person. An influential person. A person who makes a difference.

I think of life in this regard as being like a fractal. The tiniest patterns in the smallest part of the fractal get repeated outward over and over again, replicating and rippling out unto infinity. So being one of the tiniest parts of the fractal, I’m consciously setting up what I want to replicate out into the bigger Universe. And it feels good.

I know some of you think I’m nuts and I am fine with that. I’d just quietly suggest you give it a try and see what I’m talking about.

At the very least? You’ll feel a lot better!

Featured: Psychic Tarot of the Heart. Pretty cards! Give Dix a holler if you want to set up a private consult.

Harder than it Needs to Be: Weekly Tarot, Mar 13 – 19, 2017

There was one trap I used to trip into, time and time and time again when back I did tech work. I’d research how to  do this or that, and look advice from all over for the PERFECT way to go about it. Without fail, the “perfect way” was always ridiculously demanding and difficult to accomplish without far more resources than I had readily available.

Perfection is also very subjective, no? We all have different needs and goals. So another person’s perfect solution would look different from mine. Becuase MY perfect solution takes into account what I can easily do versus what’s a huge struggle.

But I didn’t think like that. I’d still pine for “perfect” or at least “best possible” and try very hard to make that happen. It sounds good but most of the time, I didn’t have the [knowledge / skills / software / time/ help / pick one or more] required to effectively execute. So there were lots of things I ended up making WAY harder than they needed to be. “Good enough” might be readily within my grasp, but I wasn’t pleased when I knew better could be achieved and if I tried harder–much, much harder–maybe I could get there?

I cannot count the number of nights I was up way too late, sitting in front of a computer and cussing myself for committing to way more, way fancier, than necessary. I can’t say I’m entirely over that–too much Virgo in me, yo. But I notice it and have made a lot of progress (or I’d NEVER be able to produce videos for y’all).

When I took a look at this spread, the overriding message was loud and clear.

You’re making it harder than it needs to be.

If that’s as far as you read, you’ll have what you really need to know. Back up a bit and focus singularly on where you want to go, leaving the how out of it.

[bctt tweet=”Manage your own feelings and leave the rest of the world to manage theirs. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

But if you want more? Here are the bullet points, man.

Next week in Bullet Points

  • Monday, Six of Swords rx: Willpower alone will not get you there. There’s a requirement: letting Universal forces work instead of plowing ahead doggedly in the only direction you think will work. It won’t be the path expected and it absolutely cannot be forced. Yielding will get you where determination will not go.
  • Tuesday, Six of Pentacles rx: With Venus retrograde, make sure how you distribute resources reflect current values and not old news. Review and realign based on what’s valuable to you NOW.
  • Wednesday, Two of Swords rx: You cannot make other people’s decisions and if you try too hard to push ’em? Prescription for disaster.
  • Thursday, Page of Swords rx: Mixed messages. Be wary of (yourself or others) saying one thing but in actuality, meaning another. Don’t say what you think they wanna hear. Just lay down tracks of unadorned truth, but sprinkle some kindness on top if you can. It’s a smidge edgey.
  • Friday, Seven of Swords rx: Something that you think nobody is watching? Watched. Always behave in a way in private that you’d be comfortable with becoming public, if ever it did.
  • Saturday, Temperance rx. Don’t overdo the drinks! Tendency to over-indulge or act without sufficient restraint. DESIGNATED DRIVER! No unnecessary risks.
  • Sunday, Nine of Pentacles rx: Tendency toward rawness, coarseness, maybe not intentional but there are still sharp edges on interactions. Presentation is not refined. Focus on the message and not the frilly edges and realize your own words may have the same rough, ragged edges to listeners.
  • Overview/Advice: Eight of Swords. You can do what you’re ready to do when you’re ready to do it. All those external factors making it harder? Let ’em go, emotionally. Forget justifications. Just shift your focus from fears to desires to let the path open up for you. Faith, my friends, is your savior here.

Just focus on where you want to go, and don’t try to micromanage the rest of the world. It’s the scripting that is throwing people off. “If I say this, he will say that and she will do this…” That kinda stuff. I would expect that approach to backfire like an old clunker next week. On the other hand, eyes on your own lane and you’ll make it through the week with flying colors.

Do you often make things harder than they need to be?

See what you can do about that, if you do. And be well!


p.s. This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite. Get your Tarot on with me, 1-on-1, or just get my book and flip to a random page to get yourself a DIY bibliomancy reading!


Letting Go of the Strings: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 7 – 13, 2016

We say we trust the Universe. We say we have faith. We read the write books and burn the right candles and share the right inspirational memes.

And often, we set out our intentions aligned with that belief. But then, we don’t release those intentions go, out to do their work.

And how do you know, when you’ve failed to release your intentions?

The questions start in.

“When? HOW? This is impossible. It’s not gonna work. Hurry up, already! Hurry up! Because I am freaking out over here.”

This is a breakdown of faith. Instead of sending it out and letting it happen–knowing we are already supported and get what we need, even if it’s not always what we’d like–that anxiety is like a homing signal, calling back those intentions over and over again.

Setting intentions is like releasing a balloon. To have those intentions supported by Source energy, the balloon must travel up, above and beyond your sight. The magic happens beyond our human field of vision.

But when you attach strings to your intention balloons–the strings of how and when and all the particulars–what “must be” and how it must be in order for you to feel save? Well, that mucks up the fulfillment process. It keeps your balloon near the ground.

It may feel more comfortable to keep your balloon close, here you can check on it every thirty seconds. But I can absolutely promise you, those intentions will never take off as long as you’re fearfully clutching those strings. Faith is the secret ingredient to fulfilling your intentions. It’s required.

[bctt tweet=”Without faith, intentions are no more than worries.”]


We’ve got an eclipse this week, folks. I’ve actually been feeling it for the last couple, coming in. I’ll let the actual astrologers write about the particulars. But just so you know, the energy out there is powerful, crackling and intense. And that’s neither a good or bad thing, by itself. It’s all in what you do with it. I’d suggest setting your intentions and letting go of the strings.

Monday, Integration, Temperance, reversed: You’re learning, but you don’t have it all figured out, all the way, quite yet. That’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep paying attention and using what you’ve learned thus far. That’s how you make it your own. Use practice to integrate new learning with your existing base of mastered skills. This is solidifying learning by doing.

Tuesday, Experiencing, Three of Wands: Note the progress you’ve made, and what direction it’s leading you. Take what you’ve started and continue to build. Be present.

Wednesday, Innocence, The Sun Reversed: You’ll notice undercurrents–and you may not entirely like those undercurrents. It is what it is, you know? People have mixed and complex motivations. That doesn’t mean someone is bad. Just human.

Thursday, Celebration, Three of Cups: Have a night out (or afternoon in) with dear friends. And for God’s sakes, confide in somebody, okay? Don’t keep all those thoughts in your head or the feelings trapped in your heart. Connection heals.

Friday, The Source, Ace of Wands reversed: I’m seeing this as a smidge of a wet blanket effect. Something (or someone?) raining a bit on the parade. Don’t let small distractions or minor complaints interfere with your enthusiasm. The complaints don’t amount to much. But the enthusiasm does.

Saturday, Mind,  Page of Swords: Ah, this day looks a little anxious. You’re most likely overthinking it, though. Remember that if you can think yourself into a tizzy, you can just as easily think yourself right out of it, too.

Sunday, Trust, Page of Cups reversed: Keep working on keeping that faith. It’s there, but sometimes we talk ourselves out of it. You do what makes sense in your heart and back it up with real-world rational, okay? That’s a solid combination.

Overview/Advice, Ripeness, Nine of Pentacles reversed: Lesson is in progress. Emphasis on the “progress” bit because, hey, we ARE progressing! In terms of advice, this is not the week to be jumping–the gun, to conclusions, or off the deep end! Set your intentions and let go of the string.

Affirmation – Peace, Archangel Chamuel: “Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.” I really do dig this thought even if I have trouble fully believing it sometimes. Putting it into perspective for me–when someone dislikes me, it doesn’t change who I am. It doesn’t make any vitriol aimed my way justified, warranted or somehow “right.” That negative energy isn’t real in the sense it doesn’t speak to me or who I am, any more than jealousy or resentment or any one of the myriad of projections we aim at each other on a daily basis. Such ugly baggage is the work of a limping ego, stabbing out at others to self-medicate fear and inadequacy. That’s not real.

But love? Love comes from recognizing the beauty and humanity in one another. Love is a process of recognizing the divine energy in the other. There’s nothing more real than that.

This week, strive for patience. Patience with yourself, as you learn and integrate under intense and dynamic energy patterns. Patience with others, as they sometimes stumble before they shine as they do the same. Acknowledge progress and look to connect on a heart level. This bolsters faith and allows those intentions to transform from worries to reality.

Except I still cannot promise you it will be on your schedule. Because I haven’t figured out how to get the Universe to do that yet.

Do you set intentions? Do you have some for the Eclipse?


This week’s forecast features the Osho Zen Tarot and Archangel Oracle Cards.  If you dig these, you’d probably like Dixie’s book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or better yet, a 1-on-1 consult.