Seeing in the Dark: Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 20 – 16

Weekly Flow Tarot Oct 20-26

We have an insane number of court cards this week, with 2 Kings, 2 Pages and a Knight showing up in the mix. Three Major arcana round it out, so I’m expecting it to be a hard-hitting week for “people” issues, relationships and communication. You’ll need to stay sharp to decode all these undercurrents because they look massive!

Monday, What is Hidden – King of Swords: This suggests surface superficiality belies the amount of calculation behind the scenes. Not good or bad, really. But don’t think casual about any communication–think calculated, measured and intentional. “Offhand” remarks are probably not. The person making everything look “easy” is actually executing a very detailed and specifically crafted plan. Very little sentimentality floating around.

Tuesday, Situation – Page of Pentacles: There is a message to be delivered, which is not always easy during Mercury Retro. Look to ACTIONS over words, as truth lies within behavior.

Wednesday, Friends and Family – King of Pentacles: Family (or family of friends) support is readily available. Let loved ones feed you, physically or metaphorically.

Thursday, Romance – Knight of Pentacles: Romance is here, there, everywhere today. It feels a little wound up and there is a potential for obsessive thinking, although it’s avoidable if you channel your energy. Emphasis on physical connection and activity. If you’ve got a sweetie and you can, go out! If not, enjoy and pamper yourself sensually.

Friday, Mind – Death: This is an awareness of what will never be the same, along with a mental accounting of how such changes actually impact you. It doesn’t have to be depressing. Knowing what is gone can be incredibly liberating as much as bittersweet or sad.

Saturday, Outcome – Temperance: Integration comes after yesterday’s accounting. Letting go of the old situations and embracing your new reality, you can let those experiences become part of who you are without grasping onto zombies.

Sunday, Future Life – High Priestess: Lighter by the end of the week, intuition is sharp! Listen to that radar, folks. It never steers you wrong. We don’t know where we’re going here, but we have an inkling. There’s a slight breeze, almost. If you feel it, follow it.

Overview/AdvicePage of Swords: Be on the ready with clear, direct communication throughout the week, and clarify important points to make sure they are understood. We’re winding down this ugly Mercury Retrograde soon, so it won’t be much longer. This week seems especially chock full of messages in the form of other people’s behavior, although some may require decoding. You’re up to the task.

Affirmation-Black: There seems to be shifting, serious and significant, somewhere in this week. It’s quite possible you’ll find yourself looking at a situation differently, and maybe seeing something of your own flaws within. Stay loving toward yourself, and accept your imperfections as readily as you would someone else’s. It’s in accepting yourself as you are, with love, that you are able to acknowledge—and ultimately grow from—your own shadow.

This entire weekly flow reminds me of walking around a room in the dark—a room where you’re not alone. Maybe you’re relying on your instincts instead of your eyes. And be aware of what the others in the room say to you. Truth may not be in the words. It may be in a tone of voice or even a pause instead. So take things slowly and deliberately, and feel your way through.

How’s your week looking?!

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Open Door Policy? Weekly Flow Tarot, Sept 29–Oct 5

Weekly Tarot Sept 29 - Oct 5

I’m getting kind of used to seeing the inverted cards in the weekly lineups, especially with Mercury in it’s shadow, prepping for an upcoming retrograde. (Astrology newbies: That means communication, short travel and electronics get wonky for a few weeks while Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky…it’s a good time to do anything that starts with “re” as in review, revisit and rethink. I love doing editing projects during Mercury retrograde, it’s a perfect time for it!) I’m thinking this one is going to pack a punch because I’ve started feeling it earlier than I normally do—I’ve got a lot of Mercury energy. But what are you going to do? You work with what you’ve got, man.

With two cards from the Major Arcana in this weekly and another in the overview slot, I think the week unquestionably has importance in individual lives, these events carry some weight. But what I notice about these particular Majors is that they are all “quiet” cards. These are not loud, not flashy or showy, not dramatic energy. These are more like quiet, but deeply meaningful moments. So stay attuned throughout the week for small incidents that have big meaning. The overriding themes I’m seeing here are revolving around integrity, saying “no” and setting boundaries.

I’m thinking this next week is largely going to be full of choices about what we want to invite into our home versus when we decide to shut (and lock) the door. And make no mistake: these are choices! You may not choose individual events in your life, what crops up but you do choose how you process those events. You dig what the distinction I’m making here? This week, that’s the subtle distinction we’re talking. This is a week of opening and shutting doors in your life, not so much from outside events, but instead an internal decision-making process.

Monday, Others – Six of Wands: We start the week off on a high note with appreciation and acknowledgement for leadership ability. I cannot say if it’s you that’s appreciated or you that’s doing the appreciating, but either way, it’s a positive vibe. To make the best use of it, share the glory if it’s showing up in your lap. And if you’re seeing greatness among your group, acknowledge it, appreciate it, and emulate it. It’s an “everybody wins” kind of vibe.

Tuesday, Resolution – Temperance inverted: Today, resolution comes from specifying what you do NOT want. It’s not a compromise, it’s not a blending of goals. It’s a clarification, and one only YOU can make.

Wednesday, Advice – High Priestess inverted: Advice here is to speak up and act on what you know. Do not assume everybody else already knows. Don’t sit back or be a bystander. Act on intuition, act on secret information, and keep moving. The time is now!

Thursday, Unconscious Desires – Two of Wands: Do you secretly relish a sense of competition, perhaps without even being aware? If there has been an me-against-them dynamic in development, you will find that highlighted today. Make sure you understand where your motivations are coming from to make clear-headed decisions.

Friday, Friends and Family – Ten of Wands: The opinion of loved ones may feel like a burden today. Remember, it’s YOUR choice which of these you take on as your own, if any. You are never responsible for how someone else feels. You are responsible for making your own choices and being kind. But do not equate kindness to capitulation. Kindness comes from your heart, it’s a state of being and good intention. Kindness NEVER requires you abandon your values or needs. It merely requires your heart is open, true and generating love. Are the wands you are carrying yours?

Saturday, Attitudes and Thoughts, King of Pentacles inverted: Yesterday catching up! A tiredness of taking care of everyone else, making accommodations for other people in any and all venues. Suggestion: Seat yourself at the head of the “to be taken care of” table and make rejuvenation a priority.

Sunday, Present, Ace of Cups inverted: You may feel a bit drained as the weekend wraps up. Me-time is always a good option when this comes up. Give yourself a little space to feel however you feel, and permission to indulge in peaceful, easy behavior today.

Overview/Advice – Hermit Inverted: There is a difference between isolating and taking time away from the world’s bustle for your own mental, emotional and spiritual health. There is also a difference between learning from an distinguished teacher and adopting the conclusions of some guru wholesale, tossing aside your own critical facilities in the process. Here, you want the downtime but not disconnection. You want to look to others for inspiration but not for answers. The answers, always, are yours.

Affirmation: Aura Cleanse. At the end of a tough day, any time you’re feeling tired or drained or overwhelmed, hop in the shower or bath and cleanse your body with the intention of also (magically) cleansing your aura of worry, stress, negative energy, anything that is not healthy or helpful for you. Essential oils like lavender or rosemary would be a great addition, or adding a tea made of rose and hyssop might be nice. Pray over the oils or herbs as you mix them up (to whomever you pray to) infusing them with your intention, and allow all those stressors to drain out of the tub as the water drains. Seriously. This is good medicine!

This doesn’t look like a super easy-breezy week but you know what? I like these cards anyway. I think they are important. I think the things we say “no” to here keeps those chairs around our table free for the “yes” guests, you know? We’re not spending our emotional capital on junk food, we have a budget for healthy energetic eating. That’s how I see this week—like purging and clearing a space, to make way for your new awesome to fill it. I’m in!

Are you ready?! How you holding up, peeps?

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01/31/14: Take care. Literally! / Temperance Rx

“The body is a sacred garment.” –Martha Graham

Temperence InverseAfter several days of experimenting with the Deck of 1000 Spreads, I’m finding these combos to be like the Transparent Tarot in that they really do speak as a unit. I mean, Temperance inverted paired with the “Body” card? Eliminate toxins, yo!

Watch yourself. Don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much, don’t fill your body with crap and skimp on sleeping to boot. I would say people are out-of-sorts overall and quite frankly, you need your strength. Whether it’s dealing with out-of-sorts sorts or avoiding the becoming of an out-of-sorts-sort doesn’t matter.

Take care! And I mean that physically, tangibly, literally.

Can you do with some physical self-care?

p.s. The quote I almost used was funnier.

“I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.” –Spike Milligan

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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11/24/13: Misplaced Evangelism / Temperance Reversed

Temperence Rx

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” –Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Ever notice the most vocal, sometimes insufferable evangelists for a particular perspective or behavior are the “ex-whatevers?” The people that used to be fat, or smoke, or gamble or drink or…I don’t care what. This is the group that seems to be the most obnoxious at condemning whatever action is representative of their former selves.

Today looking at Temperance reversed, I’m seeing this phenomena as misplaced evangelism.

Do I want to share the good stuff I’ve got with others? Hell yes! Do I need others to accept it in order to validate it and make it real? Hell no!

Caring for your fellow humans is awesome! Wanting your loved ones to be happy and healthy is laudable. Trying to tell your loved ones what they must and must not do in order to achieve such ends is sheer madness.

If you don’t agree, how’s that working out for ya?

When I see this card reversed, I know a complete integration has not taken place. The outer signs of change may be in-your-face, but the full wisdom hasn’t become “just part of” who somebody is yet.

There’s a different between wanting to share something you’ve found valuable—that’s what I try to do here—and attempting to enforce your viewpoint upon others. Right has nothing to do with it. Respect has everything to do with it.

Do you see this kind of misplaced evangelism?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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11/05/13: Cultivating Balance / Temperance

Temperence Balance Psychic Tarot OraclesThis angel isn’t mixing fire and water as Tarot Temperance angels are wont. Instead, he beholds symbols of all the elements, floating upon the threshold between the sun and the stars, day and night. He hovers within the boundary point of heaven and earth, residing fully in neither. The ring of light around him unites all elemental energy. The image conveys a sense of completeness.

Forget good and bad for a minute. Forget what you like versus what you don’t. Instead of chasing down only life’s sweetness or bemoaning a heaping helping of bitterness, just in this moment, see all that is as equally important parts of the same experience.

What’s really there?

Balance recognizes light cannot exist without dark. Unfortunate, perhaps. I don’t know. All I know is that what I want or do not want melts away into what becomes. I can deny or surrender and make the most of what I do have choice over.

The upside is that with acceptance, my energy doesn’t need to be wasted  fighting what is. It can be channeled into creating more of what I want instead.

To me, this is balance.

What is balance to you?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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Forecast 9/9 – Good and Bad is Perspective

Nontraditional Tarot from nontraditional Dixie: What’s good and what’s bad, man?

Short version:  There will be some good and bad, at least from your perspective. Consider it a growing experience and understand what feels “bad” now isn’t necessarily. Do not focus all your attention on either side of the coin, but understand each are necessary ingredients in the whole. All is as it should be, even if you don’t like the individual flavors completely.

Are you feeling it?