Dr. Google Lies – Weekly Flow Tarot, Dec. 15 -21

Tarot Dec 15 -21

Have you ever consulted “Dr. Google” for some physical malady and left a search session convinced you have some bizarre, debilitating disease? The later at night, the more tired and stressed you are, the more dire the diagnosis. That is this week, right there. Late and night and Dr. Google is lying.

Uh, not that I would know anything about that. Har!

This layout strikes me as describing a rather uncomfortable week, but not in the objective sense as much as it looks subjectively uncomfortable. It’s perception, thinking, wants versus needs that seem to be featured here. It’s what your just-a-touch-neurotic head says versus what the facts suggest. There is extra attention to the body with the repetition of Pentacles, but also reassurance due to two clear indications of physical soundness despite potential anxiety (Lovers and Four of Pentacles in health positions). Actually, this looks to be a really good time to pay attention to taking care of physical needs, as I think it will provide a solid payoff this week. It would definitely help calm jazzed up nerves, of which we have plenty. The potential pitfalls are more of the mental variety.

Monday, Lesson – Ten of Pentacles:  The riches are in the lessons, starting today but also through the week, and I’m not talking community college. Are you taking notes? Every prick of pain has a potential goldmine of information for you.

Tuesday, Friends & Family – Devil reversed: Everyone around you is struggling with their own demons, although the hold may not be as tight as they (or you) think. There’s an opportunity for those close by to toss off some shackles, overcome some form of limitation or an addiction. There’s also opportunity to sink deeper in. It’s all in the choices.

Wednesday, Mind – Ten of Swords: OVERWHELM! Too many thoughts rattling in the brain today. What to do? Step back from the electronics, for one. Ground and get some quiet time. Deep breathing is your friend. Natural settings soothe. Journal it out if it helps. Or talk it out – did you know the Ten of Swords is associated with Gemini? Not dissin’ our Gemini brothers and sisters, for sure! But overwhelm is a very Gemini possibility, man. Talking helps decompress.

Thursday, Health – The Lovers: Your health is fine today, but it also maintains harmony with your behavior. Be mindful of fostering the sort of physical well-being you want by choices consistent with that outcome. Also? Be kind to your body. Treat it like a beloved companion. Isn’t it?

Friday, Present – Ace of Pentacles reversed: This looks to me like the check (you’d preferred to have already received) is still in the mail…a financial gain, but a little slow for your tastes. Not quite there. It’s coming. Patience would be good choice because really—what option to you have? Embrace what you cannot change and you’ll be happier for it.

Saturday, Problem – The Hermit: Do not isolate yourself, but also do not blindly accept someone else’s opinion over your own on matters pertaining to the self. YOU are the ultimate expert on you. You can seek input but draw your own, personal and unique conclusions.

Sunday, Body – Four of Pentacles: This signifies a physical stability, even if perception is wrought with worry. Lay off Dr. Google for the day and just pay attention to self-care, okay? That choice will never treat you wrong.

Advice/OverviewPage of Wands Reversed: Plenty of opportunity to step back, slow down and take your time. Do not rush! Do not fret or panic or charge ahead. Throughout the course of this week, there will be two doors available: Just a minute, I’ll figure it out and full-on panic mode.Take the first one, damnit!

AffirmationWhat do you love? Do you love feeling healthy more than sneaking chocolate cake? This week, we cannot expect to have our cake and eat it, too. Choices must be made. Confusion is easier to manage setting priorities. Set those priorities and let them guide you.

See, this kind of worry is creating the experience of problems that are not currently in physical manifestation. That’s the essence of “consulting Dr. Google.” The focus on the worst-case makes you feel worst-case, even if you’re not worst-case. So don’t run that worst case around over and over in your head. That’s the point all week, and it’s going to be most potent surrounding earthy matters—practical everyday concerns like money or health or time management. Don’t look for crisis. Look for choices and take care of yourself in the meantime.

Damn. Tarot is looking at me again!

Could you stand to lay off consulting Dr. Google?

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What’s your point? Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 27 – Nov 1, 2014


Ever undertook a project that you never would have undertaken, had you had any clue how much it would entail? Don’t feel bad if the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” by the way. Sometimes, I think this is a trick my invisible friends use to get me to do just about anything. This week’s forecast makes me think of that phenomena. It’s the last mile of some journey, the part where you’re sick and tired of the whole shebang but there is still more to be done. Not a lot more, mind you. But more nonetheless.

But regardless of the weekly forecast, there is some reason to rejoice: Mercury has gone direct! He’s still a bit mottled in his shadow period for a few days, but before the week is out, he’ll be up to his regular hijinks. So let’s sit back a minute and thank God for that!

Okay, down to business!

Monday, Unconscious Desires – Knight of Wands: Be aware of just how bad you’re itching to break free. The Knight of Wands doesn’t know how to sit still; he’s always burning to get a move on. It would be easy enough to rationalize doing what you really want to do anyway. I’m not saying what you want to do isn’t the best choice. Just know WHY, okay?

Tuesday, Advice – Nine of Wands: This is quite an overwhelming scene! But in the position of “Advice,” the Nine of Wands is going to tell you to finish your business. Make sure each and every one of those Zombies is double-tapped, really dead and/or otherwise neutralized before moving on.

Wednesday, Coworkers – Nine of Cups: A lovely reprieve in the middle of what looks like it could be a challenging week. You have HELP. Woot for help! Whether this is a literal coworker, or a family member or friend who fills that role, there is a happy place here, a haven away from stress and strife, courtesy another who works by your side.

Thursday, Significator – Seven of Pentacles: What is the point, today, this whole week? Very clearly, what you’re building for the future. Lessons learned, seeds planted, foundation laid. That’s it!

Friday, Present – The Lovers: A good day not only for romance, but for appreciating what you have in the NOW. Because we are in the present, and we do have love in our lives. Right?

Saturday, What to Avoid – The Chariot: It’s unusual for me to draw a card like the Chariot in the position of “what to avoid,” since it’s generally a positive vibe. Not to mention it’s a bit at odds with the overall trend of the week, so it particularly catches my attention in such a context.  I want to say to you, be committed to your ultimate outcome, but not the road that must be travelled to get there. These are two different things, you know? Sometimes those side trips provide you with a lot more than you would have ever known if you hadn’t had any detours.

Sunday, Clarification – Ten of Swords: Overwhelm sinks in. Not my preference for wrapping up the week, but I just draw ‘em, I don’t pick ‘em! In the context of clarification, though, I’m going to say there has been a whole lot more going on than perhaps you were aware of throughout the week. That knowledge could well hit like a ton of bricks. Give yourself space to process.

Overview/Advice – The Empress: Throughout the week, keep in mind what you are actually creating here, what you’re giving birth to ultimately. That’s the point. That’s the reason for sticking things out until you’ve done what you need to do, and learned what you need to learn. The theme all week has been perseverance, yes, but not blind perseverance! It’s not about pure stubbornness. It’s conscious, guided perseverance we’re going for, as the Chariot and Empress gently remind.

Affirmation –Violet: Create a balanced life. It’s not always easy, it is? Not for me at least! All toghether, this weekly flow Tarot reminds me of a couple of questions that often come in handy for me:

  • What do I hope to accomplish here?
  • How is the action I’m contemplating contributing to that goal?

If you can honestly answer those two questions, you’re good to go. What’s your point? That’s what you need to be aware of this week. Know your point, know what you want to create, and you’ll have some direction in doing it.

Do you know your point?

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Way Not Personal! August Monthly Tarot Forecast

Dude, better late than never, right? Got a new video Tarot forecast for you!

Short version: Friends and family are likely recovering from stressors, many of which visited us last month. It’s a healing time. Be kind, be gentle with those you care ab0ut and most of all, don’t take it personally! Side note: I actually recorded this late-ish July but through a series of circumstances didn’t get it up until now. So it gives us a better-than-usual chance to compare to life experiences.

How’s it matching your August?

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Wants and Do Not Wants: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16 – 20

Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16-20

When 4 out of 5 of daily draws agree—let’s be inverted—well,  you can expect a “walking through mud” kind of week. When the suits are a split of Wands, Swords and Majors, you can also expect a sometimes frustrating and potentially raw kind of week. The word that comes to mind looking at this mashup is “thwarted.”

But underlying that theme is also a thread throughout of choices. They are not necessarily always choices you like, mind you. Some you may not consider choices at all, but look to think in terms of choices this week and see how that impacts your experience.

Monday, Problem – King of Wands Rx: “I don’t wanna!” That’s what the reversed King of Wands says. Chances are there’s something on your plate that you’d rather not deal with. In these situations, I often say, “The anticipation is worse than the event.”

Just do what you need to do, do what you’ve committed to doing, and allow yourself a reward when you’re done. Problem solved!

Tuesday, Underlying Influences – Queen of Swords Rx: Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not. Don’t say, “Whatever you want is fine,” when actually only certain options are acceptable. Otherwise you have nobody to blame when others take you at your word. I don’t care what you thought they’d do.

Maybe it takes you aback to realize you haven’t let go of old baggage. Fair enough. But if you’re getting funny feelings today without any idea where they are coming from, look for the hidden attachments .

Wednesday, You – Four of Wands Rx: Exhale already! This strikes me as anxiety, not leaving well enough alone, and fussing to the point of messing up what was already fine. Advice for the day runs along the lines of drop it, let it be, and take a chill pill. Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, Past – Ten of Swords Rx: It still hurts, but it’s getting better. This can be a day of healing from old wounds, a little bit at a time.

Friday, What to Use in the Future – The Devil: What an interesting pull for future advice! And this is actually my all-time favorite Devil card. However, much as I would LOVE to interpret this draw as an ethereal command for an orgy of self-indulgence, it seems a lot more cogent Tarot is suggesting we be aware of areas where we have difficulty saying “no.” It’s important to remember the choice factor.

Overview – The Lovers: Another choice card, associated with Gemini. Besides speaking to Lovers (duh!), this card talks about harmonious connections and the choices of who or what we align ourselves with. In the context of this week, I’m seeing this as a reminder that our environment is mirroring our internal state. If you don’t like what you’re seeing around you, look at where you are at emotionally, energetically, the impact of the company you keep.

Affirmation: Since every request is granted, I feel no competition. Mmmm, I’m not really feeling the love for this one as-written (although I agree with the premise that there is “enough” to go around.) I’m considering this an exclamation point on the notion, you can and do make your experience by virtue of your perspective. You are competing if you feel you are competing. You are stuck if you feel stuck. You are without options if you feel without options. You tell me you cannot do something, and you know what? I believe you. As long as that’s where a person’s head is, they won’t. But of course, that’s a choice, eh?

Damn. “Personal responsibility” isn’t a very sexy forecast theme for the week. But what I’m seeing is a contrast between what we want versus what we don’t want, what we’re willing to speak up for versus what we hope to be handed over without any effort on our part.

Make solid choices and be patient through Mercury Retrograde annoyances. We’re getting there.

How’s your week looking, folks?

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10/21/13: On it’s Own Merits / 10 of Clouds

ten-swordsI’ll admit it. I titled this post with “Ten of Clouds” instead of “Ten of Swords” because…well, the Ten of Swords sucks! In the Osho Zen explanatory book, it talks of the story of the Camel (complacent), the lion (confrontational) and the child (growth) that comes from transformation through the other phases.

Eh, I dunno. I haven’t read the story the image is based upon.

I say, don’t be a dullard and let people ride your back all day, everyday, in effort to be “nice.” Don’t be so oversensitive that you growl menacingly at everybody who comes close. Just as with the the traditional Ten of Swords, some will betray or or sometimes, you’ll overreact to those who had no intention of doing any such thing. The card can speak to either situation. It’s all in the context and it takes a fresh perspective (the child) to determine.

Today,approach every person, every quandary, every situation on it’s own merits and nothing else. Forget what others might think, or who might be out to get what. Just…take it in, as it is. Use your brain! Swords, er…ah, clouds is a mental Tarot suit. Weight it out. Neither underreact or overreact.

Let time and patience clear up any cloudiness remaining, because you know what? It always will.

How are you about taking things at face value?

P.S. Have a safe and happy Mercury Retrograde!

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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10/10/13: Better from Here / 10 of Swords Rx


10 of Swords Reversed Tarot Nova

Nobody digs the Ten of Swords but if this %^*$% is gonna show up, let it be reversed!

There’s good reason. The Ten of Swords reversed is the beginning of healing. It’s a betrayal beginning to become righted. It’s dark-dealing coming out in the open. It’s letting go of an old hurt. It’s avoiding a hit, rising from rock bottom, and cleaning house to start over.

Is it a fun time, whenever the Ten of Swords arrives? No. But you already knew that. What you may not have known, however, is that the worst is over and it’s time for the healing to begin. Hasten it by reaching around and starting to pull out those swords. Or have someone help you. Either way, just get to it. It gets better from here.

Are you feeling this? (I’m hoping no!)

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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