Devil Reversed: Releasing the Tether

Recently, I heard myself telling one of my Tarot peeps to imagine positive potential outcomes as well as the negative ones. Give optimistic expectations as much airtime as the pessimism demands. At least acknowledge the possibility things could go RIGHT as well as wrong.

In practice, life always provides some of both: what we want and what we don’t. But if we focus near-exclusively on what we don’t want, visions of it dominate our perspective and keeps us tethered to a very uncomfortable spot. It feels like being stuck.

Next week, there is a way to cut the tether.

Next Week in Tarot

The forecast is the Devil reversed. Advice is the Nine of Swords plus the reversed Queen of Cups. Because as advice, the Nine of Swords needed a little clarification. All from the mini Radiant Rider Waite deck.

Expect a somewhat chaotic week – you might not know which end is up! (Yeah, we see you Mercury Retrograde.)

Good news here? The reversed Devil generally presents a potential for escape. In case you’ve got a case of deja vu here, remember this is still on from last week.

Here, the escape happens through acknowledging current feelings: good, bad and ugly. Ultimately, you’re looking to make the thoughts that spawn the feelings of  a given moment more conscious. If it’s a conscious thought, you have choices which way to lean it.

An awareness helps establish emotional distance from beliefs that are doing little more than making life harder. Feelings of not-enoughness visit almost everyone., But these unpleasant emotions can operate like emotional sludge, heavy, weighing us down. They’re like a tether to the ground, inhibiting flight.

In any ways that you may feel stuck this week, question your assumptions. Where are they coming from? Are they accurate, or do they have to be? Would you use the same narratives regarding someone you love as you are using for yourself? (‘Cause being loving to yourself is a good idea, always.)

There’s a very good possibility that establishing some emotional distance from ugly self-narratives will over you an exit ramp in the form of a more self-supportive perspective. Take it!

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Devil Reversed: Make Your Escape!

Opportunities for escape can come in all different forms. Sometimes, the packaging isn’t so pretty. A relationship wasn’t working or a job goes away.

Sometimes, it’s a lot more pleasant. You know you’re moving on (and up).

But whatever the specific circumstance, we might want to make the most of those opportunities this coming week.

Next Week in Tarot

For the forecast, it’s The Devil reversed and advice is Eight of Wands reversed – pictured here from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck.

Here’s a quickie video forecast.

Your cell door is unlocked. There’s an opportunity to escape a circumstance or situation you are ready to leave behind.

No need to force anything here. This isn’t something you’ll need to make happen. Just keep your eyes open and when you see your chance, slide on through.

It’s coming…

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The Devil (and What Choice Has to Do With It)

Ever struggle with a choice? And we think, this way or that? As if that tiny moment in time makes all the difference. It makes no difference at all! None at all.

Any choice we make could work out just fine. Or any choice we make could blow up. Because it’s not the choice itself that matters. It’s the energy flow. It’s how we’re working with the energy that makes all the difference. If you split your energy with worry, self-doubt, anger or other trains of thought, your choice will be messy. If you opt to just do the best you can with it and keep moving, your choices tend to come out cleaner.

With a little perspective and emotional distance, I can see some of the most difficult moments in my life ended up being the most powerful turning points imaginable. They were like shortcuts to sometimes intense transformations.

They sometimes go down easy or they can go down hard. The difference has never been from external circumstances. It’s in how much you choose to struggle with it. It’s how you go about directing your energy surrounding the choice. Sometimes we go kicking and screaming. Sometimes, we just let go and ride the wave.

I like surfing the wave, myself.

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The Devil is Temptation in the Good Tarot, paired here with Clematis from Botanical Inspirations–Intelligence and Mental Beauty.

This combination made me think about the times we feel we’re trapped, but we’re not, really. This happens sometimes when becoming emotionally attached to a particular outcome. This happens when we fight with others to try to tilt the world to fit into our own personal preferences. This happens when we split our energy between what we want and what we don’t.

This week, look at the choices you are making. If you don’t feel like you have a choice, pull back and wait until you can see the choice. You ALWAY have a choice–even if that choice is just about how you view the world.

Be well and peace out to you all.

If you want so help reviewing your own choices, give me a holler.

The Devil: Who’s Writing Your Story?

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive you will see it. -Thich Nhat Hanh

It doesn’t even require attentiveness–more a temporary reprieve from steeping in whatever’s not “joy and happiness.”

Yes, I know it’s not always that easy. I know the muck sticks. I know the smacks hurt.

I also know, even under the thickest of clouds, there is something worth loving. Make a habit of seeking it out at every opportunity.

Love isn’t something that generates from lovable conditions, lovable people, lovable things. Love is something you carry in your heart. It’s self-generated. And you can shine it in whatever direction you want.

Wherever you shine it, life blossoms and takes on added beauty. Every time.

Tarot Fix

If you didn’t already know your cards, you might not recognize “Master” from the Psychic Heart Tarot as the Devil.  He may not look ominous–because he’s not. But he is holding himself in a place of pain, ironically enough to protect himself.

It’s understandable, sure. But how do you think that’s working out?

Notice how there are zero outside forces at play in this picture? The man holds his own heart, imprisoned. He has set the conditions and he’s tending to it all. No one else has the ability to release it for him.

If you need someone to be something in order for you to feel okay, you’re screwed.

You can retreat in an attempt to keep yourself free from hurt, or you can keep your heart open and fully experience all there is to feel.

Bless the hard days and the easy days alike, for they all are a part of the human experience. We do our best with whatever we’ve got going on. And that’s worth appreciating.

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Everyone and everything is part of the evolving, collective story. But it’s key to remember who is writing YOUR story. But you don’t have to think your way through it.

Instead, you feel your way through it. Much easier, more effective and bonus points for being fun, if you do it right.

If you want to write yourself a happy story, look to keeping your heart open, flowing love freely, no matter what story anybody else is writing. This is all that’s required.

I love a happy ending, myself.


Armchair Astrology

New Moon in Gemini and Mercury goes retrograde, December 5th. Ho, ho, freakin’ ho! Really, I don’t have much to say about this other than, relax. Let go of any thoughts or ideas that disturb you as there’s a good chance there’s misunderstanding, anyway. Consider this the time the world unkinks itself and retreat as needed.


In Other News

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Be well.

Slow Motion & Proofreading: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Mar 14 – 20, 2016

I have lots of Mercury & Saturn married up in my chart. I want to go FAST (Mercury) but I often have to work my way through slowly (Saturn) to do it right.

It’s like my life job involves lots of proofreading. Potentially frustrating, but far worse if you don’t do the work. And that is what we’re looking at, for the coming week.

We’re proofreading our lives.


Overall, we have slower-than-we’d-like motion ahead. Many, many slow-moving cards. The Queen of Pentacles, The Devil, and the Five of Pentacles are not fast-paced. The Queen of Swords can be, but she can also make mistakes and rush to judgement. The Seven of Cups is confusion, mired–more slow energy. Even the lone, fast-paced Eight of Wands came in reversed, and not until the end of the week. Strength, the weekly advice, is another slow, gentle and steady energy.

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Now, maybe this slower pace is a blessing for you, coming in after the stress of the Eclipse. Or maybe it’s a sheer frustration. But whatever it is for you personally, easiest to make peace with the rhythm of the Universe. You know?

Monday, Morality, Queen of Swords: Morality showcases a lack of flexibility. While this is a somewhat harsh rendition of the Queen of Swords, the point is valid: she can fall to the judgemental side and isn’t known for her compromising prowess. There are times, though, when inflexibility is appropriate. Be aware of the tendency to judge, or the potential for being judged. Be sure your own choices remain above reproach. And if you’re feeling critical of others, ask yourself, “Is this my circus? Are these my monkeys?” Because if not, move the Hell on.

Tuesday, Playfulness, Page of Wands: Laugher is massively healing. Fun is healing. Joyfulness is healing. Have yourself a healthy dose today.

Wednesday, Outsider, Five of Pentacles: This is one of “my cards” from this deck–a frequent visitor. That little guy on the outside looking in so aptly captures how I’ve felt in the world, much of my life. You cannot really tell from my picture here, but the lock on that heavy chain is not latched. And that is the key to understanding not only this version, but the Five of Pentacles energy in general. The feeling state here is changeable. There ARE choices, although you may not be considering them as options right now. So any lack, any alienation you’re feeling right about now, ask yourself what your choices are in the situation. You can access some interesting and useful insight, with that question.

Thursday, Projection, Seven of Cups: Whatever is driving you crazy, look in the mirror. Very good chance there’s a hidden sense of inadequacy or other raw spot, getting triggered. What you see–and lament–in others so often speaks to you.

Friday, Patience, Queen of Pentacles: We don’t need a whole lot of exposition here, huh? To everything, there is a season. Wait until it’s ripe, man.

Saturday, Conditioning, The Devil: What do you feel compelled to hide? This day seems to tease out something within that feels unacceptable. Be aware of compulsion and behavior undertaken without really thinking about it. Well, think about it!

Sunday, Traveling, Eight of Wands: Delays, snags and pauses. Sometimes it takes a little longer than you’d like. This isn’t a full stop. More like a, “just a minute, not quite done” vibe. Getting there, getting there.

Overview/Advice: Courage, Strength: Slow, gentle but steady stepping, reaching upward and outward is the way to go. This isn’t a “take off and soar” week. It’s a “plodding, put one foot in front of the other” week. While soaring is more fun, there’s a time for gradual and plodding, too. And there are advantages! Sure, it’s not as sexy. But progressing in bite-sized doses allows you to learn as you go. You can make (and correct) mistakes this way that would be much more painful on a large scale. I think of this kind of energy as life’s training sessions. We’re refining performance in anticipation of ramping up our game.

When you look at it like that, it doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

Affirmation – Comfort, Archangel Azrael: “I am with you in your time of need, helping your heart to heal.” Taking our time, one step at a time, and reviewing each bit is a way to heal. It releases the stress, and gives us space to emotionally digest. I’ll take it!


This week’s forecast features the Osho Zen Tarot and Archangel Oracle Cards.  If you dig these, you’d probably like Dixie’s book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or better yet, a 1-on-1 consult.

How happy are you with your rate of progress right now?

Riding the Waves: Weekly Flow Tarot, Feb 15 -21

Tarot reader observation: LOTS of transition, upheaval and serious change in the air.

And I know from experience, those exceptionally disrupted times, the tide ebbs and flows. There are easier days and harder days. Easier hours and harder hours. And you can’t do squat about those waves, of overwhelm and struggle that sometimes roll in.

You only have control over how you ride the waves.


This week? Reversed cards tell me it’s not smooth sailing. Lots of Major Arcana, so serious implications to the issues that are active. Most of the cards are supportive and there are a number of friendly influences, but there’s an undeniable edge.  Those waves have a bite to ’em.

Surf’s up, so hop on your board.

Monday, Two of Pentacles rx: Prioritize and drift away from the extraneous or something’s gonna get dropped in the shuffle.

Tuesday, Wheel of Fortune rx: No, everything may not FEEL like it’s going your way, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a blessing in disguise. See the benefits as well as the frustrations and don’t discount what you don’t yet see.

Wednesday, The Hermit: Prescription – quiet time! Downtime, preferably alone, near naturue, in fresh air or in a bath near plants and a candle would be perfect. Meditative activits

Thursday, Two of Cups rx: Another mixed bag day. You could focus on what you like, or what you don’t. Either’s valid. Just use whatever you focus on to help you move forward, you know?

Friday, King of Pentacles rx: Budget your energy. Only spend it with those that add to your life and whom you feel good about sharing it with.

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Saturday, The Lovers: Date night? Date with yourself works! This is an easy-going, in the flow vibe. Use it for joy.

Sunday, Five of Cups: Well ow! Not what we’re hoping to see after happy date night. Feelings of sadness, mourning and loss mayb come to visit…Good day to be kind to yourself and wrap up in some loving feelings, wherever you keep your favorites.

Overview/Advice: The devil reversed. Be aware of what your attached to. Is is serving you? Is it healthy and balanced? Because I certainly appears to be a choice, even if you don’t always recognize the fact. Opportunity this week to free yourself of some weight if you opt along those lines.

Affirmation: I trust my inner wisdom. Listen for the cues. Those are the ones we sometimes dismiss, for lack of trust or energy or desire to make useful changes. Keep doing a gut check, seeing what gives you joy versus what stresses you out when you consider it. Even if you don’t know why–especially if you don’t know why–listen anyway.


This week’s forecast features the Cosmic Tarot and Louise Hay’s Affirmation cards. If you dig the forecasts, you might like my book, Everyday Tarot Archives. Get a personal consult here.